For fame Photo Opportunities and Publicity stunts, the biggest problem with these people is that they spend so much of their time planning to deceive people into voting for them so they can get into government position and spend their time trying their hands on telling me what to do, it is for this reason they always need me to be financially crippled, it is unimaginable that people could operate their entire lives in that way but also incredibly infuriating for me as well. The issue now is that they never do anything in government office or any position of Public service because they are busy using it for the trend of telling a Royal Prince what to do which is historical and some kind of a trend they wish to make permanent with a big mouth.

So when they are off it and somebody especially myself tells them about this they immediately switch to telling me where to be which of course is the fight they always win as it were; so they can tell me that media helps me as well and works with me as well when in actual fact after ruining my finances anything they do is never enough because when they say lets fight racism it is I the Prince that  is forced to live like poor people the one that happens to be the only chance that a lot of people have forgot for stability in life and to win their battles too that will get hurt first before idiots that have media to play around with.

That my actions result in conditions where religious people cannot fight back against evil people is absolute rubbish, they should have been religious enough to not play games with it until it became violent for me in the first place and in the second when it has nothing to do with God why would they want to do or even write it. These fools know nothing but how to wreck peoples careers and lets see how they will do for a profession when it is set up and run on their lives, so we can all move on and have some stability to forget when I am angry about something, not linger until I am possessed with evil using State power, then get told by American idiots that what I and how I run my career stirs extremism as well when it is not their own lives. The way it is is that there are no such things happening here as the things I do wrong which people feel they want to talk about all the time. What they do for the most part is talk academically about problems that are incredibly difficult to get paid as politicians for so doing but when they complain about lack of progress it is the fact I can deal with the problems that is my nemesis; it is they and the professionals that look at things in this way that are damned obviously and this fact is not a new story. If these problems that I can solve are the ones which Politicians do not want solved because they just want to have academic conversations about it and move everybody on to a different life entirely, then why are they being used to stifle my finances except people are being abusive and provocative, starting a fight they need to win-so they can also put everybody else out their their misery of watching it go on and on and on too