It does not make any sense whatsoever that the Coalition Government had initiated a removal of vocational qualifications from schools because schools are using them to improve ratings. On the part of the schools it is a case of how my students are bottom of the league table and I introduce vocational qualifications in the curriculum aka teach them a trade. Does anybody think that whether or not I teach my students a trade when they are bottom of the league table has anything to do with whether or not they make A grades at the GCSE’s. Besides which GCSEs are just block knowledge that are meant to help you learn a trade anyway. On the part of the students they say they need to control people with attitude problem and it is not clear why somebody does not step up to the plate and sack somebody who wants his work place to be an extension of his community instead of get rid of vocational qualifications. Then they say it has something to do with economic security against competitors in Europe and Asia but it is not clear how this actually works anyway bearing in mind that in their Political side alone, there are these men that do nothing with their time but destroy the finances of women then target me each time they have problems and have these girls that are really healthy because they have no jobs whatsoever and if they get any I will be suffering for each of the time they do it. Yet there are people that look like it but do not do it and that is their Political side alone, not to mention business and idiots and trouble makers seeping into important areas of industry. What I am saying is that things are becoming more expensive and it will not do to destroy our access to cheap labour before we had even begun to compete with the rest of the world. it is a cheap Labour thing not a school ratings thing.

It always seems that the reasons decisions are taken in such ways has something to do with trouble makers like me getting out of hand but when the above facts are considered for example it is clear that when people leave me alone they will be fine and if they don’t I will kick them seriously. I mean take up my stuff and do it for me, give me what I want not do what I tell them to do, so they can keep me in unemployment while idiots mess about with my property to get rich. The first ten years maybe all about them and a process of having somebody who is intelligent enough to speak about their problems because he is suffering it and the next ten for the salvation for their stupid children. Do people know how old I am now? I am 30 years old and if I am to save for my retirement now minus mortgage I will need to come up with at least £3,000.00 PA from now till my retirement in order to afford a poor mans pension. So what we have here is somebody that is likely to set around screwing up their retirement looking for a good story that he will write and sell in a book to make up for the deficit. So when people tell me it is all my fault I do wonder if those girls that those idiots that wreck finances of women and target me have been getting raped recently, where it is their fault as well?

I am most definitely not talking about the Labour Party, they are the source of the problems we have now. They are the ones that continue to make connections with peoples parents so they can spend decades of my life on what interests them keeping me cash strapped for pleasure. So when they tell me it is my fault I can spin it up for them so seriously that even when they see people who are crazy about power enough to kill another human being they will give them jobs and money and make sure I have none so that their Political careers might go places; hence I win again which some may ask how that tends to work when they cannot see the way I see it i.e. that these idiots will vote for them later on and not me. While where I win will be the point where they get off to talk rubbish at me in Parliament and I tease them hard about it again so it might become a debate which makes me famous, which then pays me for my hard work. 

So is an act of claiming benefits by me something that causes me lots of problems? The truth is rather that I know claiming benefits is my right and whether or not I register as unemployed and claim benefits to find work has got nothing to do with being bullied by idiots and their sense of who is and is not ready or available for work at the jobcentres or otherwise, I know this too. It needs to be clear to them that I will always kick them seriously every time they cross me.

I naturally don’t want to claim benefits all my life, I need to at a certain age begin saving at least 3,000 pounds PA in provision for y old age, if I must secure a poor Man’s pension and this is minus mortgage and securing a home. If I want to have an experience of benefits I can only get that chance between the age of 20 and 26, beyond that I need to act quickly to create myself a secure future. If people hear them say these things they might think I have been on benefits for a long time but in actual fact I returned to the UK at 21 claimed jobseekers allowance for 3 weeks, found a job, got deceived by their idiots, gave up the job due to bullying and lies and then after got on benefits for 5 months JSA only and got a job by the next year, this lasted for 18 months I lost the job and got on both JSA and housing benefit for 9 months and returned to full time study, which they wrecked for me as well by 2008 and then by late 2008 got on both benefits again till date and now I am studying again part time, hence things has simply moved from study get it done and get moving to get prepared to work while studying nothing like perennial benefit dependency. However it is what bullies do, they love to do things to others which have happened to them.

What I am saying is that whether or not somebody has had a difficult lower class life has got nothing to do with whether or not I am registered unemployed and claiming benefits but I always take it to heart because I have had enough of them as well.

Like everything prognosis of wickedness in this country works, it is the politicians that make fame for them out of this matter without reason or purpose, so that violence that I can do nothing to defend myself from violence by means that cannot be tangible accounted for might be possible and for this I have gotten to the place of making sure each time they get on public places to insult me I wind them up so they can talk more rubbish about their powers giving money and jobs to violent idiots which will then result in arguments and debates that will become such stir it will make me famous for getting involved mostly uninvited. This also puts me in touch with their insolent wrong publicity abusive media idiots that are always doing these things for them no matter how impossible it might be to actually make it materialise, thereafter set off seeking somebody they can use and abuse no matter who they are, in order to secure something they describe as privileges and exemptions they deserve at their level in life - so we just have it occur on a Global scale as well.