Welcome to my Office – mainly for Royal State Business but also Property deployed to facilitate the Estate Celebrity Court is Administrated here to facilitate necessary Royal Civil rights Admin. I have done it this was not just because there are some who enjoy taking property and job roles out of my Estate using Popularity Publicity which is really designed for profitable laziness. The newer versions of these behaviour have been born not only of evil and persecution of moral people but also of a process of setting out demonisation of those considered most worthy of work so as to ensure a means of escape regarding work place leadership quip is possible or as they put it, those who have the body type to withstand work place bullying which may also be handed in as tool for extremism when such a time had arrived.

(Please excuse my language on some occasion – it would have been inconclusive and disingenuous that while I am involved in controlling the abusive activities of the Famous and my Books are so rudimentary to speak in another form and term bearing in mind what Civil rights based, organised and petty criminalities become when their main support systems have been taken away from them.)

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.










Prevalent risk was mostly a matter of popularity; that I am a busy for nothing character who gets involved with matters that do not concern me, causing others to lose incomes in the process - reality naturally is that it needed to cease the alliance with world powers gimmick by which it messes around with the interests and needs of my clients, to arrive at a point where passing insults at others provided the means to pick up peoples assets by illegally handling career publicity after their Celebrity and narcissism press had assisted them with the proliferation of other peoples career publicity, to pursue their own ends and of course the insults about where I am meant to get busy is getting on my nerves too as nobody s civil rights had taken that form anywhere on this planet - needs to cease making my world smaller or I will shred their own for it.

They do claim their problem was to do with the way that people they know had been killed or hurt by national enemies on my account – I could never tell how it was possible to make out that somebody deserved to be subjected to an abusive activity that involved those born on birth date star signs that were more dangerous, taking up the way I stood up for myself when provoked in order to fight for them and make them feel important, to a point where people at security services got to face National enemies on my account but I am not about to let it go, as it would have been possible to 7 years ago when my career had not suffered another five year setback because of it and at this stage I am beginning to nurse ideas about preparing to attack their retirement, I simply need to tolerate this nonsense for another couple of months as to be provoked well enough to reach a decision on that too. We know that the only thing they have achieved from it was a sense that when their famous persons stupidities had stifled the general public ability to conduct civil activities, the mess should be tidied up on the basis of the amount of money in the bank account of the person upon whom it was relied to tidy it up, complete with hoodlums talking nonsense at me with a  bully personality that had not been shed since school. So it needs to read a Book and stop handling me in to find out whether there was a side of me it had to be afraid of or the outcome will be the stupid women who looked like male homosexuals actually becoming one whilst they already looked the part and were good to go for it already, when I owed them some real money and of the both of us the one that could not cut it will become so frustrated, they resorted to criminal activity, at which point the law will get involved and the fame gimmicks will come to an end permanently in the western world.

It completed University and had settled its financial matters for life, hence it uses something as beeline as comments about a career that does not concern its stupidities, to cause me setbacks at a Bookshop and with my career and social life everyday, fair to point out then that in the world of learn, do and stupid, these were the stupidest things society had created, gets into a suit and gets up on public press to run me down everyday for absolutely no reason and is now starting to learn about me in bits as well. They do claim this was all initiated by German influence gits I am supposed to be afraid of, reality of course is that the German influence gits are now having to spend the money that was saved up as leverage for communities that allowed them violate others endlessly with an imagination, in order to build a lifestyle for themselves and to build me a reputation as a bum, so I suppose if that is being unravelled by famous idiots, fair to assume they were prancing twats unaware of what their stupidities were doing naturally, point being that they did it because they had more and I am set to have need of handling the well off neighbourhoods as a tool that helped me keep a Bookshop whilst I built them reputations as poofs for it. 

They do claim that when I looked like a coward people tended to pick on me but it could also be said that since their social class was lower than mine, when they show up at a Bookshop to read, not try getting their mates to fight some communists, people will not tend to pick on them as well. It is a matter of the fact that where client money was being exchanged for a product, everything needed to be clear, simple and easy to understand, particularly activities ought to occur in an instance where there was no interference whatsoever - what I am dealing with is an interference from a safe distance, conducted by idiots who enjoyed the way I responded to their stupidities, claiming it was exhilarating, there is already a global level complain about me because their bottom hurt, so I am now being encouraged to attack their retirement and only need deal with enough career setback and delay to arrive at a decision from which there will be no way back, especially considering that if I got rid of the problem there were people better and superior to me who had that problem whom I am supposed to serve, that will be provided an opportunity to be better off than I am by handling my career, it needs to keep its hands to itself and its insults where people appreciated it, especially when its own job got to its head for it - this is the sort of retirement that no idiot ought to enjoy at my expense for any reason.

In the end they mention Political corruption as a motivation of which the famous needed to cease pushing me around either way, I mean everybody is up in arms about the way I did nothing when people provoked me, lest they ended up in a situation where their well off neighbourhood popularity idiots built communities to finger peoples bottoms an up up start and ended up with a career publicity that was so big that their famous stupidities and the red carpet sex work politics they ran me down with all the time was affected by it too, so I completely understand, more insults from their famous stupidities as I had clearly declared myself a fan last time we checked, never mind that their financial well being turns out to have been a massive mistake which now needs to be corrected, to say the least. On the Governmental side, I mean I ought to take up the matter with Mr Sunak as per whether he was stifling my finances to get lucky at the markets with my career publicity because he was living on foodbanks literally but the Labour party ensured that I failed because they needed to get elected on being socialists via the suffering of the poor: I am a conservative in the nature of my thought and political outlook, I am well aware that the corruption of top politicians are usually a matter of the filth that ran and ran until there was a question as to whether they really were interested in the Government work at all, due to the fact that their interest in the finances of wealthy people had become so intense that they were conversant with the sex lives of the wealthy, so even if I picked up the matter at the pornographic industry, I would still win the fight, however since Labour is now involved to make me fail because they wanted to win elections, I must chose my method of failure incredibly well, it would be m second history concerning the bullies at Parliament, that it was the Government that took up the intellectual property administration work I had done on the basis of mitigating Celebrity vandalism and society insanity, then set about converting it into this monstrosity.

