I hear of this tales of how I play around with peoples wives and I would never understand what it means, the idiots that are taking over a Royal Estate in order to use it to feel pampered and special; all I know is that if we imagined that I had decided to let my case with their women go despite the fact we have come full circle on this issue time and time and time again, we all can imagine the securing of fame and fortune based servitude for big business for me will be the least of my worries in terms of what they will do next – so it is here to stay, whatever it is I am doing with their women and they should be wiser the next time besides which all these can be averted if I do not see them anywhere near my job and finances and book sales any one more time from this moment which again does not seem to show any signs of happening as well. I mean the big case here is that people do not like me and their lives but for my involvement would be a good life, that is what they say, what they do says something else entirely e.g. in order to ensure their cars are as important to me as God and Church are I must be made to face so many problems that it gets to define me while the financial problems then eventually squeezes the fact their cars are good out of me which will mean that it has joined the ranks of things like Church and God as good and therefore being the same as Church and God means their car is worth the money they paid for it – so it is clear they are very good at provoking people and looking for trouble and what I do about and with them is here to stay as well, so I assume those who raise this issue must be talking about this otherwise they are wasting their time. I understand playing with peoples wives cannot be justified according to them of course but that is whether or not I catch them wrecking my finances and exasperating me in order to spice up their sex lives with my personal life or indeed spice up their love lives with the presence of God around me – it is only seconded by community croons spending all their time to counter everything that is a temperament around me which is concerned with a condition of dedicating myself to service at Church and State and when it happens I get completely taken over and cannot control what I get up to but it soon gets better because the actions of the community croons mean idiots make celebrity fame and fortune abusing me while their actions get to mean their bone head children spice up their sex lives here as well which is one of those occasions that convinces me somebody needs to die and we hear of it soon enough after as it were. I understand it happens because they are bigots and the problems it creates for me at the company which they claim does not exist and will exist if they say so with that big mouth is astounding but it does not matter that much if they can stay off my books and buy the bloody products that are put to them by the firms as well and do so my way or their own as it were. I am I am for example comfortable with female journalist, there are reasons for it, it is not unexplainable and the reasons behind it are that when I dedicate myself to God, Church and Country I asked for an exception, of course I am aware it is a route by which every twisted goon that wants to get involved with me will take a chance and it is much the same with the male ones that will follow them after getting to a point where they speak about my destruction of my own tiny fighting little army base: same old case being that if I want a celebrity service I will let the Celebrity I am getting it from know about it and if they do one and it benefits me I will let them know too.

Personally I should declare the way it works is that I am an obsessively private person and when people do these things I get taken over because it is like being where they are having sex with their spouse and then having them ejaculate on me – they do say intrusion with my faith feels the same way but they started by punishing their children when they take up faith, morals and religion without the persons concerned consulting them first so they might feel powerful in their evil city where people don’t care and later get to talk nonsense at me about love and the effects it has on their children’s chances of being successful but now we have this need for them to be rich and famous happening around my income and those children are spicing their sex lives with my personal life too and as a result of which I can therefore justify all the punishment I dish out too not least because of the insults and lots of proposition of financial dominance that never ever goes away changing every single time to match every single mood that is meant to avoid it to be enforced by Politicians that follow it and although I have always made sure I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ the reality is that their children intrude into my concerns because they are as evil as their parents are and need to get involved with my gospel to get their parents to do these things for them.

So when it comes to other important matters of Office we will have been talking about the governments new anti-terror laws which prosecutes people for travelling to Syria for example; I wouldn’t know anyway, it is never up to me what the government does with its laws and to protect the borders but I am not changing anything I wrote about people travelling off to Syria here either because we continue to behave as if Muslims and the Middle East due to their Egalitarian societies and its lack of taste for public life are to be suffocated by the rest of the West then turn out to wonder why Terrorists behave the way they do and people behave in the Middle East the way they do whereas for others it is entirely sound behaviour that matches the circumstances – I mean in the Middle East even charity work is done is an egalitarian way and it has developed over hundreds of years that even help must be done through the route of getting in touch with the head of the family which is most of the time the chief bread winner and those who know this and apply a bit of imagination to the kind of public life people who live in that way would have would not end up with any problems with them at all – hence it should be said so people can understand why they do view western civilisation as the enemy; for me personally I have no idea how we can curtail terrorism when it is not the Muslim Governments that are doing it anyway and we can see the honesty in their activities have already developed into a point where the biggest terrorist threat is a self proclaimed state – all I am saying is that I am not going back on anything I said as I did say them for very good reasons for my part too; in retrospect, these guys are very successful people and I have not eaten anything else but Halal Meat for the last five years for example, so if your meat products come from that part of the world for that length of time you are not that detached from the realities – besides which I have rented homes from two three Muslims in my time in the UK one of them a Mediterranean Muslim and the other was a Middle East Muslim, one not sure where he comes from and the other maybe Lebanese. 

Not forgetting Scottish independence of course which is in the same family and is all over the place with people talking nonsense about Scotland changing when in actual fact the reality there is that people are ignorant about the matter at hand which arms these idiots with means of insults that moves people out of their comfort zones for their stupidities and the fun of it – with new talk of Scotland being on its way to independence when we all know it is a Country that is to interwoven into the UK that it will find it impossible to exist on its own like most of the quasi states we see all over the Middle East and the Wars associated with them but on more immediate matters, a normal person would conclude that a high turnout for independence vote while the rest of the Country voted against it is a sign that Independence was persuasive but not decisive and should be taken into account but these Scottish Nationalists are clearly not in any way normal the crime wave crew,  are they after all? The issue of what my view of what the Police does of which does not matter on any occasion anyway – we all know that when people have made themselves into social menaces it means money is to powerful they will defile you in every way from a distance and make sure you are running chores for them all be it by fantasy but the result will always be that there has to be a bigger gang somewhere that has been stirred up by them who will then kill them start something big and bad for everybody and if that does not happen they become kingpins who kill people all over the place because of their needs and get away with it, so that either way the Police have to risk their lives to deal with things they believe they have manipulated everybody into thinking they can do in public and establishing their own pervaded church with its version of the gospel is not exempt from their choice of means in any case either, the difference being when they have become Kingpins or drug lords every Police officer murdered in action or not is a trophy victory that encourages them further – so it is never fair to say that when those occasions arise where they have to face the Police as a result of being a nuisance at some point and their actions determine if they live or die that day, it is some form of racism – it happens everywhere on the planet and is not unique to the UK or the US. The Scottish independence ones are just here and there and everywhere telling tales and lies and lots of things they can do to ensure they chose self improvements and make claims on things that don’t belong to them around the premise of those who don’t like the idea of a Country that belongs to them in which they are in charge and others are not and thinking it is a credible excuse to take peoples possessions and work it out whatever it is they come up with as they go along, it’s never clear which part of sovereign will of the people they do fail to understand anyway.