The big idea that Labour peddles every time all the  time is the annoying detraction of the powers of the minority over the majority and how this will be settled through more Police numbers to reflect the political state of the country, whereas in actual fact the truth of the matter lies with the amount of kit that the Police need to do their jobs and where to make cuts because the government can no longer afford them.

So it seems that Labours reign of waste had been very well planned after all, such that it is impossible to make cuts to Police budget that will harm them Politically without causing damages to the force; the Politicians will say the answer to this question is more citizens getting involved in their local communities, I say the answer to it is Political stability for which there is nothing wrong with the process of listening to the pleas of the minority and making Policy decisions on it, except the bullying and transferred blame of the majority has also blinded policy makers too, in which case we are doomed for a while and Laws will be unconstitutional.

My office relates with The Special relationship with the US specifically on the of making sure all that violent bigotry is making a future for Americans. It is not necessarily a failure of Law enforcement when the Police negates attending the errands that trouble makers send them, even if they have to police their actions in public; besides which facts on more efficient law enforcement and methods by which that can be done is gathered, which is more useful.

My name is not "the start-up man" by the way; who gives people beginnings so they can attain their higher hopes and dreams and remains in the condition where he can be the most effective.

It is not my intention to serve the Labour Party in saying this: it is about governing the minorities of violent people and the minority of victims. Labour and its followers on the other hand have spent a decade of Government time and resources, driven us to a budget deficit and unemployment in the public sector doing so, then tried to win elections on lies to rebuild economic recovery on the same basis, to protect the sadistic process of attacking people to make them victims, attacking people because they hate the fact they got help while no body paid any attention to the problems they created for themselves, while making themselves victims to get attention and government funds; which is operated with the process of creating criminals by controlling peoples finances to push them into crime with the use of the state as though it is their private property, while making perverse laws which protect criminals and becoming part of anything which spells the word 'trouble and problems' in order to make themselves victims eligible for government funds, attacking every Priest in the country for it too because criminals they claim are better men. A decade is a long time for doing such things-I intend they should be completely excluded.