Eventually I am told there is a contribution from me for every bad thing people do not approve on the planet and it is utter rubbish; what happens is a process of trying in vain to become a magnet for cowardly criminals who want an exhilarating murder because civil rights and media idiots alongside their Politicians love to threaten and raise a case over their existence the whole time, so it also plays into the Middle East ones too and we are not asking anything difficult of them, we are only saying that stupid religious people who think they have a land called Jews used to live in the South of Israel before that was taken over by Muslims, now it is obvious we cannot reach a peace deal in the place the position they have adopted and the help from other big Muslim states in the Area is one about which there can be no civil rule and therefore needs to change – Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel and it has nothing to do with Christian Zionism, it has more to do with an actual workable peace arrangement in the Middle East. I personally do not think such matters shake me to my core in anyway, its a case of allowing people whose culture and society exists to give them impetus to kill other people finding out it can be profitable to a tune of giving them anything they wanted if enough fear was developed from it, since I know I do not tend to have my mind changed on such matters, I happen to feel it is not too bad to give them time to see that they are stealing and that violence scared away business and does not make profit therefore their position cannot account for the wealth that they have taken; we are here because they have taken advantage of this to explain their problems all over other peoples achievements and bring it into mainstream living but it is still an assumption that those they love to plague in such ways with tummy churning insults and disobedience that means the culture shows up on the lives of those who do not want it whether they liked it to or not, are in capable of causing them to lose their lives directly or indirectly. Point being its not necessarily a matter of war and violence or whether I am shaken up by it as such, it is a matter of the fact that when peoples culture does one thing only of causing death and they cannot be reasoned with while they cling to peoples property and lives and public image which if taken from them will mean those who have get punished for the rest of natural existence, while those who do not are left fighting for their lives everyday in the neighbourhoods, it is not a problem that cannot be handled like their civil disobedience tends to suggest, it is a situation in which civil rule is impossible, a situation that can be resolved by means of deploying an assessable correct tools and proper measures to make them listen to what others are saying as well, especially as there is risk that it is what you feel when provoked that they wish to deploy to harm you for the victory they are seen bragging about recently, simply because you have not decided to go down and pick it up when provoked. The media so claim they control me and they don't; the media does what I want most of the time since it has become a pleasure to see me fight enemies until I am beaten by one that I couldn't – since it had become impossible for them to show some respect for what I really do for a living all together and now need to deal with the problems while they are at their own livelihoods too; it puts them at the heart of a situation where I cannot handle my academics and finances and girlfriend and they will suffer all the things that Politicians do to me, while the Politicians will complain every time they pillage my finances to have their fun power, that I have gone off to culture and society to pick up the problems and drop the ball. It feeds into the idea I am part of the problem as I do not respect the influence of Communists but Communist women have always been terribly abusive and the reasons I am being sexually abused and harassed all the time by communist women is because they want a fight specifically between and Arch Prince and themselves in the Middle East stretching to South America, otherwise I am sore all over and my anus hurts and nobody knows what they want with my personal space but we are now clear they will never be free from feeling my wrath for it too, will give me viable explanation that does not involve expressing their stupidities all over my achievements and property to gain mobility or they will give me a closure that they might have wanted to make a different decision for. I have ended up with a perfectly good business that is not making me money because of their civil rights greed madness and the fact people do not wish to buy Books from an Author whose life is such a risk that doing so might result in an outcome where they lose their jobs and they will feel suffering that makes them exist an an equally stupid an nauseating existence for it on my account too.

So we hear eventually that my answer for every problem is a war and its utter rubbish too; what happens is that I get provoked by these guys who have had their politicians spend years of my time to wreck my finances and help them build their own in order to strengthen their self confidence and it because it means they can provoke me and pick up how I react when provoked, they think they have gotten to a stage where they are not afraid of me any more but it does not actually mean that I am sitting somewhere expecting people to pick up how I react to being provoked all together anyway and would fancy they gave me my space and that includes making sure that attacking me affects everybody else so they can blackmail me and make me breathless all the time. Its really difficult to locate what their cracked up out of my league problem is and we are not talking about the fact I cannot concentrate on anything since they have girlfriends that want to be treated well or else they will end up in the hands of a boy sexually and its not the only form of vandalism they wrought around here – their exit is when they give me my space and let me be, it is also my big idea about the matter. They point to this case of people who hate me at the Monarchy of course which is utter nonsense; what happens is a case of Royals I shouldn't spend time with because they are bad for Armed Forces business where I am concerned for example and of course the pinnacle of it is that my state provided security is handled by Women and those could never get anything done according to a collection of goons that are always seen with neighbourhood well off enemies and do not wish to protect the Queen from the reasons people do not do anything near the windows at Buckingham Palace, which I like to say they are saving up for a reason. However if this case of women being incapable became a conversation, let me take outside of the picture a statement for instance like if I said that the problem with Scotland is that it is full of Scottish people – would it mean that the Scottish National party is what people who think about getting married having a life and looking after a family in Scotland look like, so when somebody says they are now about to go off and solve my problems, they know the Men do not understand what it means and they know that I do – this is an example of how they think and I do not have a security problem if these idiots are not either involved with my concerns or trying to change my person.
