Now they speak of how much I create the idea it is necessary for some people to die of which the stories are now rife of course but before then it is a case of hatred for the Christian because he is so nice and sucks up to people so much people become uncomfortable and extremism results from it of which what they expect from such things is civil rights campiagns, it moves quickly from here to a process where I look funny when people mess with my life around what happens when I am at work so that they can build violence fermented false confidende which will mean I will get into trouble once they are confident enough and then when I build a business people like me always try to be what they are not and all these before I am one of those people murdering whom is necessary. The women on the other hand simply think there will be no end to violence that I must suffer because they want to have sex with me and I am rather being the idiot that is too busy to notice that and act on it on account I am being a Christian.

I mean in what ways am I then supposed to make it clear to them I don’t like anything about themand that besdies the matter of how I am the Christian but they are rich when there is no way that people are insolent and violnent as they are can know what is good for them let alone what is good for another person to the point of selling them something, not to mention being nice to them to the point of doing so? The fact idiots hate Christians that are too moral to do anything evil in order to get rich and thereby setting themselves between people and the chances of great wealth has not given anybody the right to touch me nor will it suffice as a good reason I should not have revenge each time they do. City my backside.

In the end their Politicians talk but I have had my empire wrecked by them and because I have been rebuilding instead for I am a Christian, it means they have new arguments that fit into civil rights which have to do with why other peoples businesses must be wrecked. The next time they tick me off we will bloody go for it of course – so that I might enjoy some peace as well.

The story about taxes in the UK on the other hand of which seems to go on forever, when we all know that the real problem has more to do with Politicians discussing the business of the tax payer with businesses which is highly unprofessional besides which is the provocative means and reasons for it i.e. an idiot wears falshy suits so he can sit down with a business and tell the owners they pay some 5 million pounds and although it is 10% of their earnings that is a lot of money compared to somebody who earns 400 pounds a week who pays just a 100 pounds of those which is of course 25% of his income. For Labour the outcome is the process by which they have people that they will offer to businesses as gifts of which clearly what a person needs to do to get into such trouble is insult them or criticise them for the way they run their affairs or offend them-indeed. For the Tories it is simply a matter of finding an excuse to lower taxes for the rich by having perason conversations with businesses over the affairs of the tax man. I for my part am simply mentioning how they get to the point where they claim I attack them without reason and can do so from any direction; clearly of which it does appear that people set up businesses in a country first, then realise later that their tax rate is too high and this is how people run business as it were. Not to mention those Germanic insults by which people get on Public media to abuse me and offer me as an item to others black and white alike of which the blacks think they are really treacherous and there are of course people who care whether they are not, I mean it is not as if they have ever backed up or achieved the purpose of any of these plans for power over me in the last decade, so it is not exactly clear why they love to get on public media to mock me endlessly either.

My people are not slaves to them because they are Germanic idiots, much less any sexual slaves like heir flashy suits big mouth like to suggest all the time and I am certain they have seen that expressed in everything I do and all over the world wherever they might go to apply such things for their twisted gains, of which it will go badly and horribly wrong for them before anything takes any turn for the better. So that I can be accused of having a Nationalistic approach to business but which is clearly not justified bearing in mind I always talk but have no clear sense of the kind of trouble Politicians will cause me, when I have already lost an empire because people want to find out how to be rich and think the purpose of life itself is the things they do to extract fame from other peoples lives and then become the only ones that have it, the result of which is that of extremist idiots knowing about things they can do to have access to the highest possible place of enterprise in the country, I have no idea of trouble that is likely to come from Politicians of course because having dealt with this matter in the last decade or so while I have my finances and acdemic work pulverised by idiots especially black people. The bullet points of course just keep on coming up as it were that we reduce taxes in this country unlike other countries in the world to keep businesses not stimulate growth which is what economic texts say reduction of taxes is meant for and of course no body who cares about his country is likely to pick up on the overseas interests because we reduce taxes to keep businesses and not stuimulate growth. I have no idea who is preventing them from going where they like with their money and their businesses anyway, I believe I have been clear to them about where I stand and what I stand for. No body uses that Germanic rubbish to get rich these days anymore.


