It is said of course that none of my activities come in any particular order but it is in that they make sense anyway – I myself have said this is not a worthy topic for conversation since I had created a company and set out the blue prints and secured the market so I can broker the equities with other Companies in order to run a government office and sell my packaged papers for a living. I will not pay attention to stupid women in Royal circles playing these games and playing up media foolishness but everything that continues to make alliances with them to wreck my finances will continue to march towards being my enemy. As for the part where I have no authority to do anything – what people need to know is that HM does see people in her world as well and some people she does really like and ask to get some things done for her and that is all that matters to them about me; of course I am much more than just that but I am not discussing my authority and they can go to hell. It is in the same par that it is said I expect entire countries to compromise with terrorists in order to end the crisis of terrorism, which is utter rubbish; the reality is that this is a good result never the less although it was not my original intention which if it was I wouldn’t hesitate to claim the benefits but it isn’t so I have to stick to the original plan i.e. we are talking about the original provocation that led to a person killing another person because his humanity along the premise of his leadership is being abused to a point where he has been robbed of everything that concerns living and existing itself like stupid black women think they will do with me and hence have made their white friends in politics and some royal fools that listen to them aware too, so they can use me to get rich, none of which is a fresh story in the history of humanity anyway.  It’s a simple matter of governments and terrorists and governments acting as if terrorists are difficult to control when every single contact they make with the rest of the world betrays something they would rather have kept personal, besides which they are only a hand full of people that cannot possibly be everywhere at every single time: this does not matter apparently if Politicians have got their own Government provided security to that effect and hence do not care, they have probably secured a backup plan for when the Government provided security is no longer available and those are supposed to be scapegoats, they have wrecked the finances of these scapegoats and intend to keep them wrecked as we speak and so it is all figured out – this the part where entire states are expected to compromise with terrorists works alongside people spending the low lives in their Political campaigns to pass insults at me along the lines of expectation I will react and the result will be that they turn up to adjudicate to ensure we make compromises and live together in the same world, it is a good result.

Of course I am aware of their position and disposition on some new need to get linked in Africa but that is what it is about and I have no idea why they think my company should be a platform for that either: all I know is that these are very pompous and insolent Politicians who always like to think they want to make use of me to make greater connections than I have in Africa, some of them will then jet off to places in Africa where they find scumbags that play their game and bring them to the UK at my expense and sit around talking nonsense about black people holding them back and how I must open my personal life for an alternative meat for them to feed on so a Politician can perform really important civil duties, what I have done as a result of that isn’t hurting badly enough yet and their idiots have never gotten it clear that I am not going to sit comfortably with the idea the UK is made up of black people from many parts of the world but they come here to get out of bed feeling like they need to spend mine, so they are talking nonsense about that stupid culture too which if they want they can always come round and take off me, so we can find out how they are doing my career and why it means competition. It’s not a matter of being concerned, that is more about what they think i.e. that if they got me socially active in politics in Africa they would be in a place where I would have gotten nowhere near their league and it feeds into a sense these idiots have that if they used every black person as an ambassador to Africa in the UK they would be incredibly rich and connected and they have not got the right the balls or authority for that one either. I simply want to be able to travel to Africa if I wanted to without their interference and I want to feel the UK is where I live the way I found it when I came here otherwise I have no idea what they are doing with my company and why it is so important to build some connection in Africa with it because they can touch and handle anything they like if they wanted and make up excuses to cover their tracks too and dealing with a lot of racism will be the least of their worries and I will have the one I was not born with at the end of it too - I mean the blacks can complain alright, after all when they started it 14 years ago and have since kept it up everyday like they have the worst that could happen is a case of black on black racism with a big mouth - so it is clearly not hurting badly enough yet which is why it continues.

UPDATE – 20/6/2014

Now we hear a lot about how I provoke the Americans but cannot fight them, none of which makes any sense first of all because I am not provoking anybody and then in view of the fact that it is enough to make anybody mad that a collection of idiots are always at some activity aimed at attributing my achievements to Americans every single second: they do it to get attention while their ageists get around Industry damaging my Literary empire to keep me and other young people out of work claiming they are working towards a new Country. The reality of the matter however as it stands is that neither they nor their Americans or them working together with the Americans are winning, so it is difficult to locate exactly what all that noise making is meant to serve anyway; bringing us to the bottom line of how their girls need to keep off my purse and my earnings margins and book sales, bearing in mind it has in their view always been the male population complaining about sexism as it were. It is not a grave issue as such in anyway; it’s only a case of making it obvious I am a British Man who holds a certain office and is not allowed to commit himself to violence getting along with my self – so if people put that in context they will be able to see nothing amazing about my activities but if not then they are likely to think these deviant idiots and their men talking nonsense about somebody they want to beat up is what the British are which is entirely wrong but I am however rather certain their women have no wish to keep off my income and for that they want a piece of me and will certainly get it too.

The other part of this story is that of me pressuring Americans to take action over Iraq which is utter rubbish, as I would do nothing whatsoever to pressure a collection of Black American idiots in the white house who are really hard of hearing and play every moment of their lives with absolutely anything, into doing anything: I mean they will think what they want to the middle east and never listen to anybody but the truth and reality has always been that even the Arab spring was designed to ensure that the society in Middle East Countries are not friends with the US so that the Politics can operate and work better with the US but what is happening in Iraq as a result of the activities of ISIS in their view is entirely accidental and you will never understand with what nonsense they came to such prognosis either but it is a typical example of how idiots like that would easily think they are God’s gift to the world – they even draw from what I have said about the crisis in Iraq but of course where I as such therefore did say it for them and for their benefit as it were in their view.

