Time after time we see the subliminal messes passing around randomly on Media bout Terrorism and why those who have what idiots who think they were very important ought to do to respond to it; I do not mind responding to the Terrorism itself in the first place as it were – we know that the individuals who do the violent activities are badly behaved and that they are usually well known to the security services who have kept an eye on their behaviour over a period of time and we also know it’s a matter of what people think their stupid selves to be superior to spending time trying to get these violent people to attack those whose existence simply irritates their big mouth. So if the men had stopped following me around to make a mess especially at the academic institutions, until the damage done starts to become something people want to reward them financially for and therefore such a clever bullying that they cannot be told off, then there is will no need for their stupidities to link my person or activity with any forms of terrorism to make sense of the consequences – if the advantage of being a woman also meaning that people are likely to get aid with respect to when they face violent trouble than the males are, is not consistently used to threaten and belittle me as if I know what their names are, we have ever met with their stupidities or I have ever met their insanity as a minor which might have brought it on, then there will be no need to wonder how I count up and execute my disposition concerning the number of idiots who will help them out with stupid ideas with respect to their personal security where their culture and society is concerned and I would fancy they kept their hands to themselves over the matter as emerged facts have not shown there is really nothing they can do about me especially when they are politicians – if the Politicians had stopped showing up here to wreck the academic work and finances and build publicity about something I own which if shared with the world would make people much better off and hence time and again there is a new face and a new crowd and that thing I complain about is still on, soon after which their big mouth issue threats on account they have come to rely on me to do nothing about it as if such stupid disposition is actually linked with a reality of what they know I am capable of, then there will be no need to link me up with terrorist activity; personally of which I do not know why the tax payer is still paying when they spend time at Government office trying to handle me when they cannot and I think that it is going to end when they are poorer due to a process of veering off a difficult corner they cannot handle for a change and drop to poverty and destitution and hence get to give me my space that way with their stupid children being furnished with practical jokes by which to depend on me for homosexuality while they have always been in charge as insultingly as possible the entire time that they had not yet found out how challenging it was.

What we know is the prognosis of their insanity running off at my expense time and again around here is apparently that they have secured a process of not being punished when they handle my work, breach my patents and wreck my finances and each time I follow it up, I end up cash strapped and getting support from the Government and as long as these idiots know that I will never turn up in their homes and do something with their stupid savings, they will continue to exhibit their narcissism at my expense with abandon.

Hence, I am left wondering for my part, if this is the response people expected on the matter of Terrorism, especially when they had decided I had no right to a livelihood and no right to friends as a separate thing from it in order to highlight their stupid problems, knowing fully that it has been a set out stage for years and a prevalent state of affairs now, that they will get an exit from me concerning where their stupid personal decisions have ended them up in life, to join the gangs and evil societies and locate somebody they may abuse when they want to get out of it and hence get to have everything while others may not breathe the free air, somewhere in hell, especially so for the Politicians who think government buildings are places where their wickedness may occur without control.

I am told that I generally spend my time walking around picking up Crown concerns but it is usually very difficult to locate what stupidities possesses people to say such things anyway, I just know that it will probably go down in the history of my life as some phenomenal guy who used to walk down the streets picking up on Crown concerns. The truth of it however is that all I have is mine, save the Queen wanted it serving the Crown some years ago and it has been an opportunity of a lifetime. These goons however I have warned will eventually drive this nonsense to a stage where it ends over a fight with the Media. Sometimes they say its witless banter, much the same as I have warned them about the threats being extremely distracting - the fact that when it comes to the process of not getting a moments peace because they have evil things happening around them, their case has now proceeded beyond Office space fight that is to settle the matter with their secret organisations of money madness.