Their Media hugging idiots have continued to reiterate that I had been taught a valuable lesson on my behaviour towards them of which they had done no such thing; the sequence of events being that I completed a Book and their attitude towards it involved ideas on what I will be doing for them which prevented other people from engaging considering the extent of its stupidity, building up to this outcome where it was difficult to stop them getting on public media to make stupid comments about my career, that continued the process. So far, I have done nothing but ensure the famous idiots who picked up my career publicity to groom my mental disposition for it were paying the price and I do pick up some videos, comments and gestures to display as part of my career publicity, which consequence is that they continued their graft a stupid history into my affairs but I have done this solely to and only in the instances where doing it would assist in ensuring that my Clients kept their market or the confidence that facilitated it, as for the business of ruining them as well, we are set to get beyond preventing the comments being made about my affairs regardless of whether they needed to talk for a living, to a follow up on the ideas from the stupid abusive society that made sense of every gimmick performed in my direction as to the ways they were bigger and stronger but I held a position of public leadership, doubling down on me and telling lies every time I had successfully put up a deterrence, with a business of pursuing my concerns in like manner, to suggest they did not have the right to keep their clothes on. 

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 It is usually said I have no way of defending myself from them which is not the whole truth of course since I had made it clear I am whole sale into the selling of my books as I had finished most of preparation last year but they are still doing that routine where they have seen 200 pages of a 300 page book on a web preview and when I ask what they will do now they have seen good stuff they decide they will keep it and make out the reason to be that they have so much money I wouldn’t mind and it can only continue until I own their own as well and then what I have done so far will start to look like a picnic all together

 There is no truth to that claim I am a victim of internet abuse; what happens most of the time is that they wait for me to build up a history and then set off to deploy it to their own ends and so I have to deal with market damage and property damage but because every one of their actions are followed up with violence that will make me see why I should allow them do whatever they like I suffer the health effects – it does not actually mean they are taking advantage of me as such and of course the one that will take a stand one day is the one I will make an example of as well so we can find out how much the social networking site owners will protect them from me instead. I have never thought it an issue – they will say they know all about me right down to my personal life but then again there are socialist idiots buying shares in other peoples company who want their community croons all over my anus and penis and so on because that is how their narcissistic happiness that makes advertisement and popular culture fame and fortune works, so they have these idiots they have started to describe as socialites, the history I have with those as well, so seem to have an issue about being successful by making sure others had failed and regularly cannot leave people alone if they appear on tabloids and glossy magazines to talk nonsense instead about how the fact they are famous and rich is other peoples fault for paying attention to or talking about them but then again I suppose the warnings here are very clear as it were: so that when they are done telling fortunes of celebrities and abusing them with that great intensely intimate sense of insult that answers all their problems in life, they set me out and make their own publicity for me, get rejected by celebrities and now have their new celebrities for the future; people like Kim Kardashian, people like Taylor Swift and my personal favourite Justin Bieber but generally the new name for these kinds of individuals, the history I have with them as well is 'socialite' who clearly cannot keep their stupid hands and their curators their stupid pens and cameras off other peoples public work, royal estate and possessions, now my personal life is in trouble all the together they say with a big mouth; so do I think they are vulnerable? Of course not; these individuals want my personal life and like to take pictures of themselves on my property equity and extract millions from the perks of my office for two reasons and one of those is that if they are women they are having their orgies with rackety middle range fat cats to assume when you issue a warning you are referring to back stage media which is why they seem to have this need to show up naked in public all the time seeking other peoples personal lives that can give anything and the other is that there is nothing I can do about them yet - so it is possible that I could be bluffing. I mean we do hear they are breaking down a British Empire of course and it will never be clear how that means when people are prevented from peddling other people religiously sacred positions and Royal Renaissance they can involve their stupidities and damage finances and get married on the fact they are single and yet that part was always started either by their need especially the Americans to be taught sex by a preacher boy which I am notorious already for the things I do when people provoke me in that way especially around finding girlfriends and wives at my expense, never mind the fact I have women Loyal to me who regularly ask their husbands to fuck them like I would, so it is still impossible to work out what it is exactly they want from me as well although I am stuck on finding out too - after all we all know it cannot be any more than that old issue of girls enjoying the kind of feeling they should not be denied before their time in the world is spent and that it is never a new prognosis: we hear them speak of their Neo-Liberalists achievements and powers which is supposed to have gone beyond the celebration of pushing others into corners from where they can no longer recover, for the fun of what they claim is an association with culture and society and we all know they have achieved no such thing and that it would take me only a few second to build myself up to a point of pushing them into a brick wall as well, especially if I chose popular culture celebrity awards and the shows and meetings they do that fosters those as the tool I need on the matter - speaking of which they are still hard it, hard at the old question of how much money is enough money to become more important than a Royal Prince and put him in a place where he is complaining others are deploying his possessions to get rich with when that is not actually true - so it is a fair advice to remind that we all try to live in a world that is tolerable for everybody as it were and for their need to turn up in public to destroy my personality to a point where they are damaging career and public life does mean I have had enough of them around here and will not tolerate any neo-liberalist powers and achievements as well.



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