That British financial interests were being protected by the events which took place at the EU on the 9/12/11 is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever heard. British interests protected from what, thieving Europeans? They present this idea that the world is out there for the UK as a Country to grab and that they must beat up others in some kind of competition to do it and they have had a year and a half to plan how to beat up these European countries that are still limping with financial problems and have not done it, so it is not clear who they suppose is going to do it for them. Its like when Labour the socialist side make those noise about how a new economy will be built that can only exist if built on my property to stifle my earnings. Before they complain about me I suppose they might want to explain bearing in mind I am just gearing up to have the kind of reputation that people need to have when they must become the kind of persons in whose direction people can say whatever they like without thought for what the consequences for them will be, what those their stupid scallywags mean by they own me and what those stupid men and their stupid girls mean when they say my books are get rich ideas or talisman and that I am some kind of witchdoctor who knows that it belongs to them but am trying to sell it to the world to get rich as if it is what I deserve, before they claim to be protecting British financial interests as if I have ever given their stupidities any consent around here, when they plan to get rich and appear in places where they sip expensive drinks and deride me all the time-hoping I can only stop it if I free up the stupid girls that they do such things to when they are doing business and it will not be the first time they have attacked me in such ways when they have plans to increase their luxuries too either. There is only one global stock of liquidity in one world, no body is planning on stealing any incompetent get rich quick idiots economic interests.

As for the part where my empire is to be used to democratise the world, I would like to say that things never work well in any country in the world except they are working in a way that make money for a certain set of idiots and so that as such it is not in my interest to democratise the world and I do not therefore understand why it is presumed that my property is to be used for it. However if I want to be proactive I ought to mention that in Russia for example, for the first time the outcome of polls have become unpredictable and so the leaders of each party have to set out their plans to the Public get votes and make rules and laws on its manifesto but it has been ripped to shred at protests which are also organized not only on the basis of stifling anything I do then making sure others are the ones that are doing it in order to set up competition with me and win to have what I have but also on the basis of democratising the world with my property first before they make their point of what they are protesting about. I am not saying it is something new either; fact is that they want powers to be able to stir dissention and powers that they can use to cause disillusionment and powers they can use to cause strife and war etc and I am not giving back those stupid powers nor am I giving back that stupid left. They are sadists and those kind of things alright but it is not my fault that we are always clashing and that I am always doing things to hurt them and hurt their cause, that would be their fault because they like to mess my business up and the fault of their Politicians because those have no respect for anybody. I am a Christian too for my part, I do not suppose they need any introduction at this point.

As for the businesses, it seems their bloody minded insults have paid off with their expensive scallywags who share my earnings with community idiots for security and continued stolen wealth from my property as it were. The part where years ago they stripped my business together with their stupid insolent fat wives that never cease to do things that take away my breathe because they are being industrious of which I have no idea who told them to turn up and be industrious on my earnings, extracted the equities and set off to do business and get rich, the result being of course that I allowed them presuming the result will be the availability of job only to get an economic crisis in return. This has led me to strip their businesses as well and extract my equities from those without a care in the world what becomes of them; having copyrighted these equities, they now think they want to have revenge but have deployed their media get rich and spend, spend, spend fascists on me because they expect it to be discussed. I am still having trouble selling my books because they are always taking turns to take care of me first before I am allowed to and it does not seem to business idiot show any signs of improvements, what is happening instead is their continued plans to fratenise with my Boss the Queen of the UK.

I mean should I be drawing peoples attention to the copyright sign on my work or is it one of those things we all do when we are really angry because it is rather more cost effective than for example a Law suit? We are not yet talking about stupid Americans vandalising my work and earnings looking for a sacrificial lamb for all sorts of things from getting rich to democratising the world; as I mentioned before these things happen because their Politicians have no respect for anybody and they like to wreck my earnings bearing in mind I am a Christian and they are people who live alternative lifestyles and we don't exactly mix and I don't want to see any of those their stupid powers or I will rip it to pieces-more so absolutely every single time that I do see any of it.