I have no idea where the matter of road pricing comes from in the matter anyway. The facts either way of which are supposed to be that people do not own cars when they are poor and therefore cannot afford toll roads, except of course they are cleaners or workers in such sectors who set themselves up and require people to have driving licenses for every cleaning job there is in the country so that they can conjest the roads and even then the toll roads are optional anyway but of course the main point is that of going off on a tangent where I especially will get it from idiots that are trying to acquire the same riches as their age mates by wrecking the lives of young people, which was the same things they were doing while their age mates were looking into existing academic work and any other work that needs to be done. I for my part think the reason it is the case is that currently there are no arrangements whereby the Prime Minister speaks of toll roads provided by the Privat sector and they go on a tangent speaking of road pricing where I am going to get it and I of course become a lot more busy too with all those small jobs that require a pension plan and go no where probably requiring people to own vehicles which people do not need to own in such market sectors as well, then it will become a bit more real but until such things are happening they will bascially never stop doing these things. I mention it of course because I do also take pleasure in making sure they are not ignorant anymore so they cannot get away with it.

So of course they will speak of my response to their response to the Prime Ministers toll road proposals with stories about road pricing which I have no idea what it means anyway; all I know is that I am not a poor man and should not have to spend most of my time like I do these days making sure idiots like them at whose hands poor people especially the young are already getting tales, find their way into the most prosperous and powerful businesses and enterprises in the Country. I have mentioned that their insolent Germanic rubbish where they see my people and make out they are thin or they are small and this means they need to be led by those who are their natural masters who are bigger and stronger; I am still alive and they do not seem to get it currently. Same old story about sitting down in the UK only to have some goon barge into my affairs to make me understand things about the underdog in his coutnry that he kicks left right centre and bearing in mind the culture in my country roots for the underdog is something I always wanted him to make me understand as it were, which then leads to things like finding out how underdog that underdog really was in places like Syria and Libya etc. For these fools, when I speak of the financial industry and the manufacturing industry it appears to them that those two exist as opposing sides of the same piece which is utter nonsense bearing in mind they are completely separate entities with their own communities and problems and no idiot is leading while I ma still around; it is they that need to get themselves off my book sales so that it might be clearer to them what they are dealing with and of course it can never be said enough times, they really need to try not to address me as we are not equals thus - never were, never will be no matter how much people must get rich and then use connections with fans to determine where I end up in the heirarchy of society using my own fame with a big mouth that has always paid off at the origins of their insults in the first place.


The trouble of course is that bearing in mind they can never stop complaining about how dissatisfactory the Country is, you will never catch them dead doing anything to change it for the better to suit them, what you will always find them doing is doing things that have never been done before in places where it should never be and the only apparent reason behind it may just be that they hate you and want to do such things in order to associate it with you and then get on Public places to force you to get into a wrangle with them over the need to stay alive while they get their hands on your earnings.

For me the main problem seems to be their understanding of my business as a trading of securities and Equities that everybody deserves to make use of, which means they can do things to ensure that I do not end up using it to serve them but that they end up using it in the way that they want with no interfernce from me, which means they are always justifying the process of doing things which ensure people use my products without paying for them, which is how they get to dispatch their violent insults in public places at me as well endlessly in order to keep me under control after they have finished with the above. All of these occur long before they must have decided it is time to get on public media and enforce it through popular music to get rich and famous as well and of course last I checked they were becoming diplomatically and internationally powerful and influential, so I can only guess that the function of it all is how their wickedness fits into a multiracial society and nothing more – bearing in mind more so that they never supply their own reasons for it except some stupid anger which is meant to surprise me when the evil things they do is associated with me in the first place because they hate me.