The history I have with violent bigots and their actions made manifest through the media is entirely for my own private and personal purposes-for my fame and no body else's, except people are busy using my work without paying for them to cash into the condition of something that belongs to me, which I am being prevented from having in order to gain trappings of power, which thus helps their creativity with the use of my aesthetics and work, while I do all the work and take all the risks because I am a Pioneer and they have made themselves the radical sectors of all I own after they made public affairs of my personal life and I completely crushed their disobedience and so called just-rebellion but when it comes to money spend my income directly.The plans being of course the very thing that they make out these arguments to prevent their victims from putting an end to because if they do they can move on and ignore them i.e. make out excuses they want to depose a government and lies I am standing in their way, for which they want all I own and then of course ruin me financially and more over, take time off my time and theirs to hold me down in financially austere conditions refusing to get off my income with the use of media and big business and power from Politics, while I wait as per waiting because I have no choice but to wait, as they continue making more friends that believe it belongs to them when everything else clearly does not, especially the risks, in order to get to the point where they show the world they are better than me-which is to continue until there is enough brain washing to lead to a condition where they believe it themselves. Hence is a lot of vanity on other peoples income while they feel the higher the Price the impossibility of paying it and thus justice for the victim, so I might never get my life back; the excuses for these things on the other hand never run out, while they claim the reason for it is that I ruin their cultures which I did because they will never fear me, love to insult me and their evil children want a future as well as though they cannot provide them one with their wickedness, thereof leave my work alone and I never spare those who have opinions on the matter anyway:- they never stop supporting them. 
 The real matter is that they are very evil people that are supposed to come up with some kind of evil that makes money and having failed to do that think they have found a scapegoat in me, hence I wait on my income because I have no choice; very cheeky.

Naturally they will want to discuss an end to the Monarchy as if I too cannot discuss an end to Parliament with them, for the purpose of bullying them. However while they want to discus such things, it remains that one moment they are violent bigots not just bigots, so that even if I intended to ignore them I will have to use it, since we Royal use bigotry to determine the future of the Nation, especially when it is violent-for which they never learn and are bound to become racist as if anybody cares and thereafter they are talking about inequalities the next, followed on with talk about the end of the Monarchy which they feel they must put to a High Diplomat that they have driven mad with their insolence and violent familiarity, hence suddenly believe that their fight with a Mad man is going to have something to do with the Monarchy no matter how much of them and their lives he decimates but thereafter have nothing to do with their insolent Ministers that get into government to make legislations for them that institutionalises sufferings they inflict on me; speaking of which the people of this country do not seem to want any law because they can spend the income of a Royal Prince of themselves and throw their lower class nonsense everywhere as a result of which they do not thus have to deal with corruption among them but just encourage and be part of it, which is how despite how bad it is, we are currently still living in the same life, complete with them calling the shots and spending stuff with the manipulation of media and the public; it is how when I tell people who put up with sufferings that make no sense and will therefore beat up an Arch Prince that is clearly in their league not to touch me, they take their fascist insolent violence to another level and it gets worse as if getting into a fight with me will make it better. 
 The history I create with bigots is for myself, entirely for my own fame except people are using my books without buying them as if this is their own life.

The students are just as annoying. They should be thinking about their degrees and their jobs but they have a problem which has something to do with the fact they cannot resist having themselves gangs that will beat people up for them-so they can persecute Christians, therefore what they really want is frustrating the Christian who gets rid of violence because of what be believes in academically and financially and to make a hate figure out of him, on account they want to confiscate all he owns, hand it to politicians in trust and use it to have violent gangs that will beat people up for them so they can be powerful. Now they have been pushing the same Christian out of his academic work, just to end up protesting at the other end over cuts to education based funding when their Politicians had wasted everything in hope they will never vote for others because there is enough stories made up about the the idea others were responsible, when they have not yet returned the ones they spent on mainland Europe, especially Germany to create the UK negative market equity in order to keep up their violent bigotry and their protests are rather over being frustrated in terms of collecting the property that belongs to the same Christian to have gangs with. Thus I feel they really need to set their priorities straight.

Speaking of which is another matter of Homosexuals. Taking people to court in order to claim hundreds or even thousands of pounds off them because their civil sensibilities have been offended is a lot of power to wield, so let us look at the situation: the facts being that what we have here are two groups of people-the Christians; believe that the idea of Mr A beating up Mr B is a bad one, the Homosexuals believe that the idea of Mr A beating up Mr B is a good one because Mr A gets to have all he wants and then does not get to hurt other people as well. The question is what on earth they are doing on each others establishments but in this case it applies that the issue was that the Christian never made it obvious that their establishment was for Christians only, not the Christian in a Gay bar for example preaching gospels that people naturally claims is offensive and calls for cultural violence.
So it was Gay people seeking to sleep in a Christian B&B which should have been made more obvious for gay people are that clever themselves therefore their rights should be qualified as well; especially considering what such court cases mean which is of course victories against God that stifles peoples religious believes and brings them further mockery and violence because they are not like the Moslems that suicide bomb people.

