The story of the communities of people who hate me growing in larger and larger numbers is nothing unusual – we all know its either some incredibly stupid women claim I grab a personality from those that can actually do violence to protect everybody or they are busy building a crowd that wants to attack me because I attend Church and then later on for some reason still make sense to attack me because I get myself involved with bad people so that others might show up to save me or I have a small penis and it’s the reason people follow me around at University to wreck my academic work, then tell me I mess with the Celebrities who sanction it without consequences because I am lucky. The real issue at the heart of it naturally is that on a social front, it’s a matter of the fact that they consider themselves to be great and good and every thing that encumbers what they enjoy on the left needs to pass from peoples heads down their throats and down the tummy and make a bad smell, which same things society people do in terms of something about them on the right hand side that people are not really aware of hence think they are not worthy of high respect, none of which has a thing to do with me and is no reason I should be dragged out of University to hang around responding to their stupidities while I smell like what I ate every time I step outside of my door, which does need to stop if that big mouth is to keep winding me up safely, never mind the Politicians continually picking up the fact that these fools have spent 14 years of my time on this nonsense, building up my person and career into something civil rights gits may play practical jokes on and let them extract money from without permission from the owner, to tell me that what I am complaining about is still on all of the time – the big one being that if people spent more time disciplining their children or tackling the racism in their communities instead of think about getting their hands up my bum to sort out sense of public privilege for their children who make hell for everybody in the neighbourhoods instead, then it would not be so bad if the ethnic minorities were looking like they were in need of a special task force to sort out their problems all together – there is no point blowing off the big mouth about The Queen who is not their mate and the women do have men at home to pass insults and threat at, as I have really had enough of their stupidities at this point.

I mean they say I am a little pipsqueak that likes to get involved with the violent parts of society and thereby create problems for others as usual; what really happens instead goes beyond the fact they never pick up their own and get on with it if they had not wrecked somebody else’s and showed up to keep up all sorts of nonsense they claim are signs their money is important, relying on the victims not to do a thing and then carrying on forever while we could never be free from the announcement they had become racist and gangs when it was done to them once in a blue moon, suggesting they were in charge the whole time – the effect is that none has ever discussed anything about the fact the reasons Police look racist is that majority of people who avoid work and sit around waiting to be famous, propagating crimes all over the neighbourhoods with it are ethnic minorities, such that whenever people are asked to come off a criminal activity they point to the greater pressure from the ethnic minorities and if the Police detach them from ethnic minorities it all adds up to racism nor have we seen them show they were in charge of their own, dealing with the racism in their communities and not blabbing all sorts of insults and threats about the importance of their money or being in charge, bearing in mind we are ever only free from this nonsense when they have no money but when such an eventuality had been created, there will be no end to stories about how much people hate the British. It will not stop obviously and I have had enough of it – the women issue their threats and insults because I am a man while they have their own men at home to abuse and have body parts that are a burden to them too – they explain this nonsense as a tale of getting me to grow up while they never listen to anything others are saying, even when I had pointed out their insults about me being a child is what they want to do with their time obviously until it encumbers my financial wellbeing which indicates they have been using my time instead and calls for the trouble they are complaining and seeking privileges of injustice for, pointed out I have never had experience of sex, have been told I have a selective memory by enough people to get me taking it to mind, spend most of my time in a hermitage, to end up having to contend with all sorts of nonsense built up on media about how my personality are a matter of me sleeping with peoples wives which does not help if they will stop making trouble should I have grown up – I get it, I understand that they are narcissists but so have I had enough as well, this is not their lives and I do not write their Books, whilst I have not yet found it impossible to keep my mouth shut, so that their careers might become a subject for civil rights practical jokes as well, it might be a good time to shut it down after 15 years of running it as stupidly as possible without results instead of threatening me.

