Do I know that whenever I say anything I expose myself to them? Of course I do the problem is that they seem to be sending out the message they do not want their silly lives to themselves by barging into mine. I really am a very happy and content person; my mother sets me up for community idiots my Working Court takes me in and looks after me so I am now rounded up and settled in and kept away from the evil parts of society. So what has happened since then is that the men have gotten involved with all these crazy women and girls that they don’t even have the money to look after then started barging into our lives and this is the real issue. I am a very happy man contrary to popular belief. I am very well looked after contrary to rumours and scandals.

 Personally making their cultures famous so they can be famous less should have solved the issue but it seems that collecting stuff from the big boys for rich people and dealing with rich people that mess around with my book sales will have to be the way I exist professionally. Of course they think they can get the women to do this and do that but its utter rubbish, there is no going back now on this one because they will not back off. They are crazy you see, something seriously wrong with them.

Black ones are another story all together; they are incredibly selfish and do nothing for anybody but once they realise you know that its time to take up your life and make it difficult and until then will never stop at the end realise the men love to sleep with the younger girls instead and think they have you in a place where you will help them or they will use you to do it.


They mention economic recovery of the world does not start and stop with America these days; this is not what I talk to them about either. All there is between me and them is their friends in the east that do not do it but encourage them to get there to savage peoples intellectual property and empire getting rich quick; I need my space I need to shut down route to government based bullying which has economic context, I need to earn a living from my Intellectual property, I need that space to sell my books.

No body is talking to anybody about where economic recovery starts and stops these days, they just think they will get away with their ideological dishonesties and currently label me the most notorious when it comes to damaging peoples cultures and religion but they cannot not do it, detach me from my empire make out it is what they do because they are bullies and use the suspense of me shutting it to get rich or have good feeling and it is the kind of thing that costs them their culture too as it were. As for Africans those are only likely to talk rubbish like tell me I will get murdered for saying Nelson Mandela likes to get beaten up by white men so he can think every black man in the world should be grateful for it.

All that democratically inconvenient rubbish that they do on the Queen of England’s Arch Prince knowing the world Knows the Queens of England and therefore the world know the Queen's Arch Prince and can only thereof make up for to dominate by rubbish they get up to in his my all over the world to be famous as well, none of which makes any sense except they abuse people’s thoughts enough for it to dominate. It is either this country will be comfortable or another country will be for me. "Psychosis by sleep deprivation and we have found another reason to pick on the Christian"; what are they waiting for anyway, what is stopping them besides the plan to get media to run it for them for a while first? Bloody cowards.