Fiscal Union in the EU sounds a lot like a super state but that really is not how it works I imagine. It must have something to do with how people want to protect the city and the media which need no protection whatsoever, hence others want to ensure that if media and financiers that have access to connections cannot sell dodgy stocks after stripping the company of somebody they suppose is not important, then there is nothing there to argue with. I personally have not taken my actions to extremes giving politicians the opportunity to provide leadership, since it is clear that if I defend myself, what will happen is that I will loose my millions and the idiot responsible will loose his own as well and the economy will suffer as a result.

They speak of things I say about millions I don't have, which indicates they think they have done a traditionally fantastic job of destruction and making a nonentity out of me. A global Intellectual space fostered by a Royal Estate is worth nothing apparently because lower class idiots and their friends can tell lies. I am not talking about somebody getting off to deal with a process where an idiot is always barging into his life to hurt him because each time he puts out products for sale it is the opportunity where his plans to hide all that stuff he should be giving to others has failed and therefore rather becomes a matter all about the level in life that he has reached that others want to reach as well. hence years and years of delaying books sales which now means they can tell me I follow people around to ask them for money because I am such a lair looking for trouble, when I am simply going to their work place to strip everything there and remove my equities and securities so I can do my business as well. Naturally of which if in the course of doing so I take their equities and securities as well, I will have created insecurity for my business. Preventing book sales and telling me that will be kept up for the rest of my life does not mean I don’t have millions they will suffer the same things as well with all those things they suppose are safe when tucked away at civil rights.

I suppose it can only mean when they insult people and boast they have nailed them because they are the only ones that like money without working for it, then they have reached that point where nothing can stop them unless they are dead and somebody who has done no wrong is killed in the process as well, so they can feel powerful when they die and others feel incomplete when they die. Hence I will never sell my books and no matter what the means to that is and what it will cost it needs to happen to make me a nonentity an idiot who likes to fantasise he has millions because others use his life to get rich and now presumes to provoke people by trying to take these millions; when it is them that do not know the difference between a fully developed career and a young person thinking about a profession, which they think they will not pay and suffer for as well. The rest of them are supposed to get any co-operations and discussions they want to get from me by buying my books, not turn out to do things at me with all the many dichotomies of their "just because of" insults (just because they can make me talk, just because they have access to my privacy etc. iIam a book writer and a book seller and will be in the right place to deduce from these that are they really not so stupid). 
I am not talking about walking down the streets and being that Mr A of A and A enterprises saw me and got so inspired he went into the office that day and earned a lot of money and named the product he created the walking boy which then creates such a problem for me that they begin to attack me, so they cna wind me up enough to get off spending more of my property they love to make noise and claim as theirs because they have made plans on it, to protect those products from them as well. It is a series of issues that culminates at this point; I need to have been so insulted bullied and pushed around after I reached the top that other peoples personal life in the industry was affected, this will have resulted in extremist choosing self improvements from it and then there will be killings and violence and of course it is after I have again gone through hell to make this situation safe that I begin to get attention from the rich businesses.

 The guy who likes to fantasise about having millions and thinks those who use his life to get rich should be giving the money back. These are the kind of things that lead to a process where I brainwash them with all I have all the time too, so that when it ends up in Court and the judge says they cannot do it any more it will mean the law is sanctioning them from being themselves forever. It is always the last thing I want; those their insolent girls turning up to show how healthy they are and how much of my money they have gobbled up when I am trying to work or somewhere at my academic work, their favourite being that spot where me and my products in hand have access to millions of people getting by in the city I can speak to and offer my products too, to make music and get rich. I have no idea how many times I have to tell them the part that had to do with their fun had expired. I mean they tell me it is the biggest they have ever seen and it will be the last too as far as I am concerned. So the process of making sure that every aspect of my life is in some way tangled up in their culture and society so that does not happen is apt too, considering also their stupid Political sacred Cows do nothing but think about insults at me which means they can share the perks of my job and have a go at getting inspired with or doing what I do as well without any financial benefits for me.