So the most recent complain is one of how I show up in peoples Countries to force them to do things they do not want to do and the Nationalist sentiments that have come forth from it, which is utter nonsense as I do not think that if I were forcing people do to anything it would have been a debatable situation; what we have here is something that happens on their left and right hand side, which I must be made to act on and the result has to be that I am stuck in it because of those I am scared of and each time I resolve one, another replaces it and the fear so called along with the abusive insults and its threats of violence continue endlessly in that way. It all generally means that they have not got any reasons that can explain properly, why it is that when people sit around with their extended Families to worry about being famous all their lives, I must drop out of University study for it too – then there is the success of insults campaign of showing up on my life to rip up finances and build a copy of their own that replaces the real world which follow swiftly too. In Northern Ireland, they say they want to reunify Ireland but we all know people could have gone with Ireland during the separation but didn’t do so and it never becomes real until I am provoked enough to mention that if I fail to see less of them and the American friends alongside, all over my Book sale finances, I will cut it pieces for them too along with that stupid Irish luck that does nothing properly unless money shows up to do it instead. We all see the meaning of it play out with goons from the Middle East who have American connections too – the bit about how they are seen all over my Books ripping something up and telling me they are happy I am listening to how much they hate my guts recently whereas I have not said anything complicated for my part either when I remind them they should only be here to buy Books from me; the rest basically spend most of their time making sure my Book of liabilities is never understood even by the Celebrities and this is where the big problem with the Politicians become more obvious, since it is the lack of respect for what I do, I.e. set out a statement and follow it up so that people can get on for the day, that leads to this behaviour, while they complain of my people calling them names all the time all together as well. Then we hear I am completely opposed to anybody being able to determine their own destiny, just as much as I love to pick a fight with Industry people that are more than I am but we all know that in terms of the former, what we feel is what we are dealing with i.e. they want a new Country to emerge from a Union that really works like a marriage but while they are in the UK they must use everything available to build the pillars of the new Country and it would have meant I had said something complicated when I had reminded them that these pillars will be used by the UK while they are in the UK as well as a whole – hence where it feeds into the Industry bits where it’s a matter of the same issues I had been trying to prevent since the recession that is continually being developed by idiots with money they spend on popular culture goons and show up to play with those who do not wish to play with them, right up to a stage of seeking a new Country and financial distraction. The same issues concerning a bunch of goons hijacking the economy to ensure there are no markets, while they tell us what the prices of their goods and services are on account they are getting rich fast, the fact it keeps recurring, showing of course what Politicians tend to spend their spare time on. After which they tell me I am losing the fight against inflation wherefore if I did, I would have had to ensure the question of how much of it is the fault of the rest of the world who must now determine how much they want to pay to have the British economy answered properly and it is very likely their stupidities will be the cork by which I do it and supervise a process where they seek the answer in the correct way as well, hence not really in their interest for me to lose such a fight no matter how stock market they may be. In terms of picking a fight with them when they are more than I am wherefore is largely a matter of the fact spending money on popularity goons they unleash on other people’s concerns is what they want to do with their time – I wrote my Book of Liabilities and Equity to ensure if they took over the large Companies in the Country their wickedness had been detached from mainstream living, leaving them the question to answer of whether the Companies they lead must go under or stay afloat but these Books are the biggest problem the Politicians have, meaning that they have got a civil rights problem too and I must ensure the Books are working while they do not get anywhere near my public image to get rich and famous any more than they have already – a tilt of as low as 55% to 45% board leadership of large companies in favour of the opposite of what is normal i.e. the irony of the honour of financial success and not the pleasures of get rich quick goons, which is usually that every day at it chips one more block off your violent capabilities, leading to this outcome where the most successful are usually the least expensive persons to manage by the tax receiving government – anything in the region of this ratio or beyond it is a problem I feel calls upon me to screw with peoples freedoms – those who deserve what they have should not be telling me, they have the entire world to tell. I understand people complaining about me all the time but I am not interested; culture is something everybody is aware of since it is how you may walk into the City and hear that your products and services have been supplied by somebody else instead – that their incredibly stupid orientation with it and a need for a new country alongside that develops from their insults will not do. Of course they say I think what I have said here will be sufficient but we all know it’s really all a matter of evil and I specifically am not just the one about whom hurting and abusing is linked to getting rich, I am also the one people expect will pass away and have parts of his body missing after his grave has been vandalised; while I am all clever and academic to avoid expressing extreme emotions that people do not wish to listen to, somebody else will be getting mortally hurt – I mean it started out with my Court of Journalists, whereby they were female and they were living well on a job that meant doing nothing save communicating what is actually fact, which is the closest thing to living like a priest but unlike a priest is just free range – so the Court emerged and they tackled my Court like their Politicians have no respect for what I do to set out a statement and follow it up so people can get on for the day, then complain about me forcing them to do what they do not want to do, in order to move into my right hand – hence it became a case between me and the domestic violence they are enjoying, hence when I say they can hear me too as I have not said anything complicated and do not actually care what their problem is, I am usually right most of the time. It goes without saying especially for the Media ones: they need to keep off my Books and watch those stupid comments since their community croons that maintain the stupid fame they have not really got are always likely to act on it being they have provided this incredibly stupid leadership that they want to provide at the local communities - stay away from me and watch the comments.