If the argument is that the government is privatising the NHS, Labour that is the part that says so should win the next election and get it back into State hands then-it is what they are good for; I find such disposition and complaints a matter of absolutely no argument at all whatsoever. After all they should know, they privatised the transport system and now we pay expensive costs laced with poor service and government subsidies, which have been made expensive and placed in competitive market environment after being given such a poor start by a group of Politicians that continually sell out to poorer countries anything that makes our Nation great because of the kind of respects they get there through cultural titles and the trappings of power they can use to grab things off the owners here in the UK.

I do not mind the Fathers Sodomising and the Mothers fucking, I just know that their best bet is 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' and my best bet is the confiscation of job feelings they reserved for their husbands and children which actually works. So as long as they are holding down the land and creating job feeling which actually works, otherwise there is a wonder what these things their children who push people out of their studies with violent distractions and bullying helped by them, while passing their own exams in school are getting up to, when they are supposed to be having the same things that everybody else gets from them.
These things are no mystery and they are always making that noise about such suggestions. The Conservatives believe in economic success, riches and paying the pain price for it, we all know that except Labour of course which is what I need during this recession:-so what does Labour bring to the table? 
I am not talking about Liberal democrats for which being famous and showing off the importance of corruption is more important than the welfare of party members, wherefore there is not enough money at the end to show it all off with.

I have always been talented and able to take care of myself and now my health is a questionable matter as the fathers and the mothers have been stripping me of the youth to make their children feel special while they use such spiritual powers and wickedness to feel young powerful and confident-as if my body belongs to them and so does my life, while they belong to a party whose ideologies I have never been a fan of; the obsession with laying claims to me for the purpose of doing it of which will lead to a bad end.They are spending it obviously like I am their Father, thereafter will complain about how I am evil setting up structures for them to hold down land for everybody and then providing job feeling for all which is oppressive for them. In their eyes, I am at a certain level and there is a certain level I will never go beyond which will be fine if I lived in their own lives except that for the purpose they want to usurp mine, hence there is a level I will never reach and their kids will reach it and go beyond, where the very sight of me means a fight with croons. Therefore going into University to get bullied out of a degree programme so their children can find out what the future is to be was clearly the less painful option. 

Which if I mention would have meant they had won a great battle, thus matters involving the notion I sleep with their wives which I clearly will not whenever they separate me from my hard earned funds obviously, so that they can use the Prime of my life to make evil money then play about with my filial responsibilities and turn it into a public matter for everybody to trample upon; like the adulteress has gone warrior, I will not fuck their wives too at all. After all, they also claim I sleep with them which they do as if I am their equal thus very helpful. Besides I feel they are very lucky they are still married obviously.

The world is an evil Place and the devil can win from here on, I already have what I need (their wives and kids are to create job feeling that actually works and they are to be defeated: if they do bigotry and violence they know what the rules are, they know I will be determining the future). 

When and if they damage my good fortunes again, we will be off at it again and this time at a more destructive parameter (this is not their life; it is that simple).