With respect to public transport it is the duty of the government to supply the kind of public transport that is comfortable and operates properly, so people might get out of their cars. Not force people to use public transport because there is need for it. if these people who complain all the time were serious about it anyway, they know it should have been done during Labour but they would not say anything that will demonise the party that fights for the people. So if Labour invested in Public transport and not the welfare state with all the money the UK had, they would have become more tory than Labour hence the problem. Labour thus went out with the mantra of making it more expensive, subsidizing it a little, encouraging more criminals to use it and then forcing people to use it when the criminals and trouble makers had taken over. Now they complain when they vote for it without being blind folded. Then some complain about my problem with other peoples ability to lead which is utter nonsense-they would never have a problem with their ability to lead if they led those who voted for them. I did not and it has nothing to do with how the Monarchy works either. As far as that is concerned of which their lives are always built around the process of destroying the best because based on what they have seen of peoples lives and what lives like those have created from history, they can ensure that the best amount to nothing and as such live a life of suffering and then when they complain their complains become a means of corruption and insolent threats of violence and freedom fighting as well, then the stupid can take their time and go from pennies to millions because it is never enough. Here in the UK the result is always that just because the victim is a writer it must affect every writer there is, if he is a city worker every city worker must be affected lest he finds a way of getting a job making a living and shutting that violent extremism door down. So when people have enough they give such persons fame or even noble property. What I am saying therefore is that I was not elected alright but I was chosen and cut off from every other means of making a living but what I was chosen for by the same people who chose me, so Politicians can have it somewhere in hell if they want. It happens like that all the time because they are the worlds worst envy freaks.

So am I caught between the conservative party and the Labour party?  Well it does make me wish people would tell me something I don’t already know when such matters are raised. This time however I am not looking for a way out-let them fight, I have warned them enough.



It is not true contrary to popular claims by Politicians that I have a problem with working with the idea of rivalry from Politicians and the concept of the people. The truth rather is that the Labour Party has no other means of offering the people a way to progress, other than an escalated process of doing the wrong thing. They always say that it is a little to ensure that there is power in Politics and that this power has led to accountability when there is broking but the actual outcome is always that it is only small at Westminster, on the streets somebody gets shot or stabbed to death. The Conservatives on the other hand will never rest until every city financier is their personal friend while they are at the helm of the treasury and it is impossible to explain to them that, all that money they chase can only either end up in the treasury and the only effect being thereof that it makes them comfortable or the other way left for it to go is the treasury of other countries making the leaders there comfortable instead. For the Liberal democrats it is not exactly clear what is so Liberal about their version of democracy. No body goes into Political Office these days to care about anything and when Politicians have degenerated to the point where all they do is go into the Office to sign papers and draft memos, then all they will want to do for all of the time is sign cheques. 

The outcome of these things is that I have positioned myself to ensure I am able to make happen a process where for every cheque the sign to big business there is equity from the outcome handed over to small ones, i.e. if a big business takes thing 'A', then thing 'Ai' must be taken up by a smaller one to make a living with as well.   

What I am working hard for now therefore is to make sure that those who earn less from the Country pay less tax for their earnings and those who earn more, pay more tax. When done it is up to the Politicians to show character and leadership and take it up from here but if they do not, I will push for the HMRC to become independent of the Politicians like the Bank of England. Now the big question becomes that of what happens when I do not get what I want in this form and the answer to that is simply that I will have to work harder; I will have to take it up myself and ensure that I have a footing in every business in the land and so for every thing big businesses take up to do their business with in the country, there is a smaller area that will be taken up by smaller businesses. They will find therefore that big businesses will agree with me over this because they actually know the truth to be that what other do to earn an honest living, has got nothing to do with whether or not they are running a successful business. 

To this they will say that I am talking about money when the real issues are about democracy and the people but I am talking about the people here. It is imperative that whether or not politicians get to bully people, that people are able to earn a living. It is for their own good, in the sense that if they are addicted to hurting people when people are able to shut down the means by which they do, they are also kept from doing the wrong thing. For the people it is important that when somebody gets attacked by a Politician, clearly if the Politician returns to see them in the same place they will feel like attacking them all over again, so the only way they can move away from it.