Of course such a Law could only have come from Parliament where they never consult people to settle exactly who has agreed to be beaten up by Mr A and what effect institutionalising the victories Mr A gets from beating such people up with legislation gives Mr A as a matter of personal corruptions with his power on people who don't want to be beaten up by him, more so how 2 Men in a relationship with each other sleeping in a Christian B&B which is unworkable is discriminative.
So that an idiot can get on public places and attack me by using his fame to see into pressure points in my life to get feelings they further continue to institutionalise with legislation, for which I know that his way out after the fight will be the legislations the Politicians make for him and not for me, so that I can grab and beat up the Politician like the scum enjoys beating me up all the time, which actually gets to show then that people do not have to be afraid since it means absolutely nothing just a personal problem of mine-which is the way it goes. 

My point is that they love to claim there are bad Christians who create these homosexuals in the first place hence the decisions they make in their Houses of Government but I have always warned people never to do mine for me; a typical example of what I mean is that I could walk down the road and a woman has been coming towards me walking with her are kids she cannot provide for and is trying to get my attention because she thinks I might want to have sex with her and another man driving a car will fix it for me as he drives by. It is never insolent to them as it were until they take people to Court to claim hundreds and thousands off them for offending their civil sensibilities. Hence I always do theirs for them all the time, since it is not all Christians that will be dragged into Court so people can claim money off them for offending their civil sensibilities.
I am not talking about the ordination of homosexual Priests and female Bishops, that has something to do with the fact when some people see set others unto work that God had set out for them, they push them deep into it creating evils with their own hands from the Church, for they know more about the will of God than God himself, so such persons can really get stuck in. I wonder if they do think about the bit that is the will of God? So that they can appoint Homosexual Priests and ordain female Bishops so that priests can leave them and join the Catholics. 

It applies in the same par with the NHS. The government's plan works together with the government's big society objectives which we are all working towards; so if Patients for example are given a complete list of all unnecessarily prescribed drugs by their GP which they can pick up at the counter, we see a lot of active health programme going on and people do not have to plough on and then when they are about to die go to Hospital for example. There is some element of risk involved in it of course but we will never know until the policies are actually worked out and the policies will never be worked out until they are implemented and applied.I mean Labour had 12 years and we ended up with a greater mess than we had before they came in, except money being spent to make patients feel like Kings and Queens of course, obviously if they did well there would be no problems, besides which the Conservatives have always been rather good at managing State provided services.

Its like when they tell me I favour one party and another party can never do anything right to me as though there is no difference between normal people and bullies, then normal people and evil scum who manipulate peoples' energy to get rich, that are always latching onto me because idiots use my work without paying for them and tell people about it complete with stories they know me and that they rule me or are insiders of my life and can supply anybody any information they want from me and so on.
To me they always fail to see something wrong with that stupid Policy of Home and business/ work all operate in the same way and we will mix it all up and make the boundaries as we go along rubbish and that sometimes we need a government that cannot tolerate it. As for me getting them out of my personal life, that will get serious before they actually do whether or not they have witchcrafts; whoever cares anyway.

So far they have been in government office for too long, so naturally we have ended up with a social Policy where when you have kids you make sure they are voting Labour, when you are the highest earner in your family you make sure everybody is voting Labour, which is how we have been governed by drug addicts and idiots getting corrupt with public funds in the last collection of years, making a mess of the economy and government, while they vote for their fellow fools and send out their stupid Children to pass exams only when and if done on peoples suffering and then protest on the streets over austerity measures they positively helped create-bragging about how they were not meant to hit them as they were meant to hit me instead for being the Christian they want to get good feelings from bullying, which is actually not workable as they are not more powerful than I am and they show no signs of a chance of winning such a fight, whereas the important thing was the State of the economy. As for Liberal Democrats, they are more interested in Television fame than anything else, using it to make up ideas they are friends of mine for the purpose of selling out a Jesus who suffers in order to be Labours workhorse, who do nothing but keep other people out of jobs so they can have the kind of power women should be having. They do not seem to see that if they were not doing this they would be getting credits from me as well; especially the 'I would have gone along with the right thing but during a television programme while the whole world is watching me and in front of a media presenter, I know where I want to be'. Who asked them except their selfishness wrought on my income?; the way it plays out is attacking me, then realising they have done something wrong and doing it again the next time, then suddenly surprise everybody by boasting about how powerful they are becoming. Where do they get off attacking me at all in the first place?

The point is always that they need to stay off my resources and my income. I spend most of my time making sure my own people are empowered to go out everyday and fight for what they need which is what every Political party should be doing. They on the other hand are supposed to spend theirs bullying people over pain they have to put up with which makes no sense, by which they think fascism saves them from those who are more powerful than they are, hence such are so great they are vulnerable to little things (with a big mouth) and spend tax payers money and public funds on their own people because they are Cowards and thieves, otherwise it will cost them everything to own what belongs to me and I will get it back at the end never the less. 

When we wish to discuss the entire matter then we will be talking about building a business, having it taken apart through violent begging that is later on shown as power to rule me, by which it is shared to pieces and people get to have their own as well and then keep theirs and now they are keeping me waiting over the income all together having failed to ruin me totally, while pushing me into fascist violence and do not care how much of it they brew which is therefore a good thing according to their crowd, whose money they never spend because they are saving it for power meanwhile, so they can get to make themselves better than me, after which the idiots that helped them there Politically will give me freedom of religious believe especially at the international community when they know nothing about my religion, except that they love to make other people's decisions for them which is why I cannot make out what their complaints are all about.

I just want to sell my books and their spiritual wickedness does not mean anything, just like I don't want to see any of it.