I have already settled equities to be paid to Young men who deal with con men and their counterparts who make friends with them to be rich and famous and young women who do the same with con men that operate in the financial system, through my books which they must buy to gain these equities. 

 I require all profits from the banking sector which are directly linked to my equities which I broker with them, share with them (for security and mutual ownership), share between me and my Consortium (Women in the financial system with whom I share duties to the admiralty), and otherwise to be dispatched straight to me through the sale of my books not to the tax man or indeed any other individual more so in the process of paying bonuses as doing so will mean war all together (likewise any profit from any other industry).

Naturally the reaction to this is scandalous after the storm that is being averted here is over, all fixed and done as it were. I am not afraid of fighting for this money and there is nothing there to fight for. I could not study and I could not sleep in my bed and I could not get a day job because people wanted to use me to get rich; so I assumed they were not stupid and had to tell them what that which they are looking for is called because if it were culture, then they would have finished with their victims a long time before the recession itself. So I told them what they are seeking is called equities, shut down the business and set out to broke the equities for a living and now after a decade of waste, some are telling me there are people I am to be scared of in the Banking Industry that they will split the money with, as if I cannot recover from them the cost of my equities: Apparently to some, I own over 90% of this planets economic intellect and own a global intellectual space because I am stupid. From where I am standing it really does seem to some that they can afford these things or they just feel that they look like the kind of person who brokes them all together. 

Of course I am aware that when people spend my equities getting rich as it were, they do not necessarily have to pay me back the worth of the entire equity but that choice is mine, entirely up to me-what they were meant to do was to express their own sense of equity towards me in the circumstances as well and this is what they have responded to with threats and violent full daylight espionage and it will not be the first time people compare me to racists to make away with my work.  



Of course the matter for contention is that people can demand the Monarchy depart office due to the crisis in the middle east, as I will then certainly allow the process of telling people with media power that it is either I am loose my faith or the Monarchy leaves office, so that they can persecute me to pay off and now especially when they have moved to the process where they tell everybody it is either they own all I own or the Monarchy leaves office, which means everything I do brings the worst out of them and when that happens, it also makes me an inconvenience to the Crown and brings me ill will from my boss as well, therefore they will certainly have such things. Besides which for the time being all I can tell them is that I am not giving them any of my stuff or paying them any attention and I don’t care if they feel they are the only ones that can hate.

In the end the thing that causes them the most pride is the progress of the corruption of seeing the Christian want their second hand cars when they drive it because he works so hard and always gets to have it taken away from him, until he envies those who have money; now it has all together been taken to the point of violent pointless media fascisms and discriminations from Africa, that I will again allow to pay off too.

I cannot tell of anything on this good earth that did create the idea that the idiots could not persecute me because the Monarchy was in office. They know it will require all they have to get my attention in such ways and always need a means of paying themselves for it.

What I have done so far is seriously pummel the Politicians that got into a habit of collecting my stuff for them so they can taunt me and get their kids to get ahead of me in life as they put it and that has cost me my health, my education and my finances and the Politicians paid on every last issue accordingly; so no issues there in that respect i.e. they took my tolerance away so I could not ignore them by giving them anything I refused them in the damned if you do damned if you don’t demand for progress, so I hit them until they paid enough for it, now the same fools are talking nonsense all over the place yet again.

The prognosis is still the same. I can be in my home and suddenly I have things that make no meaning dumped on me and its all destroying my mind and everything else all the way to my academic work and finances because it is so intense and the reason was that people could not get attention from me when they persecuted me over my faith, which they still think I should be giving up as well at the same time, otherwise I will be allowed no money that actually belongs to me.

In the end they have made it such that anything I do to defend myself brings me followers and so I end up spending my own money to provide leadership, which leads to the result we have today, where people give me holdings and trusts.  Now they want this too because it should have been them and trust the powers of the envy and violent gossips for it, on the premise of starting a counter leadership based on who gets elected and that was only after they had split their numbers in the process of attacking me: where one group does the corruption of involvement; rules me with my own work and gets better off than I am with my income, then taunts me over it and the other becomes racist and violent. And their problem now is the effect of all those follow on years of targeting me at the point where I do my social Political responsibilities because it means I am their slave, on account I do things they can benefit from as well and have no choice.

So as it were they are free to call for whatever they like especially those of them that are my Fathers and Uncles from Africa, I am not giving them any of my stuff. As for my so called Fathers and uncles; I have hurt them by having something they could never and will never have and still I cannot make out what their place in all these from Africa is anyway, especially with the fact none has done more for racist than they and their stupid children have, what their place in all these from Africa really is anyway. Okay they are my uncles and etc; I have no idea what suggested that I am interested or that they will get any attention from me or get away with any of my property. It is easy to see that all I have done is the way my business works the actually process of making money lies at their bank account and their money and their lives and future together with every white idiot that progresses with their corruption, I am giving them time to back out of that space-not planning on getting more of my pay through to the tax man so they can travel to the UK and have some of it with their stupid white friends. 

I do not seem to have destroyed enough of what these idiots consider to be important to deter them yet; it seems they can afford a piece of other peoples global Intellectual space because they appear on public media, that will be used to calm the little racist and cultural violence thing that nibbles them, which is also why some are concerned about how much such an amount as I am talking about is.

It is not a complicated issue: people just don't find ways of using public media and the advertisement industry to make me fix problems and pay themselves bonuses for it, what they do is find a book shop, locate my distributors and get the shop to buy the exact amount of books which will be the worth of their act of equity towards me, as a function of spending my securities which I have placed in their Companies at the stock exchange (for which I never ask for a full remission of what the Equities are worth, just that equitable behaviour towards me)-so that all matters concerning the social problems involved with spending these equities can be publicly settled via a public display of the fact what I have done is a profitable thing, otherwise they do not spend it.