More racism on TV is not something that I spend a lot of time thinking about as such. I mean it is really surprising on one hand that when people hunt people like they do they don’t want to be racist so such things surprise me and for their fellow black idiots it is never enough as it were so I am wistful, I even hate it when they make up ideas I am with a big mouth. The other side is that the only way to be free of me is to get on Television to report the news and not own my television screen every time I watch it, its mine; of course I may connect with my Court through my television screen and they need to stay out of my life and stay out of my Court especially, they need to get the hell out and stay out. Otherwise first of all they want to kill somebody which is why they go off to take up jobs working on media when they know they are racist and need to stop talking rubbish and on the other hand stop complaining when they barge into my Court or try to copy such things.

They say when I say such things it shows I am a Coward and incapable of all the violence I boast about but it is the oldest issue behind the things we talk about, when they want peoples property, they are immediately to be threatened by gangs and in the case of the whites, they are racist on TV, so I guess the things I have done to them yet does not hurt badly enough so far.

They say I am scared of death of course when in actual fact the real issues are that they do these things because they are in the majority population and secondly because they want what others have worked for. So bearing in mind these two facts and the one where they are larger in size than I am, I was always right when I chose to have nothing to do with their culture so I don’t have to end up in a place where I worry about relatives or friends in their company. Hence the fear to die and the Coward that will not kill somebody so they can have security; I mean its not just their problem with morality but the continued persecution as well by which I am being made to do something against the will of God and something of a daily affair as it were too with a big mouth, especially for the black ones.

I mention it because I don’t like them talking rubbish at me and I want what you have got and have sized you up and got gangs that will threaten you as the baddest girl in the world is a matter I am fed up putting up with. They will not go away and like to get on my earnings and then get on TV to threaten me and talk rubbish about being racist on TV and so it eventually is leading to a point where we will have to make decisions about exactly how it must stop. I mean it is recommendable when people see other peoples property have so much disrespect for them they push into their personal lives regularly to find out what they can get on TV to threaten him and make into their own with a big mouth.

All I am saying is that the biggest problem here is that I cannot extract money from my own literary empire and such rubbish has never before been seen. Its no use telling me to treat them like they were human beings or with some sense of respect with all that why not question they ask themselves due to access to my work in some way or my products in some way, which they get on media to do as well. I mean what can I say to make people behave, that I recommend such things will happen to everybody?

They say I cheapen myself of course which their insults do not make happen as well especially the stupid girls. I mean people tell others what to do with their own dynasty; their wife’s security, their children’s future and then they tell me to treat them like human beings, with some respect. I want them off my earnings. That stupid media; where the matter of suggestions no woman is really good enough for me gets to play out its own games at the hands of a collection of idiots. The real matter of which they do not want to get involved with i.e. that getting involved with media is for me a struggle and a violent thing and same with the fashion industry or Film etc, same with Politicians and so I can only get involved with people to avoid the struggles not by getting involved with city workers who are just workers but people in diplomatic circles and then somebody will help me meet somebody and then I can move on etc but in the end, they are still staff and everything depends on where I pick them up from and for what purpose.

It’s the old matter of international development where they expect the things they do to deceive or confuse absolutely everybody while they get rich from the activities of idiots from other countries where people think they should get on  British  interest to talk so much rubbish on that their silly media. For me it does not confuse me in anyway, I just become surprised that it confuses other people in anyway; I mean behind all that celebrity stuff that they like to do is the fact they are idiots that want the world for themselves and all of it too but the irony is also that it does not exist a concept in their heads that money is something people work for. So we have two extremes within the same group of people and they really do love their media and the process where they use it to determine what people think but it does not get to change what people are.

It is not that it is much of a problem to me; for the men it is a case of how I pretend I am leader of everything when in actual fact I have no position at all such that when things happen I am not the one people get to talk to and have no means of getting anything done, of which there is nothing wrong with those kinds of opinions except that they are developed and run on media to ensure it is easy for people to apply hate towards me physically and violently and since that started it from the time of George Bush and 9/11 they have not changed one bit and I have not stopped setting them up on that stupid media to prove what they suppose they can do and they have not been doing badly either. It brings us to the women part which has to do with how the process of setting people up so it is easy for others to apply hate to them is something I do to others, in this case of course of which the main issue is that a persons opinion about me is so base and insolent that I should be getting stuck in a gang somewhere to beat up people for her and to get beaten up for it as well, while she gets a better life that is and she never stops until that happens. So as soon as I am aware they are about to do something about my finances then I get to act to ensure that their culture is no longer available and that is how we have ended up with this process where they are stripped of any means of being good parents by all I had to do to get rid of any means by which they can tell me or indeed mention it at any point whatsoever that criminals are the best men. So it is the same old issue; in their minds there is no concept that money is something people get to work for and there are idiots in fame industries giving them leverage on other peoples property and earnings and will not change until they really do change, then there is also the fact that for them a living wage is never enough despite the fact they do not understand work because they want to be rich and it goes on like that all the way to the destruction of the environment. I get to indulge their arguments because I like to see what they will become when I do, especially when it involves helping themselves by buying my books but they choose instead to not buy it and make sure no body else does, while they run off to get on media and bully me because I do nothing about things like banks etc but prefer to take my problems out on helpless women. Hence this is the most appropriate way to handle that their worst kind of fans imaginable rubbish that seems to have its inbuilt continuity that others have no way of avoiding but for the media thing, they do it when everything else has failed however they talk too much and it gets to wind me up. I can always say it the other way; i.e. they need to leave me alone. Most reasons for not doing so of which are excused with claims I interfere with their media fame which has to do with the main problem being that they do more for the world but I am the one making money from it expressed by their media idiots and then for their media idiots it is just so difficult to understand what a person means when he says that at no point in time and at no place should they ever stand up somewhere to do things on his royal estate that he has not given them permission to do. Which part of no point on the planet they fail to understand and therefore always feel they can choose when and where they get to.


