Now it is said that I am trying to make money selling books to wealthy people but have no respect for their poorer relatives and it is utter nonsense – what is really happening is that the structures set apart to run the numbers at the end of each day managing a bookshop is where these idiots think they are entitled to make a living with their stupid media. So, I see signs of them all over it while what I spend money on when I am advertising does not make any sense anymore.

The celebrities really take it up to higher stage, making out there is nothing I can do irrespective of how much I had complained about it, as if they have got that sort of money, hence the structures their stupidities deploy to organise communities that get happy churning my tummy a narcissism was built for another purpose and I have had need to ensure that they and every fool who love to tell me what to do complained about their own being deployed  for another purpose as well, so when they cannot keep their stupid hands to themselves, I feel sore all over because of it and acts of vandalism has confirmed what they thought they knew all along i.e. that they were better human beings than I am and had the right to maintain such a position, it takes it from the business of making sure they could build those popularity pipelines from the us to japan across this hermitage into something that reminds me how I dropped out of university ten years ago while those who helped to work this nonsense then had since picked up a career developed from the nonsense I have described above, then told me if I were angry enough to describe them as idiots it would get me into a difficult position and set about making out they could do and I couldn’t.

So it’s becoming a matter of testing that stupid theory that I get away with what I have already done because I am lucky bearing in mind they are violent people, as long as they wish to decide their narcissism, physical handling of my person in their stupid imagination watching me and violent abuses are not set to move away from me and all of my concerns as soon as possible.





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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Monday, March 19, 2012, In : Enterprise of State 

Now they speak of how much I create the idea it is necessary for some people to die of which the stories are now rife of course but before then it is a case of hatred for the Christian because he is so nice and sucks up to people so much people become uncomfortable and extremism results from it of which what they expect from such things is civil rights campiagns, it moves quickly from here to a process where I look funny when people mess with my life around what happens when I am at work so t...

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HH's Office and The United Kingdom Vocational outpost

Posted by Ikpe Uno on Tuesday, January 31, 2012, In : Enterprise of State 

It does not make any sense whatsoever that the Coalition Government had initiated a removal of vocational qualifications from schools because schools are using them to improve ratings. On the part of the schools it is a case of how my students are bottom of the league table and I introduce vocational qualifications in the curriculum aka teach them a trade. Does anybody think that whether or not I teach my students a trade when they are bottom of the league table has anything to do with whethe...

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HMRC quantitative intellectual property accountability

Posted by Ikpe Uno on Monday, January 2, 2012, In : Enterprise of State 

With respect to public transport it is the duty of the government to supply the kind of public transport that is comfortable and operates properly, so people might get out of their cars. Not force people to use public transport because there is need for it. if these people who complain all the time were serious about it anyway, they know it should have been done during Labour but they would not say anything that will demonise the party that fights for the people. So if Labour invested in Publ...

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Autumn Statement 2011-November 28

Posted by Ikpe Uno on Tuesday, November 29, 2011, In : Enterprise of State 

The office of budget responsibility has come to the deduction that the way things were is that the UK boom was really big and the UK burst was therefore really big too. On the ground however the statement of insults coming from Politicians and directed at me seems to get any better.

The black ones just think they can waste my money with their familiarities through its insults, claim it is the power they have over me, ruin my life and then tell me I should be using those beauties they have no...

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 Personally I have not got any idea what seems to feel or look so terribly Tory about me which means Labour cannot do their Tory kicking business without me as it were but it is beginning to annoy me in a big way because there are others that gain from it and endlessly turn up to find alternative explanations for this form of abusive discrimination on account they have their eyes on my royal estate and like these fools get out of bed every day to spend my possessions and when they are asked about all the twisted things they do to me the most important answer is usually that they are setting out a case for how their lives are not used to get things done so they might feel special and decadent while mine is because they want to ensure they replace me in the world on account they don’t like the life they were born with too much and so the benefits of these abuses are for instance that an Actor with their flash cars and big homes will have needed to read a 500 page script 10 times over in three days and know everything back to back enough to recite it and that will allow them to act their part and so on – I know this because I once used to appear on kids TV shows in Africa and the rehearsals made you wonder why you were never getting paid and all you produced was 30 minutes of kids moral incentive stories that was informative; what these stupid losers get from the violence and democracy menace I have to put up with is that these other fools with excuses for setting off a conversation that allows them these violent controversy around me preferably white will be able to find out what they can do with their stupid physical loser selves to have what celebrities have as well and it has come to a point where it is beginning to provoke me in a big way as well and as ever it is around the book sales that this matter will blow up yet again, especially for black people.

