I hear of those stories of all my matters being a case of starting things I cannot go through with but the simple reality instead is that when facts are considered, what happens is that it is the part where I as a Christian have a tendency to be weak in the flesh and commit a sin that they want to learn from, share and lead people on – hence the idea is that I cannot get out of such a trap in their view and when I do I have problems associated with the things I start but cannot go through with that big mouth wagging all the time.

The other question aside this being that there are reasons it happens and I am not discussing those, which is utter nonsense – it happens because they are evil and I must not reject democratic people otherwise I will get into trouble; right up to the point of wanting their own Jesus Christ that will be created by them and killed on the cross to develop their own spit drooled corruptibility mess associated with their insanity of homosexual lifestyles, then start to complain after about how I want to live in a world where the strong and powerful cannot punish the weak for misbehaviours, none of which there are if they are not trying to be more important than I am with my own public image depending on whether or not Media fools and Politicians want it so especially.

I mean when they do that fantasy thing whereby their insults know where my anus and penis is and they can touch it and make signs of something drooling from it down my legs etc, what does not mean anyway? I should assume they are doing it to get sex from a Christian they are aware should be preaching the gospel instead, so they are not worried about my Public life then I suppose.

Typically I have been fasting and praying for the last 5 Hours, so immediately after even before I break my fast, something starts from my penis and drools down my the side of my hips, something sweet and sexual like that is the way I make use of their fucking ones too, while those they have handled in such ways tell me what to do cracked up out of my league and cannot keep off my earnings; so it has built up over the last five years everyday because they are doing what Politicians and Media idiots put them up to, on account they expect everybody else to assume they cannot make their own decisions for themselves, so I have take it then too, that they are now ready to take it down.

Nobody really knows what their problems is, that need to get Camp and Pop at others while preserving themselves from it, with drooling corruptibility of Body fluids flowing etc but I suppose I have been clear about the points at which it happens and why I get provoked and what damages it does (they speak of how I wrote something that I have taken down to continue at a later date, of the sexual libidos that do manufacturing etc but have said nothing about writing Books like "Freakonomics" which was a best seller and others like "Libidinal economy" which is typically French stuff).

I did not start this fight of becoming more important than other peoples Princes, they did; they took my public image and made themselves financially comfortable, then returned to make contact with me about what my behaviour should become, for they were my personal Gods and the two Books I have listed above are just some of the well known examples of literature that does nothing but shower praise upon praise upon praise on those who have no respect for other peoples intellectual property no matter how difficult their victims might be finding things, especially when it comes to protecting profit margins - then show up on public places everyday to have a problem with my Books and update the rest of the world on my Royal life in order to create equality.

The American ones do make it clear they want me to fight for what my Books promised but that was never a trap either – it is a business empire here and they can pick up products and play a role or they can pretend they control me, tell me what to do and will decide whether or not a business empire that does not exist actually does, when they are the ones that bought enough products to make it and we are not talking about showing up to pretend they cannot make their own decisions and that they always do what Politicians and Media fools tell them to do and hence perfectly okay to show up on my Public image and public life and finances on account ‘somebody said.’ Much the same attitude with those who evade taxes, not that the two do not complain about each other to begin with; it is a business DNA strand of a very destructive group of people – the ones the rest of assume just showed up and existed and do not have any social and cultural orientation, which actually does not help us in anyway; the one whereby you have a conversation with somebody and everything he says goes down one direction only and it’s the one where he wants to know if his cultural power and evil is big enough or he needs to get some of your own and add to it etc, so of course whenever he is able to take advantage of peoples market and make money, he is bound to run away with the taxes because it is in his nature; the Government continues to pretend it is the game but the rest of us know well that no good ever comes of it whenever they do. They do say the taxes are too high naturally but then again, so as the infrastructure so good that the government can charge them per metre but it does not, what it does is make the charge really small and plan for the long term and they do not even notice they are doing it unless they have the time because they are not the ones working for that money, they are stealing other peoples market and businesses. Hence apparent that the taxes can go higher as it were; they do say I am making use of ideas from developing economies to help with tax payment in the UK but it’s a simple case of knowing that if the NHS is a client of the Brazilian government, the last thing on other people’s minds will be life saving work and the first thing will be first world client with enhanced financial responsibilities, so people have to pay their taxes and those who say I talk sweet because I am not losing a vast amount of money do not understand; If I pillage somebody’s public image to pin a product on him and make ten million and paid 2.5 of that in taxes according to current system, should I evade such money, according to my personality and priorities, there is no indication I will end up in Barbados and have a long holiday of narcissistic happiness pinning products on another victim to make my next 10 million when I am done. It is not a conjecture that no good comes from tax evasion, it is actually fact and I am an example of how being stalked while an entire government ties you down finances and skewers your personal life to make you work on a business until it becomes an empire while people make their own stories about your finances, creating a business empire in which the market is in other people’s hands, which is now known not to be the white man’s fault, actually works; I mean I do have a solution in the sense that the one black person at the British Monarchy that is actually as disgrace for the black race can cease to be one if the situation is changed and they simply vanish but it could have been worse.