The claim is that they are very successful people which does not make any sense to me; I am an Arch Prince and ever since I got State provided security along with my commission, its been hell with the damage to my academic work as their most prized possession, on which popular culture, stock market and political opportunism is built up by gits who think people who live to the age of 60 are enjoying a luxury if their busy body opportunist abuses existed and we see them sit about looking like they were in need of an exorcist, a real world hope that somebody will beat up or kill some women to make their stupidities happy, showing up at my income margins to make my whole life toxic every day. It is how those who already have the silly money make more of it and I have had enough as we all know the last time somebody did it to them once, they had become extremists already. All I want on this matter is to keep them off my trading and earning margins around here; keep them off it, the richer the better, including the Celebrities who show up here to work my equity property and then get off telling me that criminals buy more of the entertainment than I do, only to show up and rip up my earnings further looking for security when I had decided they need to live with the criminals and give me my space – I want them off my income margins as it is quite clear that as long as their stupid money is providing some leadership that suggests people want to peddle my faith and public image and personal life instead of buy Books I had written, I will continue to have a cash flow crisis around my business empire and they will continue to express their narcissism here with all the awarded pleasures attached, the richer the better.  The tale of me being disrespectful will not suffice and as for the matter of spending time with very bad people; it is utter nonsense as we know when you harm the big ones they say you harmed peoples parents and when you harm the small ones they were so brave they were dealing with battles you were too much of a coward to handle and yet the parents are more like the children and vice versa, never will they on account of the existence of that stupid culture and society, pick up what they have which obviously has made them so arrogant, and get on with it without completely destroying mine and making out the lies they tell is part of their identity, leaving me without a choice on whether I am about to take it away from them never the less. I mean I have not done it and yet there are tales of my whole life ending up in the hands of media and celebrity from whence I could never recover it and if I told somebody to stop showing up around my concerns to do it or told the blacks off for adopting the same disposition to get around claiming they are my brothers until they botched my academic work, the goons will get off telling me I would not have said it where it mattered with a big mouth – hence playboys and playgirls, as stupidly as possible, I am sure they understand this is not their own lives and I do not write their Books. The tale of me solving all problems by sharing what I have had never been a complicated matter; it has always been shared through my Books and I am sure they now know the business empire is not a figment of my imagination like they had suggested and I am thinking this place might be quiet enough for people to read Books, that there is no stupid suggestion what I do with my time explains them away and I might go to an Office and just work in peace.

The talk of being manipulated by women is utter nonsense – the real problem is a group of self-harming goons who decide that HM is a Woman and if One is powerful every woman is powerful, soon enough which I am HM sexual toy according to them and the story begins that I am The Queen’s concubine and then their bottom hurts and we have a whole new problem. Hence the tale of showing up to chase money is still the main case and I have made it clear the point at which I made a decision about it was when chasing money around me got me dropping out of University, people need to chase their money somewhere else – besides which we see that they get on public places to run off their jobs on publicity I have built for my Books but none of those have been spared for purpose of making people see that it is patent breach and a very bad thing to do which crowds do not need to follow if they are doing it as a matter of personal privilege, yet we do not see them share the salary either, we see them wear suits and spend a lot of other peoples time trying to convince us all that they are clever people who are very important.

There is a talk of people chasing bottoms and making people sick in the stomach on my account, after a need to invest my public image, faith and personal life while telling the world my Books are relevant to what it does had become the main pleasure as stupidly as possible – but this matter is largely a case of ripping up peoples academic work and finances, then launching an abusive attack on them that means they get bullied at the work place by those who just consider the self to be important, making a barge basically for popular culture, stock market and political busy body opportunism to ride on all day long – so it plays into National Unity issues and people take revenge or perform actions that allow them a sense of personal and job security when they can while others are just sufferers or mental illness. As mentioned earlier, since last I got this Royal Commission, a State provided security and an environment to chose an academic pursuit and get its concerns followed its been this sort of behaviour channelled towards me and insults on how their money makes them important on Media and I have seen now the need to stop the stupid money making more at my expense, the stupid celebrity and media getting loved by crowds on my Public image and Fashion idiots investing my personal life, public image and faith instead of the equities from Books they have purchased, especially when they find out they throw money on this nonsense and had eventually realised they will never recover it from me if I had a say or the Treasury, not least because of what I had gotten up to, as it is clear that if this were to continue, there was no way that the abuses will ever end.