Its not as if I am not using their Political parties and celebrities and industry to get things done as it stands for the time being anyway but the Industry ones do claim I complain but think I can roll with the rich who were the robbers of their generation that enjoyed getting Politicians to support general freedom based witchcraft that they consider to be trappings of power, create another person financial set back by spending tax payer funds and making promises to the Unions and the mob and spend what little money they have to pile products high and plug them into peoples lives to sell them cheap and when they had made their first million they have all the means necessary to handle these idiots and so think they are so rich I would not mind what they do with my life and possessions thereof for they got rich by being so stupid in the first place. They do say I talk like that but am still hacking peoples culture but its a matter of how bigger and bigger this problem is growing and how many of them are suffering the wrath of the law recently and personally for my part they think an institutional nonsense right up to the highest levels of government that means I put up with 15 years of cash flow crisis so they can make statements that their incredibly stupid fundamentalism understand as civil rights, then get famous first is something they find amusing enough to display on media with their insolent and abusive deviance on a daily basis and it cannot be amusing both ways around here as well.

I do not think it is a problem; if these fools are carefully observed One will always be able to see that each time they intrude and abuse and coo and boo and extract distant sexual feelings and go from there getting worse and worse and worse until public humiliation for me is how they get famous, the reason will always be that nothing I do not want will cease to get done to me 2 seconds after I had declared it because they are lowest of the low and there isn't a part of their lives I can take advantage of in such ways to make them understand how I feel and for my part I have had enough of them especially over that stupid media power and especially over it.

They do say its the bit where people want a Royal Estate of their own like I have which i never get to mention because it is a problem that is beyond me - utter nonsense of course because they have been using my public work as cover for their various activities that are a menace to society that has grown to global proportions and are now convinced law enforcement are not on my side anymore, so it is not something I would readily mention because I am also concerned about the level of force I will encourage considering that their big mouth - it must be mentioned before because their cup is full as far as I am concerned. The Politicians will say I find talking easy but it is the same story all round - even Mr Obama in the US is hard at it too i.e. we never speak of the ones happening in violent society unless we have got it to speak about as it were, so the ones happening in Ignorant society is never interlinked with violence as it were, so when people do these things what is more important to Mr Obama is the scapegoat he choses to exact revenge for the oppression of black people on because that will make him popular and now they spend tax payer funds on these idiots to stifle my academic work until they are famous first before I can carry on and time has now run into a decade and a half and counting and being able to threaten to take government support away has been the corner stone of everything they do to expose me to the anus and penis insults that they are suffering these days which is why I put it up so that can become institutional as well as I have not got the time and energy to do them any favours anymore - so they say they continue on account they want to change my quality of life and I say more grease to their elbows as well - the bloody idiots; I am not hysterical, just using these kinds of things to collect publicity for my book sales as well in order to help - they will apparently have me beaten up like 15 years of cash flow problems because they are getting famous with The Royal Estate first suggests. They do speak of a tendency to support tyranny of course which does not exist - its just the reality that when the tendency for their wickedness and greed has been expressed in full by them, complete with vile tools of evil trade set up to collect everything you do as a Christian and measure an evil side of it which is then sold on to twisted industry fools looking for trappings of power, these are the kinds of things they become scared of and so another track to cover - as for the story of whether I have the guts to, I suppose a lot of what I have done have answered such a question already. Its as I said; their socialists and liberals cannot do their Tory kicking thing without me and it is becoming an issue.