So I am asked by them to clarify my position on celebrity culture. I have no idea either; all I know is that it is one of those things about which eventually people see it for what it really is. I mean when they say something in public as the best of a particular group of people it has to do with my work stifling my book sales to enrich the lives of those they speak to or those they get involved with but even so, it is uninterrupted and no body is rude to them, when I say something in my own property, on my own property they interrupt and mess around with what I have to say because an idiot is giving them leverage on my earnings in some stupid music industry and the sound of my voice, such things make people want to see how well they have done as well.

The best part of course is always the bit where they collect histories of my life and at some stage start to show it off as something that belongs to them and then when it winds me up enough and I ask them what it means, they tell me they are setting out what the future of their democracy will look like, then get somewhere near the manufacturing industry to bandy my work around as theirs for their ego while they earn from their jobs to improve it rise in the world and stifle my book sales, then try to keep up essence of mockeries and tell me no body knows who the hell I am with a big mouth.

As for their black friends who claim to be my relatives playing seniority to set out my work for their stupid girls to make stupid excuses for so doing, I am not aware of any relatives that I have got even if I am aware that I did not just fall off from the sky and I am not going to wait until I have children to start planning a clean slate for their future; been there done that – I had parents too, so it is not a very good idea and there is nothing for me to say about it.


The problem of what we do about our economically dying Towns and villages is never a new one. It’s a simple case of telling people to leave alone younger people and go compete with their own mates. It will always take many forms of arguments and scenarios and statements but the end products has not changed in ages and that will always be that a young person does not stand any chance at all in the Labour market whatsoever. So when they see an 18 year old and are more interested in how older than those they are which is utter rubbish since we all face exactly the same challenges as adults, what they are thinking about is their retirement but at the end of the day, give them one chance and that is the end of the predictable story; there will be economic crisis and young people will stand no chance whatsoever in the employment market. For me when it really winds me up is when I think about the fact that at some point society was split between them and those other of their age mates that went on to get top jobs and build large companies and of course the question that really needs to be asked of them of what their plans for the future is exactly when their target is the young people who filled similar shoes of those their age mates. Its just a fact that you do have to decide not to be subject to or a victim or a part of it because it is the same stupidities that made them failures as compared to their age mates in the first place.

They always say these things do not refer to me of course but I am not in anyway talking about myself here; with respect to me it is a case of looking down on me on account that I need to raise some money in some period of time to float my business, just because they had raised some money over some period of time to float their own and no one will ever work out what it means, since it is clear that once I raise that money, the business is done. I am talking about young people and what I am really saying is that there is no point bringing up the conversation when people are ready to support those kinds of activities from Political office for a period of time. Like when idiots pick a fight with people and loose they can send in their own kids and drive on until some kind of social state of affairs results so they might win or the Christian is a Christian because he is stirring others to become gangs and we must bully him until he is a criminal and then take him into the criminal justice system and rehabilitate him before he is allowed to exist and we never get annoyed from the fact he exists. It always seems to them it is okay for people to have their human rights abused for a while and temporarily and in this case of our dying local communities, when politicians support it at a time when people are 18 hoping to stop in four years or so thereabout, what do they expect when in four years time the young people will have been 22 years of age and therefore much too late for them to get into the start off area of the employment market. So now people know what I mean when I say that there is no point anybody raising any conversations about it if they are prepared to give support for it for a period of time.

It must be viewed that they are very selfish people you see; I mean I for my part have a definition of it along the lines of the things I do to delay my business in the course of looking after what is the Queens interest about her Royal estate which has to do with her people and whether or not young people have a future for example and if you put this in the context of those creative and enterprising young people being their target for taking their shame away with respect to successes of those who are successful in their age group and many other of these things they do in general, then it is easy to see that no body in the world matters to them except themselves.

It is always considered that at some point I will get tired of checking these things but a typical example is the Labour party that hopes I will move on which will never happen. When they do these things and then at some point sit around planning what the needs of young people in the country is, I will always sabotage it.