Usually they start off with this sense that they have Media jobs to do and because of me are unable to help their female guests who have not have it stitched up properly yet, so their tummy does strange things with them for it, about which I am to get into trouble very soon, to add to the insults and abuses that have left me with a 6 years history of daily nauseating financial complications while I want for them to understand how bad this nonsense is but before anything got normalised in anyway, it kicks off on an angle claiming I walk around the streets picking up Crown concerns for my own ends. When the idiots are not claiming that it is the way I respond to these things which is so exhilarating they want to do it to me all the time, we find them say that it is mindless banter, in which case I have warned them enough times for it to be a serious matter too, that the threats are very distracting. They speak of racism over it all the time while it is still the good old majority population money and market power gimmicks that their Politicians are always certain to support and no such thing as racism; about which black people cannot stop handling others and in my case especially it begins with attending Church setting out a stage that will get them punished for the various ways of making money without doing work, so I get bullied by whole communities for it, when the academic work or finances is damaged since I know what their names are in the first place, I happen to push back and then the retaliation will last for the rest of my life doing carnage everyday as stupidly as possible – so it eventually comes down the route where their loutish nonsense and idiocy means they live as vagabonds and I must give up my feelings of peace and quiet to them because their stupidities made some money on my Public image and had become more important than I am, which makes me smell like what I had eaten all the time, then I get bullied for smelling but once I think they were going to go to places that did not smell and let me be, it gets worse, looking for a response that it is about to get too, never mind complaining about what I did to shut down access to popularity in the first place. When these misogynistic goons are being nice its usually a matter of some people being marked out to do civil rights while others made money, except they got to chose who made money – so they have torn down my Court business inviting themselves into and having made money doing so, I am the source of their insulting need to gather trade secrets and those foolish communities of scum with ideas about what to do to me will never go away in their view. It always needed to be obvious I have waited long enough for something to change about it bearing in mind what they cannot deny they have put me through and that this matter was the good old case of hoodlums and British Public control issues and not the sort of problems they think they have built for me, such that when I inform them I will rip up that stupid celebrity culture if they let me get my hands on it they appear to believe I am bluffing because I have not done it yet. The reasons we are talking about it was always the idiots who get into government buildings to stand up somewhere ripping up my academic work and finances to claim the disposition in my head that their barely criminal existence and activities made me uncomfortable because they follow me around and make stupid comments about my livelihood to churn my tummy and rely on secret society powers to get rich instead of get real jobs, was unacceptable – now that these governmental fools are out of their depth, it has become ever more important they understood I needed to get on with my own life as well; so its not difficult to understand where I am coming from at all, they all need to shut down those foolish media comments they have to make to punish me for being disrespectful as their insults in the neighbourhoods deserve it completely, needs to layabout somewhere else and stop following me around and I want to see an end to their stupid involvement with my literary work as soon as possible. They do say nothing I do here will ever work but it is becoming a contest between the survival of this Hermitage and everything that facilitates the celebrity insults, about which rather than stop they have need for Media opportunities that allow them claim my whole life is now in the hands of Celebrities and I could never get it back.



 I do not think that the conservative party are handling the economy in a wrong way, it always starts off with the corruption of people, social equality and sharing and before long your business is completely destroyed and they have some money and idiots become leaders and it is a problem. I say corruption of people because that is an academic way to place it, what it really is, is abuse and intimidation and has respect for absolutely nothing and always wants things, we must live in the awareness that there exists a world where people vote for it. The idea therefore that the fools in question tend to use my work in every turn to claim something I own which will then create a process where they are special and I am not is one that I am very conversant with. They always want democracy but want nothing to do with any of the rules, so they never do anything which does not involve bending people up the other way like making people give up the kind of life and fame that they want for example. In my case it is the Americans that need a lesson because it seems they wish to understand exactly why British men hate my guts so much, where it applies that there are these housewives that people get on daytime television to advertise and sell things to but they are married to the corrupt and evil versions and are really tough men, hence I can never touch them and they can do whatever they like with what belongs to me and those stupid women cannot get off my income for their part as well. It is simple things like the fact if in every turn that selling my books is to take off, they stifle it and use it to feel special which they find funny and exhilarating too on public media and like to threaten and intimidate me as well when I have opinions about it then it is clear the reasons they carry our great insolent uncourteous behaviour like those which involve seeking information from me when I am a writer instead of getting the books if they need it is because they have assessed a condition where there is a grey area in the law and the same grey area that applies therefore bearing in mind the basis of their insults is leadership and the condition of having intimate relations with their wives. There is nothing I can do when my books exist for them to get fame and riches and not for sale at the market place and there is nothing they can do but give their women a divorce; these two matters exist in the area where there is no law on what punishment should be applied to those who harm others, one works for them and the other for me. I am not suggesting as such that they are harmful to my books, no they are not they are harmful to my reputation i.e. all that criminal underground work and those whose fame it should be been being a shroud for a media that does nothing else but show that people who do such things always end up in a life of penury with a lot of suffering attached as well. So it seems their overall message is that a person who holds royal office cannot sell books and I cannot describe what stupid clowns would come up with such things either, like they make me laugh so hard when they tell me this is not a livelihood on account of plans for what they as insolently as they do, want to use my existence for and that is always after they have wrecked my finances and are still committing crimes against me to keep me damaged, more so for the privileges of their veteran lesbians.

