Now there is talk of the Universal Credit system which the Government has rolled out and why it is not as good at the previous unemployment system, which I am not in a position to judge but from what I know it lets people get on with finding employment and allows them space to work of any projects that may help since it is always better to have a minimum wage job than to have nothing at all – better than going to the job Centre to declare your station in life every two weeks which brings about the sort of pressures whereby you go from an organised person to somebody who can no longer remember where he keeps his Birth Certificate when asked to produce one. I do get told as such that I need to keep some things secret due to the Labour Party which I do not; they are only a bunch of Politicians that are determined to see the purpose of other peoples tolerance in society put to a process where they just want to feel good by doing stupid things with other peoples livelihood – we have now reached a point where it is sickening to the stomach and they have gone on to deploy the process as a means of preparing peoples for the vulnerabilities that are possible when they have had a meeting with culture gurus and witchdoctors, to restore the means by which to make people fight for their lives in the neighbourhoods rather than spend tax payers time on anything that actually makes sense. Most of the time we see their media goons its all a story of how I am not in a position to make deals, usually blabbed when I am not at all talking to them just like we have now; so the problem has always been that their disobedience is facilitated by a sense that they control the majority population which also means they control market and control wealth and I just want them to pay for anything they use ranging from pushing my career into corners where somebody has a job to hit a red button and ripping up my Book sales to manage their personal depression without which they are unable to get famous on my public image when I have told them off more times than I am remember for doing so, to showing up on media to make a mess of my life and career knowing that the more I clean it up is the messier my personal life will get; just pay for what they use not tempt me talking rubbish on Television, considering the most difficult part is just the bit where they keep off my Books all together, as we can see it is a Capitalist Territory and what people put towards facilitating community relations while they chase jobs and career should not be spent by a collection of fools on media who are not yet informing their families that it is their stupidities other people are tested by on public media every day. Just show up here only when they want a copy of my Books or keep their mouth shut on seeing they will not be out of pocket for doing so, their families are not affected by their stupidities and those foolish abusive and insulting comments are not linked to their jobs in anyway. I personally do not think it is a crisis; it is a matter of deciding what they have damaged and what I must do to recover property for them run a campaign after to restore the image of my business to what it was when they first set eyes on it and ring fence the market; presently, what is happening instead is sitting about watching my Empire get smaller and smaller while they cling to my income margins and talk rubbish at me. It’s like what happened to their freedom of speech where if I am dealing with it to a stage where I have to criticise them, what I have done to criticise them especially when it has come to a point of making a living by doing so will stay the way it is until every interested party has decided what it meant – they are in the condition they are at present because they enjoy messing up people’s lives and when they get criticised, set up structures in public to discredit their victims and I have not given them any impression I find their stupidities amusing, just like their MPs are complaining about the state of the Political party while they just want to do stupid things with my job and test my feelings. I wasn’t talking to them and wasn’t making any deals but if it came to it, it does not mean I would have been making them deals that they would have been able to reciprocate anyway; it is clear that if it is not a Library environment in which people pay for the Books they read, I do not have a Book shop and this will never happen as long as half their stupid jobs involve my job and half mine involves theirs on account they play foolish games all the time and think others are fundamentally afraid of them. I do get asked why it happens at all but it’s the same case of very evil people doing what they do i.e. as mentioned, the knowing where peoples private parts by which to mess them up is located is a process of being able to prepare them for what is to be done when they have had meetings with culture gurus and witchdoctors whose existence I am meant to get out of a Church environment and be naïve about, talking nonsense at me and blabbing how they are sick to the stomach of the Monarchy as well, when we all know the purpose of their popularity culture is to set out people they will bully secrets from in order to make money that they put away in swiss bank accounts the way that wealthy people do as well, so with idiots like them around, when the current Monarchy is removed, there will be no more Monarchy because we are all stupid in their foolish view. It’s the same evil and twisted wickedness all together; half the time it is making people fight for their lives in the neighbourhood but if not, then it will be engaged in processes of telling lies, issuing accusations, clinging to peoples finances, wanting to do stupid things people peoples jobs, so as to punish them for the rest of their lives for wrecking the evils that cannot let others be. We see the same in the US as well – Political corruption that thinks it has rights over others and does not fancy being told its civil rights does not look anything like that and its always the three patterns for both governing parties – pathological fear of work, popular culture, screwing with peoples lives and Obama was a Genius obviously, now that they can get to tell me I need to serve them by dealing with people who make them fart if they churn their tummy seeking to make use of my Books without paying for it and causing me to go round in circles over the matters I resolved to write it. I mean I get told I need to keep secrets but if we look at reasons a House wife may decide to put on some weight here and there and the fact that others are made to pay the price for the bits they bring upon themselves, these secrets really will be kept. The matter of terrorism is pretty much the same case; about militant behaviour, familiarising with people to wreck their lives if you have an excuse like a skin colour they cannot change easily in order to get rid of you, wrecking people’s lives and telling lies on media to beat out the problems that beset you, which you brought upon yourself; the trouble is that the Islamic terrorists think that on having this shroud of religion around them, they will be treated differently but I do not think they are different; I hold my hand up and say I am terribly afraid of being killed by them or somebody else being killed by them just like I do with popular culture people. It progressed to the part where I am told I think the Celebrities are wrong while I am – which has nothing to do with the fact that I wrote a Book in 2009 and they have had need of my Book, so they have enjoyed seeing my reaction when they get cynical to a point where they do not have a copy of their own after 8 years of it happening everyday first of all and then we have all ended up with indigestion and eating disorders as a result of going round in circles over the issues concerning the Books which if it affects them as well I will get into trouble for with their big mouth – so it is not easy for people to have an imagination for these sort of nonsense and they are not famous, they are the kinds of things parents tell their children to stay away from while at school: so if ever I thought that dropping out of University because they were famous was never serious, this is a situation that is set to make up my mind for me either way. They always claim I think that they are not important but that they are rather wealthy but we all know that apart from starting of a story with me at 21 concerning some kid who gives people respect that kids of this day and age do not give any more to corrupt everything around here, which then runs for the last 15 years everyday nonstop, what happens is their need to set up a disposition that is an advantage over other people without which they cannot sell things and make money and if they are not heading towards the white first bit, they make alliance with fellow black idiots and claim I am mentally disturbed – so that when I am off tackling the ones that pillage my finances and public image in order to prepare and buy shares in companies that employ me, the ones that are fucking famous but think they are really important will then show up to buy shares in the companies that have published my Books; I wrote the Book in 2009 and we have all ended up with tummy based and organ based illnesses on account they are terribly important – I want to see them keep off those Books and clear my Public image space, it was never a conversation about whether or not they are important and familiar with some very stupid American secret services scumbags that started out as dumb students that do well in school. They always tell me that saying what I say changes nothing as others have claimed it on Media already, which is utter nonsense; those are the ones I have mentioned before - half of them pound my bough all day while the others regularly take a scoop and a sip to see what they are cooking, it is not telling its family that its stupidities it calls fame and that foolish media job pushing off all sort of nonsense at me is what I am putting up with everyday, to a point where I am not selling Books and doing applicable college work. What we hear most of the time is that I am in a situation I cannot get out of while reality is more a case of when they said they wanted to find out what I know and why I am unable to tolerate people moving into my right hand claiming I have brought greater civil rights which they now also claim I am taking back calling for a fight - reality of which is that I only set out what my life was like and why moving into my right hand will drive me insane which means I will drive their own as well, do they can do me, copy me and do me again on the left, to discredit me an evil that wants to take revenge because it is not able to make me fight for my life in the neighbourhoods; eventually coming down to the claim I make use of others without paying for it while reality is that they want to pass around messages i.e. whenever an Industry scum thinks about something they pass it to me, so that a condition where I walk down the streets and get taken advantage of on account they are making money, will lead not to the one where I put my head down and complete the academic work but the one where I drop out of University chasing my second character that is getting up to all sorts, while people paint the Town red on it every time they are about to have sex, to get stuck with community croons I feel I can get angry at but are the ones that actually buy products that amount to a process where they are doing better in life than I am according to those that are selling it - ultimately leading to the bit where they are always seen around my Books, blabbing how they always get what they want and that if I refuse to get involved with them like I do my friends a lifestyle that is not compatible with mine in anyway whatsoever but is a marriage of abusive convenience for as long as they are getting what they desire with that big mouth, I am in trouble, right up to the stage where they now have an excuse that says they have been disciplined and or punished for it, which then means it is not going to give me a breathing space and I need to raise my game too; so they want to pass messages and they pass it to pass mine in the process and end up with more things to do that will not pay them as well. They do claim the problem to be that I am a coward and its half the time I am the coward that they made while the other half the time the coward has written a Book they wish to ensure does not get sold unless they are the ones that got the sort of security it offers first and if I handled their own case as well the Politicians will intervene on their behalf. Its like when we hear them claim that anti-terror laws infringe on civil rights while the reality is more a case of the constant ever abiding clash with Socialism; so that you may try to avoid a process where you make statements or run campaigns which suggest their own is an ideology that makes out human beings do not engage in economic activity save the government approves of it, because it would be a threat of unemployment you are spewing out on others, try to avoid mentioning that we cannot cause them to live in Democratic territories the way that those who seek freedom are made to live in Communist Territories because that will risk lives as they do not think twice about killing people - so what happens is that they set out a distraction that you cannot ignore and run it on media long enough to get a reaction and use it to pull you in all directions, out of school, out of a job and out of livelihood, then move into your right hand label you insane and get into a habit of getting what they want as violently as possible, which in my case drives me insane and causes me to drive their own as well - hence the only option the government usually has, is to squeeze their own and then wait for the Terrorism to explode; so if they move into my right hand I will take the plunge with these things as well, otherwise the Government is actually doing the job making them anti-terrorism Laws as it were. They always say I deride the socialism and then I gain from it while we all know that on one hand it is a case of me having woken up on my 18 Birthday to realise I have no plans for paying my way in the world, otherwise its a case of them spending tax payer funds that is actually their money to repair a little of what they damage - while on the other hand, it will not stop provoking me after it has taken up years of my time doing stupid things with my job so it can chase my bottom and make me run after my own life to pass around abusive insults at the other end which says I would not have achieved it without what socialism did to me with a big mouth; so it does not stop provoking me and I will take the plunge as well, I do zip it most of the time and they might want to try the zipping it solution some day as well.