There is talk of a government proposal to close NHS drop-in centres; I know they always say when they bother me about such things the effect is that they can then get the answers from me and abuse me for it as well but I can hardly point to any good that has done them in more than a decade so far. Their excuse for getting rid of NHS drop-in centres is of course that they are paying double for services but of course the reality is that those who get treatment at drop-in centres do not turn up at their GPs, so it is an old story of an attitude from a government of ignoring services that the NHS could provide because they have chosen to dismiss those services as worthless – the private sector picks up those services and then the NHS is left with the expensive ones only and then we hear the complains but above all it is a matter of attitude and people with very bad ones. Like “Man-up” man “take up a girl”, “I hate religion” and the closure of NHS drop in centres because I am doing neither of the three for those of them that are involved with government. Then we hear them speak of how they do it to provoke me into thought and argumentative involvement at the end of which if I do win the argument I must not win all the time or I will get into trouble with that big mouth. They do not provoke anybody into any arguments; what happens is that these three things especially among other various show off of their attitude about which they tell me I am unable to do anything about them should I think about making sure they cannot impress their foolish friends in this country, ignore them all the time and get out of bed to put them in a box everyday that is, operates to achieve a certain purpose around about such things and wrecking my job and then getting me on benefits where they can place me on work programmes to help me find work and keep it that I have recently deployed and gotten used to deploying as a means of extracting the means and prognosis of the work programme from them one way or another anyway but on this occasion it is largely about the fact they know I am happiest when I am doing my Christian thing which will make me less stressed and less tired and look like I can defend myself in a fight and then the outcome will  be that it does not make any sense because Christians do not beat up people etc, hence what I mean when I say for the government ones they close down NHS drop-in centres when I ask what it is they suppose they can do when I don’t man up and or take up a girl. I don’t think it is a major crisis either, most of their behaviour are meant to operate along the lines of controlling Areas where the social classes intersect because they know that is where the most number of trading and service exchange and business and jobs occur but nobody knows what they are thinking when they want to control it either – however it is obvious why I tend to find women amusing as it were, apparently why they have such a big problem with respect to equality in the work place.

They do mention something about the economy in the same vein of course as it were; they say that the Labour government would have done a lot better which is utter nonsense because just like the Labour government was hoping to keep tax payer funds in the bank rather than spend it on assets we could have sold up to richer countries at this point, that will then create jobs and investment, so that they can bail out banks, promise to help people deal with financial problems by giving them tax payer funds and then seek out those who know how to fix things, destroy their businesses and force them to fix it for everybody in order to keep the big businesses that get the money they spend on poor people through products and services happy because somebody else is doing it for the higher taxes that they will be made to pay by a collection of socialist scum – what they have always been over optimistic about of course is the power of their media and what those they have earmarked to be abused in such ways like myself would do about it and so far it is not hurting badly enough yet because their media is clearly invincible.

I have made mention of the fact that a government that has been able to cut benefits and stimulate private sector growth has done a great job indeed but of course it is also fraught with problems and so they have started playing games like we give you benefits and you behave and these sort of games make you paranoid about security and this has therefore led me into a certain collection of prognosis i.e. economic crisis does not apply to people like them and the big company owners who have enough money for three lifetimes back to back, it only applies to those who would need extra money to protect the money they have earned which of course they do not have because their earnings is the only money that they have got and so they can continue with the attitude of failing to recognise the way to make a business profitable is to go to an office to work on it and not turn out with the Politicians to tell me to give up things or turn out to work the benefit system on me and failure to realise that is simply going to lead to a situation that will end very well indeed as well. They always say they have media but of course everybody knows they have had that media for the better part of a decade and a half so far with no effects and yes they tell me during that time I have made no progress either, which is not such a big issue since it is the way it has always been i.e. people will ensure you can never rest and then when you write books that deal with the issues they want to get books out of you without buying them – stupid civil rights scum as it were, thus the idea is that when people rip them off I suffer with that big mouth and that is what I have been suffering for the last decade as it were apparently and they have done extremely well for their part since. They think it is a game you see while they save their stupid jobs for money and they do not note the writings on the wall or the time line and the deadlines and the warning signals which is not surprising either since it has always been a case of men sitting around, talking less, with a blood sucking item in front of them that they bang on about endlessly and make noise about their money to employ a few people that play along; of course is infuriating that they are so arrogant for the most part but they can continue to fail to understand they make a business profitable by getting into an office to work for it and not by working politicians and benefit systems on me and it will end very well too.

It is all together this simple; to comprehensively close down NHS drop-in centres.