They say they want to make Laws on Policy recommendations I have set out as engrained in my Equities. Lets treat this as something that Socialists and Liberals have wanted and what we have already is that it is one hell of a mountain to climb; First of all the process where people locate target and attack young adults by waiting for them to become adults for the purpose will have needed to become a crime. So would the process where people find out that when young adults have worked out a way round what might happen if they get attacked, they attack them knowing Politicians will sabotage their finances because they and thereafter claim young people get themselves into positions where they can tell them what to do and so would the process of making sure what way they have made out to get round this issue is completely destroyed which becomes a means of physical contact for the purpose of harming them and then from there maybe when I live in my own home and do not want my parents to come round whether or not they have gotten a good feeling from me first before I am allowed to, my parents will respect my wishes whether or not they exist.

We understand various other issues as I did make it clear on the death penalty for example which they spoke of bringing back into British Justice system. Always all very well said as it were, for when people apply Law according to the rules of Jurisprudence and they are the ones that are getting to the guillotine because the stab and shoot dead those that are famous on account they can never be for example somebody must have done something unfair.

For now they think they have worked it all out and the reason others and not them have always been famous and rich all though history is because they have always worked it all out as it were before they start. 

They can just turn up and have a problem with women that always trap them somewhere and no matter how much they help will not let them be or let them go until their lives are completely ruined because they mentioned something about helping women which is insulting and for those of them that are now grown ups have girls and mistresses that tell lies all the time and find somebody to take it out on especially when there has been a chance to be famous and rich, then they have moved left already and are taking on the ones that are not quite feminist like although they want nothing to do with men and soon enough they are knowing everything about silly things women talk about among themselves all the time, then getting round to attack my earnings and grab it because they know who is tough and who is not, soon enough they must have moved from this as well and so their problem happens to be women that do really silly things, especially when they have gained the backing of their really ugly mothers so that others might want to create a condition where people have to be them in order to look like a superior race or kind of person and therefore be famous, whereas the corporate greed on the left and cultural violence on the right really was their problem and then of course when done at this stage it is time to approach me and ask me exactly what makes me one of the best and coolest men to walk this planet (which I am by the way), whereas the real and most important question was what exactly they have done for people besides their media lies and theft that they should have become famous and therefore rich by it as well. Hence their answer; that they are making those that can fix it to fix it for them, while they chase after their Prime objective of being famous and therefore very rich by being famous, which I personally do not think is a bad idea either since the Politicians have agreed to pay.

They must always try to understand it has always been perfectly okay as it is: these individuals have all to do with wrecking peoples lives to create talents they manage to get rich while those that have real talents gorge themselves on the exercise of destruction on other peoples property and in the end they will always do these things to help those they fratenise with who are in a bad way by making songs about them etc and they will use these to help younger people who follow them hence their lives very well worked out. The problem of course is the men who make these things possible and their vandalism on media which is aimed at making sure I am doing something about it while they goad me and get connected to businesses , who are also incredibly selfish and destructive and talk rubbish all the time as though it is my personal problem. I am saying it is perfectly okay because I will only do anything about anything when these people have gotten away with anything which is the only problem I know how to deal with and therefore the reason the men attack me so viciously because I make them obsolete and thwart their stupid wicked plans that are also selfish too at the same time and really do nothing for anybody, especially because I don't like their insults of getting on Television, backing themselves with support from American Politicians to call on me as if I am their equal or get used to telling me what to do when telling me what to do for real has failed, so they might better get to make it work. They on the other hand are always getting tax payers money as if they deserve it from their destructive Politicians to sustain their tolerance of these same Celebrity destructive insolent idiots of theirs by the way, hence what I mean Politicians must understand it is perfectly okay and they are not needed here.