The big question these days is when I will take my career seriously and thereby never get to give away all my ideas at any neighbourhood I happen to have rented some property in, before I then get off to put it up and work on it. That day of course will come since the process of ignoring them as they make lots of trouble and think I am supposed to give up all I own so they can get even richer than they and have media to besiege me with which will all lead to intense suffering for them when I put marketing systems for my books into overdrive for example among others is not enough to deter the insults and move them and their silly money on, when people have reached a stage where they no longer feel that they want to blackmail me into doing things. They seem to do it all of the time like some intense need to annoy me and make me react to something in order to call me derogatory names etc about which I am not giving back those stupid cultures and societies and International Politics as well and it will get worse the more they continue to show an inability to learn some respect and cannot keep themselves away from me like bad company wants friendship and it has to be settled; when you talk people will do your stuff for you etc and you need to shut up if you want a career etc – it appears they have worked out their next most powerful and important civil rights power and nonsense and basically feel they need to shoot it at me all the time too. I mean is it actually possible for a person to be provoked by the fact people have no wish to get a job for money because they need to extract some from his earnings and they do it for villainy and the dominance of another group of idiots they want to tag along with on the basis of their greed as well and it is never clear what those fools have that I don’t or indeed why they cannot keep their hands of me and or my property, which then constitutes an issue that must be explored because we need answers – not the first time of course the original was a competition over who the best man is based on a media access they know they have and the sort of things that do not cause real problems for your faith and religion that will make you do things that leads to a result where they must hate it or you must live a blasphemous existence and denounce it. They will say it is all fans doing what fans do and that everybody knows especially for Royalty that fans do these things of course but so do I suppose they think know what I am talking about as well. Then they say these things happen because I write books that are akin to swear words and so it cannot be sold because people will not buy them and then I have problems that I take out on others; truth and reality being that I have never told them what I have written in those books is how I talk or write although their bullying has done nothing but make sure that is the case for the last 7 years or so on a daily basis as it were – the books are about things such as swear words and that is because they feel that on account they are aware of the existence of the swear words it applies they can inflict it on others and more so that a Royal Prince would never have noticed until a book emerges and they then have to criticise it and don’t even know what they are saying anymore and I am fed up with hearing them or seeing them turn up here. 

Now it has become a really popular disposition these days for Labour Party Ministers to push their way into my atmopshere and personal space in order to settle a process where I can get angry all I want but will always do things in a way that makes them happen considering what is coming to me if I do not - would not know anyway, what I do know is that from the tramps on the streets to the fanatics and supporters and Ministers, nobody has an empirical explanation for why that party is so destructive and why it is made up such a collection of really stubborn compulsive lairs who enjoy their filthy activities these days way too much; next we hear the talk of anti-semitism and racism from them as well while they spend money on every idiot with strange powers of evil that can make people rich to ensure that when it does not work these monies can set out an alternative argument as their need to target those they want to be able to make these excuses to bully therefore intensifies because of it. So these books here are going to get sold with those stupid salaries of theirs, either my way or theirs and by the way of which it is not as if the Conservative Party is not geared up as well anyway; this process of making them listen to what people are saying to them so they can hear when they are hurting others in order to decide when they want to stop or if at all will it seems have to be enforced from very high places yet as it were, So the Ministers of Parliament for them have not yet learned not to threaten me or to stop if they are at it; hence it is getting to a stage where this need to live in a world where the violent people they want the rest of us to think are stupid when that is not true because they believe it will hide the reality that they are ignorance and that the rest of us do not know we do what we do the way we do it to ensure both sides do not ruin our lives and living all together will become physical as well - just one more threat from any stupid Labour Party minister that thinks he or she has got the guts for it and we will get to the bottom of the matter as well (year date 10/2/2015). 

All they seem to want to do with their time is set out endlessly that I make so much noise and boast all the time but when any little trouble shows up I run away and cringe and it is becoming everything right up to government or business wants to operate these days and it gets to the stage the chasing my anus and penis past as well - I mean is that what I am really like anyway? The bit where scum like them all over the world must steal everything, must steal money, must steal ideas, must steal personality, must steal fame and in the case of Royalty like myself must steal my royal order and use it to furnish a rebellious army they will create to upturn the system of things and realise a world where they are boss and they steal and share with Terrorists even and whilst the terrorists do not want it as well do I have to keep doing an international clean up exercise to ensure conflicts have not been complicated beyond what they really are and in like manner have no idea which part of setting out they are fair game to me as far as the Islamic State is concerned that they believe constitutes the person who cringes at the sign of trouble anyway; they like to say I am a bad person but nobody knows what they are doing in my personal space if all the destruction and abuse on a daily basis of the last fourteen years is to be forgiven and them time and again its yapping that I cringe at the sign of trouble, its yapping threats endlessly that they increasingly build up confidence for and other fools can become opportunistic with as if that is what I am really like in the first place. I do not think it is a crisis matter, its simply reality that they are very stupid people and the reasons for it being others made them that way and the reasons for that being their need for theft and destruction and vandalism in a quest to be the boss, especially that concerning the theft of fame and personality and warrior spirit.

