The Popular idea is always the notion I am terrified of extremists and violent discrimination and intense insolence by those who spend most of their time making sure they advocate themselves to the world as the insiders of my life in the entertainment industry. For example making up ideas that they are loaded while I have been forced to hold down the land for others, which is utter nonsense as those foolishness of theirs were never requested by others in the first place anyway. In this case the same way they love to do my thing for me is the same way I love to deal with them in the violent way; for the Whites and violent ones who are always making threats-they do realise they are the ones that are always in some kind of pain they cannot explain to others because it is too stupid to and I cannot make out what is scary about the fact if they get into a fight with me and I beat them their condition will get much much worse, otherwise I want none of their nonsense anyway and of course want more and more.
The blacks have been fighting for civil rights from which I want more and more, my civil rights in fact and so before I was born, are older than me and entitled to a better share of everything I own and to be better off on it than I am; I think that is good so they can get stuck in especially their stupid kids, while I sell culture, society and community relations for a living and when when I do gets to mean I am scared of them not tired of them. 
For the other peoples'-employee bullies, they seem to realise these days that I will depending on how they love to provoke me make them terrified of me before they retire from mainstream employment due to age, so they can spend less time insulting me, abusing and using me to warm themselves up to businesses and to get rich get idiots in government on their side and in order show off the importance of corruption, for the purpose of abusing me even further and the way I want to make this happen is allow them to continually have access to my aesthetics while they know I write books and live off my brain for a living, in order to get high paid employment and get on television to talk rubbish whenever I am being myself:-it seems that only violence will solve their problem as it were and it is the reason I govern them with violence so that I can rule them on the none violence and do their thing for them as they are not my equal whenever they work their 'other people's-employee' bullying on or at me.
I am using these equities as securities from my Office for retail, small business and the working Population to help people stay with me until the economy recovers, which we are working at as a government.

I will never stop spending their culture and society while they are being held down to hold the land for everybody, in order to ensure their insolent and abusive Children who have no feelings have no future or that if they do, it is spent on deprived areas of this country-so they might not know whether they want to bully or praise me, just like every Politician after office should be irrelevant to their Political lives so they can take decisions they need to take while they are in office and also be accountable for it but that has been changing complimented with violent corruptions in the civil service.