All I have done is ensure that the middle class moves into the right where they can get support from the upper lower class that I trust will work with me when it comes to the matter of evil women and moving into their right after opening up their homes etc, whenever the middle class wishes to bully those who have money as they have worked for it and need to be kept within their class to be taken advantage of for it and for my part watch advertisements all the time to ensure I am not slipping up and nothing is amiss; as we try to recover. It is not clear why they talk such nonsense they do all the time about pensions and benefits and whether it is a rip off etc, nor did I suggest that the Queen cannot arm the lower classes to fight the upper class when they grab peoples wealth to such an extent they bring about an uprising-that is not my leadership.In terms of the release of the Lockerbie bomber by the Scottish government all together; it is a mater of America being the centre of modernization while other peoples cultural process cannot be allowed to exist by Americans. Like they tell me things I say are insulting but will never be any where near as insulting as a lack of respect for my means and source of income which they intensely have, especially the lack of respect for me and how I feel towards the things they do on it and the money that comes from it; what is there to do when the intellectual bankruptcy continues unabated no matter what happens, while there is bombing in London and attempted bombing in Scotland because of our involvement with Iraq, while Washington demands more and more having problems with its own state of the Union as well because some of us have friends in the United States which they feel we have no right to have with a big mouth and cripplingly more? It was a Political decision; the only thing that has happened is that the facts did not quite turn out the way it presented itself medically. Maybe living in Libya for him is more comfortable than living in UK, which has extended his life-no body knows that, but there is no more anybody could have done in the circumstances and the pressures there were. I am just trying to ensure I am not the person everybody likes to pick a fight with to get rich, naming me some cultural father figure that is used for such evil purposes, as if I have ever told them I want to serve their devil with them because I have money and they have none currently, which if they did I would be getting ruled anyway and may black people be cursed forever. The bottom line in any case is that they are all of them not my type anyway especially sexually and if their church does not directly or indirectly actively or not or take part in pushing any work and fight based oppression on me, they will never have to complain. They all know they should not be playing any stupid games with me in the negative or positive with regards to the problems that are likely to arise in their societies, not force stupid work on me like a habit and get off threatening me as well, in the hope things will go wrong and whenever it does the answer to the problem thereof being up to me and the problems my fault, based on the nature of my means. Then show how much they desire to rule other peoples lives and in this case mine, by telling me there is no God as well, when it is rather clear to the world if I don’t become those evil cultural figures they can take advantage of to get rich for them, they will never relax, besides which lies that I am means they earn my income and do not wish to give it back yet.

I mean it is always about governing other people’s jobs for them: the attitude.

Always one thing after another with which people can use their money to under cut me where I am supposed to earn with them and it is not funny anymore, especially not while the Christian is something idiots will want to follow only because of his sex life, which is all a tangent direction my life does not go at all, which they feel is not provocative on account that when their flawed sense of right and wrong that seems to affect me all the time with their insolent big mouth and their protection from gangs is rife, everybody they affect with their stupidities that make them rich because they know where good things are in other peoples lives, feels that way because they are money mad pain inflicting evil idiots, especially the females who get help from foolish men who ask them to do peoples jobs for them because they feel they can get it out of those such people at the end of the day for their own personal problems; the only way anybody can do anything with companies and businesses in a way that does not exist within the spheres of my authority in the United Kingdom is if they deal with them individually and in terms of advertisements and promotions, not for the country. At the end of the day the fact is that they are just women and nothing more.

I have no idea where they get their ideas from; I can never sit in my own home to write an essay, each time is an opportunity for middle class idiots to get House; and it is impossible to carry out state duties, which is always violent as well because they know how to get things from people that make no sense to give or collect, after which they then use some other means to threaten them so they don’t try to get it back as well. Which is all very well as it stands, since I am doing exactly the same things too anyway no matter what stupid new cultures they have decided they want to have which will go a long way to see no body retaliates or argues with them is or has become. So there will just have to be more; my financial problems in specificity being that I do not attack their business as incomes physically and specifically which is why they threaten me with their violent gangs as well and TV nonsense, just to ensure there is insurance. All of which came from a process of getting involved with me and the finding ways of making me pay for any of the problems which results from doing so, which has led to this condition where they attack my finances whenever they have problems because the problems are always on me and so the idea is that when I sit around doing nothing, then it affects them, and this was created from ruining my finances and naming me lower class with media.

They are evil as in evil, evil and it is such a fantastic use of my time as it were; He does things like destroy the witchcraft  that we use for protection and to get rich they say, whereas everybody knows attacking me with those things would lead to such results in the first place. This city is not theirs and I don’t care how they feel about the way my God affects their lives. I have made them the deal of all deals i.e. I want them to put the world back the way it was the day they met me and decided on things they will do to me to get rich, so I can take my chances selling my books like everybody else does when they have a business to run, otherwise there will be trouble like there has never been. Fuck them, fuck all of them.

Things in other peoples lives especially with regards to their agency and personal choice must always be made to work adverse to the way God intended it as far as they are concerned and people should be playing games with them until they get out of hand in those peoples lives and have a big mouth as well at the end, when they have peoples income. So now they are all very well informed and there is no use taking things I say out of contexts anymore, hence they need to get together and get lost.

As for Americans; those think they are not only arming their friends here against me but are having their own British “Wako”, after which they tell me I am serving the far right because my business always has to become their concern so intensely.