Politicians these days speak of how they are not trying to punish people for depending on benefits. I just wanted to use this opportunity to make it clear they have no such powers to punish anybody to depending on any benefits. When I say the civil service is not functioning I know the services are great in some areas but where they are bad they are really bad like the job centre for example. Where people tend to go in to seek work and come out with a worse feeling than they went in there with and yet all there is to it is a simple case of taking your depression with you and trying to get work you can wake up to everyday, which if you don’t get one on the day keep trying the next, nothing more, nothing else. I am never under the illusion like they suppose, that they do these things because we are having a hard time: I am the one that is unemployed and they are the ones that have jobs because I am unemployed-the worst hard time they have is when they wrestle with their minds over whether to keep me unemployed so they can continue to have jobs and the best they can do is ensure I get a job by working with me to make sure I do not do my stuff for me and take pleasure from making me even more depressed. They do what they do to people at the job centre deliberately, well planned before hand in search for power and until somebody hurts them seriously it will not improve either. The Politicians on the other hand were meant to modernise the civil service when the economy was doing well bearing in mind they were going to the entire infrastructure of the country at some point anyway. No body is responsible for the fact they did not lay any ground work for their leadership while the economy was good-they cannot punish anything for depending on any benefits.

The other side is the social side where no matter who people are once stupid girls have decided they are the kind of people that should end up bums scratching a living from the streets, then that is what they will become. So that idiots can trend and be famous while they live the high life on the basis of the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer and no matter how insolent or impossible, this is what they want and it is what Politicians will support them to get. They say the things they say for them in this whenever they appear in Public knowing that somebody somewhere knows the exact location and probably the ID of somebody else’s Bank account. Somebody somewhere is responsible for signing off money which is benefit that another person is entitled but when they want to say those things to abate these things and encourage it, they say it anyway. I am just clearing up this thing about how they can punish no body for depending on benefits with the fact that these idiots have been doing it at me all the time: “I know where your bank account it and I think it is funny when I make you consider you cannot trust me when I know that what your bank details are because I work in a bank”. “I know last 5 weeks you went shopping for cloths and last 3 your bought a new computer and some bed ware, so I know that you will not be spending money on such things in the next three months and from your benefits which I can predicts I know how much money you have to fight me with whenever I want to grab your property and I know  just how to make you spend it on other problems whenever I want that your property”. They know when they give people tax payers money to keep up with me and wreck my finances so other people can predict how much money I have at any given point in time, then say those things they say, these kinds of things will happen but they will do them and say them anyway. I am saying they have not got any power to punish anybody for depending on benefits and need to wake up. I personally bearing in mind it is getting more and more violent am not obliged to ensure they do nothing to damage my life so that I might not reciprocate by damaging their Political parties and Parliament; I am not obliged to save anybody.

The media on the other hand are just as well; those are supposed to be the one whose existence explains best what reality is because they are so insolent and when you beat them everyday you have peace of mind and when each time you do make sure that they feel they have won everybody else has peace of mind as well. Its really like it is for every royalty out there; they always have people they can talk to, some they can do business with, others they just trust and some they get along with etc; mine are all out there tentacle around the world and it is on this basis that I do anything I do to fulfil my office as figure head of my world and nothing more. Politicians Media what have you in actual fact are completely alien to me and despite the things I say and do am not obliged so save anybody because there is no need for me to; they know exactly what they are doing and how destructive it really is and do know they ought to live with the consequences too.