So the story of the Media getting the better of me can easily be put to rest here i.e. they have not in anyway whatsoever; they just enjoy picking up anything I do to run a Book shop and then using their media jobs to make a mess of it in order to try and provoke me into doing something they can deploy to make themselves feel as though they are treated like women and so it will not stop even now that a lack of respect for what I do is causing me to express the same feelings about the fact their families do not know its what I have to put up with all the time and they would not have been out of pocket if they had stopped it. The other side of course is Lesbians chasing lovers – those never listen and I have dropped out of University because of them chasing lovers, so what we find is that is leaves me with a personality that a celebrity should have while I am not a celebrity and that means it is impossible while I am in a disposition that causes my mind to think I would happily sleep with anything, to think that two women playing games with each other amounts to an outcome where one of them having described themselves as male is not actually joking; it was simple before then as a case where I dropped out of University over their need to make me a symbol of suffering and a point of abuse and bullying by which to sweeten homosexual relationships and chase female lovers and they had stopped doing it; We see that whenever they have connections at the Monarchy it is the type about Media and women who want to keep that good salary wanting to be punished all the time and nobody knows why they are not protecting the Queen from the reasons people do nothing near the windows at Buckingham Palace – not withstanding which there are now a handful of Politicians that are out to have their guts as well such as Boris Johnson. So they say I do not have a relationship with a Member of the Royal Family which does not matter either way of which I am unable to keep my academics and finances and livelihood and we find at the other end that they endure all the things Politicians do to me while I pick up crime and violence issues, drop the ball and get Politicians complaining about hurting bottoms. In the end they always go from having no principles so they can conveniently get on the side of the party that has won the election, to pillaging peoples lives after accusing them of trying to get people stuck in one ideal, to claiming I agree with people and then I do not all the time whenever I want to listen to my own voice which is utter nonsense as everybody can see when I am asked to show my feelings about what others have done with themselves such as becoming homosexual, I do make it clear it was their choice and I am fine with people making use of their own choices but when it comes to making me homosexual or making me into a symbol of suffering to make their sexuality look good, we end up with having to discuss the fact nothing about the homosexuality is actually hidden from God such as the fact its about making a deal with the devil and telling people to stop bothering you a certain way to avoid stirring it up which does not actually bring about salvation like Christ does and the whole story of Church activity affecting everybody else's life giving way to their homosexuality doing the same as well is just their version of the story we hear criminals and neighbourhood trouble makers say all the time about the law existing to serve the weak and ensure the strong cannot carry on with life, so this is their version centuries after the Pagan British adopted Christianity as State religion and the Romans with their mythical Gods built a whole Catholic system, after which we hear them complain at the other end. It is largely a matter of making use of others so abusively that it changes them as human beings i.e. having a problem that other people can alleviate but wanting that service in a way that changes or destroys those who own it and there is a question of how to get homosexuals for instance not to mention the Media and celebrities as well, feeling that way and so one of the best instances where it is possible is to then make public statement about the fact nobody was born gay which they usually say will get you beaten up and blabbing like that will actually create situations where it is put to the test. I do get told the Homosexuals get the better of me all the time which is utter nonsense; they do not, what they have ended up with is an ineffective collection of abusive popular culture and Industry canopies that are no longer bringing about sales and money via narcissistic happiness but the worse case situation is still not just the bit where it wants to change you as a person for having the help that will prevent it cutting off the sex organ to become an alternative sexual identity but showing up around your concerns to sulk and express darkness and suck the life out of every atmosphere. Its one of those questions where if I married a Member of the Royal Family they would end up having to answer questions of how much Royal duty it prevents them from completing or indeed that of whether the Royal Family is their Family all together. Usually it is fine keeping the anger off people I care about and communicating with the Celebrities and Fashion people and Journalists at Court about where they are mopping up or damaging my work and or finances, which the last time I checked I usually get positive response when I do.

They do claim the reasons I am hated and constantly attacked is because of the fact I do not allow others access my Public image etc. but it is more a case of the fact the Boys and Girls in a some things never change queer behaviour are evil and obsessed with damaging my finances as a process that provides them energy to do their affairs of the day – so my question is what the appeal is considering that we can never be free from hearing the endless ways in which they will be happy to see another persons bodily fluids on account of financial matters, talking nonsense about wars as well. They say its a matter of the need to see me humiliated but so have I made it clear my position on civil services is that the operatives are twisted goons who screw with peoples lives to see a privilege thereof and then there will be strikes until the government gives it to them from the treasury hence they always need to be tamed – so I wondering if this was the appeal anyway just like we know it continues that way until they complain somebody is getting them stuck with one ideal knowing that no Particular Political Party wins elections forever.