The idea that big society is the worst thing that ever happened to the Economy of the UK is a handful of rubbish. It is the most important rebalancing and restricting of British Politics ever. Now everybody if it continues the way it is will be able to see a future where if they are unemployed for about 12 months, there will be Politicians everywhere with quangos to try to show they are fighting alongside them on their plans to make it through and be successful in life and that is a good thing. I don’t know why Labour idiots are worried about it anyway by the way, they are older than everybody, have been in the workforce for longer, have all the experience and should have all the upper hand. Except it is about power, which is what they say before they complain, so that when they have grabbed the best for themselves they grab the next best for their kids.

It is not something I am scared of contrary to popular notions they create all the time, I have always been aware through my late teens that people like them have a thing for attacking me, hence planned for a process where everything in my life and career works as a package and obviously now I am doing my studies while I have already put my career out in public; if they wreck that I will wreck them as well. So they do understand me very well with that their stupid culture they will never give up but work out if they want to pass exams then they must grab the future that others created for themselves to do so, while keeping the culture as well. The corporate greed people on the other hand of which get into trouble because of their racism i.e. when they see me being attacked by these people, start their own attacks about how I do something about peoples culture, so it might get everywhere and I might then try to preach the gospel to people to ensure everybody is messed up with my problems as well and they always do because they know that their silly corporate greed other peoples employee nonsense life is screwed and want to be in a place where they feel they are better than me, however their insults are so infinite they cannot be quantified still.

I am saying that I have had a brush with very evil people and so people should leave alone my business and my job and my things, otherwise they can see that damaging them will encourage these evil people to make an attack and I will not be the only one affected by it. None of those stories they tell has anything to do with my business either and their rubbish about taking revenge on society that has not been very nice to them giving them everything they want does not have any stupid alternative explanations-it is provocative, insulting and violent. So this is how I end up becoming notorious. I am not saying people cannot criticize the government, I understand where they are coming from, it is the process of Labour idiots getting bothered by it that raises the issue in question; the name for them so we do not build up growth and go burst again is Government Opposition, not Alternative Government.

They are criminals you see and I have wrecked all their power jobs and drugs and gangs etc and now they are finding money from legitimate jobs in order to attack me for revenge like they can give to the frugal. This is not a concern for me too, I am not tabling these issues about them before the Politicians yet, when I do they will know I am physically hurting them; for now I am simply making sure I keep them at the legitimate jobs area and simply have to get used to the rubbish they get up to and deal with the Politicians that enable them to attack me, so they can feel like with their power it will be possible to ensure I do not live to a ripe old age for having no respect for their vanities, especially the ones that do because I refuse to notice them or have sex with them. It is impossible to do growth without dealing with these kinds of incredibly difficult issues.

So of course they make out the reasons is rather that I am the biggest structure ever set up for people to get rich without work, which is why they have been attracted here. I wouldn’t know; all I know is that if the process of fighting for social and Political security and then gathering some really important facts that are relevant to equities and securities that exists on my royal estate in order to release and broke them to extract money from my property and earn a living is not hard work, they must be doing very well themselves. Then again, their  saying such things of which is the kind of rhetoric that guy that wears a big helmet and delivers money to the Banks and Supermarkets want for their jobs. They will rather say such things than leave alone my book sales because they are extracting millions from my property which is all Labour Politicians are good for. When they get away with these things the money is never enough and of course it will be funny on Public TV in order to take my health and well being as well.

I am not concerned about it too either, I have always been rather clear that being rich and famous is not their human right. So far they have gambled their civil rights and all those lies they tell and I am beginning to move in on the music industry too and perhaps they will gamble that as well and this world will be a more moral and safer and intelligent place.