It is as though something amazing is always happening with me which can be felt in the air and attacked by those who need things but that is not really true; what is true is that there simply comes a time when you have had enough of Media and Industry investigating you and getting Politicians to spy on you and steal secretes they can get rich with, so that the outcome is always that of the fact you can sell gold for the price of straws, if the customer feels they have handled your possessions and gotten away with it they will not buy. They however like to do it and pretend it is largely because they are cleverer than I am and can come up with plans as a result of being so and in that way the surveillance systems that were deployed to provide me with Government security have since been corrupted and the amount of provocation I have to face from them as a function of creating trouble by handling my property and getting on media to ferment it and screw up my income has taken off to unprecedented levels - so dealing with Industry and Media and Politicians on this matter is what they name amazing things happening in my life that needs to be stolen as per they own me. The rules have always been simple i.e. people and corporations do not make out work for me to do or send me on errands not least by barricading and laying claims of ownership to my work and possessions otherwise they will have to face what I  think they should be doing too and so far of which what I have done to that stupid culture and society and ideology of being so wealthy I would not mind is not hurting badly enough yet obviously in my view. 

I am always rather quite comfortable especially due to my faith of dragging them a disruption of my trading to highlight their stupid needs especially when they ask stupid none white women with a need for communism who love to play with peoples health and jobs to do it for them - the need to get onto other peoples possessions and make politicians hand it to them leading to some processes of sharing abuses with the rest of the world concerning how much I think I am a soldier and so on ???, in a certain direction which causes them to rely on popular culture abuses for Industrial revenge advertisement and privacy intrusion corruption based abuses for power and even stability and when I had failed to pay attention to that throw up tantrums for the public everyday.


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Then we see some intense need they have developed to have conversations about Police cruelty which they think makes the rest of us think Police look on other people’s children like they were animals and it is much the same as those claims I think I can be as rude as I like and get away with it when I am only exploring all the loop holes in their lives as a well bearing in mind they are black living in white Country at my expense until the white man says it is white country and we all have t...

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Banking Reform

Posted by Ikpe Uno on Saturday, February 19, 2011, In : Banking 
I have already settled equities to be paid to Young men who deal with con men and their counterparts who make friends with them to be rich and famous and young women who do the same with con men that operate in the financial system, through my books which they must buy to gain these equities. 

 I require all profits from the banking sector which are directly linked to my equities which I broker with them, share with them (for security and mutual ownership), share between me and my Consortium (...
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 The whole matter of stability and security founded on the case of women and their abuses and the activities of their men in consonance as well is one that I have tried to measure by ignoring; however testing it in other ways such as keeping culture open to scrutiny and shutting down media popularity reveals a deeper problem which means that as it continues the UK can never be successful as a Country and neither can its citizens, especially when considered from the point of their involvement with Industry. Of course there has been a difficulty of getting the American Government to understand these kinds of threats, this is measured again by how much people wish to determine the affairs of this office from a distance because of course if the US is unable to understand then the justification exists for avenging the abuses of freedom and capitalism idiots who believe all over the West they have earned mobility and more so to do as they might please.

In context therefore considering Property Equity brokerage and the need for those who buy the products to determine relevance for themselves by abusing the Equities and those who own them, taking rather further their intrusion into my affairs at Industry, from a point of civil right fraud that has respect for nothing because I am too inferior to deserve any providing mobility at Industry for extremists, right up to the point of product and market security and therefore creating the sense that there isn’t a chance of seeing them come to the understanding handling my possessions is criminal. This however I should say is not a personal crisis, what rather is, is the idea that having had much friends and allies in Industries and Government, I have made less relevant the Monarchy itself because the range of my Office is to wide spread and there are too many people with alternative views about what the Monarchy is about doing the job that it should be doing while pushing ever forward towards their claimed new country that will come from their dreams into reality. To which end there is no need to worry about the state of a bodily health because it will always be beaten up by fools like these and all global market equities have been securitised well enough for me to allow the peoples of the world to carry on their business without feeling there is a way that they might encroach – hence in that sense all is well still but the matter that needs to be faced is that of informing everybody of how little a collection of fools on the right with a need to control wealth as an ambition especially worked on the premise of their age talking about Nationalism and Republicanism because they are certain it is how they will get away with my possessions and of course their counterparts on the left who cannot cease to attribute one persons qualities to other to open a way for themselves with their stupid media jobs on the left and the idea that I am as a result too weak to look after my followers left over in the Middle – entirely delusional of course.