Government Officials do not land themselves in any stupid legal hot water in the United Kingdom when they speak about Migrants and the things they do with the Jobs market which involves robbing local young and unemployed people of jobs; we all know they don’t just come to the UK to become wanderers, they have their own communities looking into their interests at the local council but the reason there is a problem is that they come from the system in which the world is not enough and they were at the top of the food chain.

No body expects a migrant to deal with social issues when they come to the UK, this is their advantage in the sense that no employer will take a look at them and decide they do not want to do a job-some have visas for a decade only for example, so the first five years will probably be spent on settling down and fixing costs while the next five is spent on making the profit of the investment of bringing themselves to the UK, in the same way no body except migrants to bring their problems here either which is why they are unpleasantly surprised all the time and there is always a nasty box to open when they are unemployed, giving them twice the social problems to deal with.

But when you have had a socialist government in the last 12 years working on a plan with the Media by which it continually bangs away a rhetoric which suggests they have Policies to enable migrants work in the British civil service especially health service, it is not a mystery to anybody that we have got a social problem.

The girls can dress in a certain way on Monday depending on what is the current trend and by Friday there is a new social trend as well all together based on getting money without doing a job and the way to do this is hook up with and sleep with an older person that has one and everybody already knows too that they do not like the idea of hard working young men and then there are their other plans to get rich and do so quick without working for it, while the boys are another story entirely The political ones on the other hand just are completely certain about who the problems of the world is and you can never get them off it until you lash out and hurt them as well before they kill you with their powers and of course they can never be satisfied.

They need to keep their social problems in their countries not come to the UK like they have intensively done in the last decade to make people unemployed to fulfill their ungodly plans.

It contains enough facts to make a book as it stands over those their evil friends i.e. "bottom of the pile on High Street success or filthy High Street low lifes, me and the British Royal Family". They are facing the worst case scenario here i.e. those Princesses marry them not because they do not know they are way below me unlike what they think of themselves but rather because they do. No body is getting into any Legal Hot Water for telling foreigners to pipe it down a bit on the get rich quick thing much less the Home Secretary of a Christian Constitutional Monarchy.