The story of responding to a brewing storm about synthetic babies has never been an issue for me; homosexuals have always thought family is a complication they have no wish to add to their lives, its the popular culture homosexuals that make complications because others are meant to be subdued by them in some way or another; so maybe it is all heading somewhere around the complain of what I have changed in their Countries but I don’t know anyway, all I know is that there has to be a culture of people planning to lie in wait for another mans blood for a society to be created which fosters homosexuality as a result and they like to complain about what my Christianity gets up to but the reality is that if I preach the gospel for example and they say they are homosexuals, I will let them be – they however cannot let me be as it is not their fault that I am a good looking Christian and the part about me that is good looking in a homosexual way being that I all cold and so on but of course I am not cold, it is their abuses that makes it possible that whether or not I have slept for 10 hours I will still feel tired all day long and it is systematic and intends to build me a history as a result, so the reality is that if they fancy me they will get the feeling one way or another even if they have to simulate it on me and make me suffer for the ones they have simulated on media so as to ensure it costs me and therefore comes from me which will make a feeling that is real as if they actually did get the sex from me and it does not end here because there are their community croons as well who feel that powers of women over other peoples finances are founded on forcing younger men out there to lose virginity and have sex and basically get transformed from years of distant abuses into morons. Its never as simple as when they say it is a matter of their freedoms and yes I am aware they make mention of how exasperated I am on this matters which is not really true; I am not exasperated certain not if government spends tax payer funds on them to release them from where others who have more important things to do with their time had placed them in a personal way, then get on public to complain and seek peoples personal lives for the glory of respect that is due those that end up in government office and want to feel like other peoples fathers. What causes this sense I am exasperated is the fact they are always handling my finances in order to turn up and ask me what i think about these abuses, while pretending they are not listening which is an occasion we have been through before and it did not end well for them either the first time, especially their local punks that like to think i cannot kick them hard to make it stop for instance their bad habits that determines whether or not they are famous because its used to make me ugly so they can grab my public life and so on, the reality is that most of the time I know is great detail what I am talking about so there is never really a ounce of reason to get exasperated. So these are things that the twisted and evil ones in government offices like to unleash on everybody in order to do Politics of blackmail that helps them to feel like fathers which I can stand due to the extent of its insolence and the need they have to suckle me and threaten me as well at the same time, seeking trappings of power that is designed to help them keep Politics and government exclusively among the immoral which is why they are always covering their tracks with the bubble that exists between Politics and the prisons because they know you can attack and push them closer to it. They always say its about the same stubbornness we all have when they want to see the Monarchy removed whereas they never ever spend time on what their real problem is i.e. the effect their wickedness has on them and their finances which causes them to need the story of wealth distribution so fervently i.e. if I make mistakes for instance it hurts because I have failed, if they have for instance the devil eats them up on account of feelings exposed to make them a plaything for the evils they serve, they become more stupid because of the number of variables around them as a result of company they keep that have the same issues and that all comes down to compound their envy and wickedness which besets them about absolutely everything they get up to – so they really expect a time to exist when Moral people had either handed their morals to be used to make wealth that are later distributed equally in society or the moral people make the wealth and have it taken from them by those who will then distribute it, so its not the Monarchy they are after, that just seems like something they feel they should desire because they are covering their tracks but the real problem is that they cannot get rid of the Monarchy by using their own lives and possessions and this expresses how frustrated they are that I exist for instance, so when they have synthetic babies and I am involved, it is meant to exasperate me and frustrate me as well; there is nothing new about it anyway as no normal person sets out to create enemies for those who are obsessively private about their living in claiming when there is a problem for everybody they can all share such a persons personal life to feel good about things, no normal person would bandy around the powers of the bubble that exists between Politics and the prisons over the personal life of an obsessively private person knowing it can drive them to mental illness and then explain it to the tax payer as wealth distribution when he is asked why Political jobs he was elected to do are not getting done anymore – I have never had a problem with it for my part because I know all about it in great detail, its just people complaining that all obsessively private persons for instance are supposed to be unarmed which is not actually true. So its the great old story or organised deviance; culturally armed men and girls looking for money doing what they do best to the rest of us most of the time and where I am concerned suffering the consequences of their civil and criminal disobedience and the need to handle my finances with it – the great old plan of working on me instead of their jobs, having plans on how to make money with my possessions so they can be free from work and so on. So it has come to the point where it is still impossible to get rid of the Monarchy and speak of wealth inequality without setting out somebody that is so inferior he has to have his entire empire taken from him and used to create a new world for everybody thereby creating a whole new precedent of trouble making and in like manner ended up with somebody who feels it should be possible for an entire Political party with an ideology of evil going for them to be confiscated and handed over to somebody they have harmed in such ways – hence it is not looking good all round and homosexuals having babies is therefore entirely understandable, the story is largely whether in terms of modernisation and various other inexplicable nonsense it is actually heading somewhere to be resolved. It’s all government funded squander and self preservation society behind it threatening me and keeping their eyes firmly on my income, nothing that can exasperate a real person in a real way, I for my part have now got a history and they hate my guts for it too, so we understand each other perfectly; it’s just reality when they make money the story changes to that of them being right and others wrong and not everybody gets taken by it either.

I do understand they say it is much too late for me to salvage anything which of course is again synthetic reality; everything here is done at precisely the right time to do them – the process of government funded asunder leading to industry people making a mess of my work and finances and leadership to the result that they spend money on government squander people and tell me I am below their league because I cannot do it has been completed, so the question now is whether there is going to be a problem with them when it comes to selling my books and then they can make up their own synthetic reality on media and laugh their head off as a result.