The back stage media women they say is a real issue; I cannot make it out whether people want me to say something about it. She is a firm believer in the opening up of your fat woman’s heart to the world and letting as many rich people into it as possible in order to know people and be rich and become a personal friend of all the rich people in order for power-she is prepared to do anything for it, such as completely savage somebody else’s life in order to make rich friends and change jobs to a much better one at will and maybe she had a bad relationship before and therefore does not marry the husband that punishes her all the time for these things while she never learns any more, so she also now has this top media position as well and the entire purpose of it is to turn my life into some open spring where anything that makes income which everybody is entitled to, is something to which she is always first in line because she knows everything about how it works in the scramble she has created into my earnings but most of all, I am in a place where I face enmity with men on the left and their corruptions of involvement, so she thinks I am fighting for her; considering that she had been raped at a point of which she probably deserves but it never goes away and likes to me see suffer. Don’t get the wrong Idea I think saying such things is doing other peoples stuff for them:- when I tell people to marry their mates and leave alone the British Royal family, or say things like Law, Liberty and Morality and the fact that seeing people and saying they are Cunts because they are not on the side of republican and democrat fundamentalisms in every aspect of their lives and look as though they are fans of Royalty is not such a nice thing to say. I think I am very clear about what I am saying, certainly not giving anybody trouble with their evil spouse.