Of course the problem of these people is that they have to hold the land together for everybody else. I mean this is supposed to be something I have never been aware of anyway as far as they are concerned.

So the application of inflation in this case is that those who had jobs now have a problem, while I have to get mine during the inflation which will help me plan better, hence which makes me rather well off. No more drugs, no more Champagne with my income and market, just good old going to work in the Morning, going home and night and getting the hell off my books, intellectual space and intellectual property.

I mean somebody loves to hit me all the time but having been that a group of stupid Politicians had taken away my tolerance as well with the use of oppressive cash flow crisis, which makes their stupidities powerful as it is worked with familiarities to me when I don't know them, which ends with them getting better off at the other end, the purpose of the institutions and apparatus of government is to institutionalise the feelings they get from hitting me; Labour MPs that have connections to my parents don't want to hold the Land for the country and have got connections with my parents even in Africa already-of course they will cross me again just one more time. So that when people pick a fight with others for no reason because they want to be famous with what they own then make sure they have none of it in order to have power and bully them forever, they use legislations to cover themselves. The Histories I create between myself and violent bigots are meant for me, my own fame not a collection of idiots in Parliament.

As for Americans; those as insolently as possible will not leave my glories alone, until it goes horribly wrong; besides which we are almost at the half of it, dealing with the fact I do their violence for them so I can rule them with their own non violence, with their stupid women creating jobs for the world, which will help that process of sending out stupid girls to collect my glories for them to fuck. I mean they are stupid evil men who are unfathomably greedy, complete with unspeakable habits; so what? They still have not learnt anything anyway apparently, they are still holding the Land for everybody.