None of these things are unusual – the reality is that it is the same – from Americans talking nonsense about somebody pressuring them into Military action, to Media idiots and their women who cannot stay off my income and every other democracy and freedom fools all over the world: they can easily say they are free people but have taken away your choice already of whether or not you want to have sex with them by fantasising your penis and anus which they from that moment can do at will anytime they want in a way that you will through a combination of outrage and fear which means that the little challenges you face expose you to it if exasperated and then start to believe nobody thinks it is planned. For my part what happened was that they handled my Literary empire and I take up their societies and cultures and kept them until I recovered all my property equity and my markets and now I have given them the opportunity to return to their lives but they have chosen to latch onto those things they found they had in common with me as a human being to turn a process where they have trouble letting go into a means for revenge. It feeds into that sense they like to play up, that the media controls me when in actual fact I lost my temper at a stage and kicked the Media globally really hard and have now discovered it is a good thing as well and therefore need to keep it – measuring from a process where most of their turning up to grit their teeth and gnash their jaws at me is based on an ego trip they boasted about with their friends, based on their stupid women thinking about the need for an able bodied man to collect my career for them while they make media appearances, based on building atmospheres of abuse around me which they can stir the neighbourhood idiots at their service into working for them every day; so all together they will like those their women who have a need to touch my private parts which amounts to rape have that stupid freedom somewhere in hell while I am still alive and I will build a public life on this too. It is never true I need the news either – what we have today is a product of let us replace God in his life as the primary source of information – at the time it was such fun their corruptions of involvement, now they are the same people attacking me because I get involved with them when they are beyond my league and there is no way that you could have made it up no matter how hard you tried; apparently they got their wish. I hear some of them speaking of how I am a talented tortured soul of course which I never asked them to make me knowing it is something they make their popular culture idiots into most of the time and do not get to deny them such a right for my part anyway: I never asked them to stifle my book sales and turn up here to torture my soul in order to help me sell books that hurt them and it feeds into the nature of the books and why I have developed them in the way I have too i.e. to ensure celebrities who live this violent life do not turn their game on me after those years thinking I dont face the same problem and that they like me very much to that effect: I mean the celebrities I am involved with wouldn’t do that but I have to be prepared for all of them because if I say the Popular music industry is a menace nobody would have believed me anyway: so it is the same old case of an actor for example, financially well off and hence has no great problems of money and how to make it but he seems to be the thing that exists an am example which shows that if you want to conduct an oil spill somewhere in a third world country in order to clench a deal to make more money it is completely unnecessary, so because of that him and people like him must be wiped out and to that effect you buy shares in the Film industry and become his night mare until he sucks your dick to get a job for the next season but better still if you delegated the task to the popular culture industry who also have the money made from music CDs to do that with – they do say I meddle but we all know that conducting an oil spill to clench a deal is not their civil right or right of any kind and that the fact somebody else exists whose existence means it is unnecessary does not mean that they have a lint to cross – not that it matters, only that when they cross that line they hand me license to do something unnecessary as well like the need to dress in my worst cloths and go off to rough up a stock market trader and mess up his suit or the need to ensure no matter how famous people are anybody can get in touch with them personally if they wanted: people do not just therefore get off to handle my books and make me a tortured talented soul in order to sell them for me, I mean who the hell are they? As for their women, this is a start of a war to get them off my income and it will be played out like that relationship I have forged with the media which I always want to deploy with a sense of dominance as well. They are the ones with the media and I the one that talks ahead of them, it is unprecedented for these collection of most vile of racial scum as it were, so it is for their none white Counterparts whose evil I got onto of long before my 16th birthday which is actually less them half how old I am today – so access to me can be shut down anytime considering they are always turning up in public places to pretend I think they are important. The part where their men feel like they want to pay a violent price to get them off my case being well understood as it were considering they are the ones giving them stupid women the teeth they have in the first place – exists in the same par as the one where my work messes with the work of the secret services, who are currently actually done selling me up to the Americans as it were – I mean a good footing in the Middle East, Relations with Communists and a Good position in Europe was never good enough for them, so they had to get on the pay roll of the Americans in the terms that they have as it were – of course my work does let them do their stupid one, just like the media who go to offices to do a job at other peoples expense and when asked about it will likely talk nonsense about how everybody wants to do their jobs, which feeds into a surprise they entertain that people react like they do: I mean I want nothing to do with these idiots and if I wanted anything from the secret services ones, it would have been a condition where my interests at Industry were looked after but that is actually already taken care of by people allied to the Duke of Cambridge and the prince of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh but above all HM The Queen, even some media people are having a go as too, so I do not actually need any help from them as it were unlike their ego leads them to boast all the time – I dont care if they are beyond my league, I dont want to go out with them for a dinner but we are still here where I am attacked because I get involved with them after the effects their corruptions of involvement in my life has on them. Same old case with their societies and communities where they love to make noise about how what is seen of me which I fail to make use of it a source of temptation for other people: whereas what they see is what the fools in the neighbourhoods who are created and kept by media idiots make of the unique relationship I have with God which if deployed as they want would never have paid off even as a job.