Then we see some intense need they have developed to have conversations about Police cruelty which they think makes the rest of us think Police look on other people’s children like they were animals and it is much the same as those claims I think I can be as rude as I like and get away with it when I am only exploring all the loop holes in their lives as a well bearing in mind they are black living in white Country at my expense until the white man says it is white country and we all have to fight for the civil rights of the fucking idiots. It’s the mystery of this matter that the Police are normal people like the rest us, not destructive goons with the powers of the state in their batons, would we put ourselves on the line to protect others like they do? Hence we should be careful not to let it turn to sympathy for criminals all together as well. I for instance am only dealing with prognosis matters of crimes that do not have names yet committed with impunity and the spending on tax payers funds on doing so by their MPs and yet I am said to be doing extraordinary things by some and said to make claims of what I have never done by those who don’t buy the books to locate what was done to secure facts that are contained therein so as to decide which ones can be disputed or not – so imagine a market place 70% Muslim who hate your guts, 20 black with an opinion 10% women always up to no good and you have to put yourself on the line because a crime is being committed and this guy will need 5 people to restrain him while you are being mocked by the community around you and you know it, yet you have the one taser. For their Politicians it is rather simple; they call it integration in a condition where they are better off than others are with other peoples possessions, I am asking if it is criminal or not and they need to answer the fucking question and stop complicating it with wealth inequality.

So they do say I need them to be customers so I might make money and it is utter nonsense too; the reality is rather that 5 years ago there were only a handful of them, today there are thousands measured against what they find of my work and what makes it relevant and what it does for people; so the question for them on this one is whether it is destructive or not which needs to be answered not complicated with any more nonsense they come up with pretending their corruptions of involvement will make somebody weak kneed somewhere and so on; so these are the kinds of things that will make me target them when I am trying to sell my books i.e. after all the damage they have done from what they can do to express their talent for corruption concerning living in a white man’s country as a black person to this story of needing them as customers which they clearly are currently not finding amusing both ways because it is supposed to have been revenge for something else I did to them as it were chiefly of which is the one about ripping up their black markets and making sure they understand I do not have the capacity to tolerate their freedom and their corruptions of involvement and every other nonsense that became the hall mark of decades gone before because they have pushed the boundaries and need to live with what they have created too. The reality is that they enjoy the poverty and do not see why they should work for money when they don’t have the energy to, so they expect those who can to do it and get controlled by them so there can be sharing later on by any means possible and that way keep their energy and get the money as well at the same time and of course we all know it is not how it works; how it really works is, they ask and I give and if I don’t have it they go away.  So we have the roll back roll on, on and off over and over and over again for 15 years everyday thing funded by the tax payer through their Politicians of a behaviour that you faced when running a small business during the first five years when it would be make or break and they don’t want to pay for that too, they think I need them to be customers and claim I am the one with mental illness problems. So they love to claim it is a trophy victory from provoking me into attacking their party which happened for not giving them what they want in the first place but I have taken care at this point of every political crisis that would have emerged if I drove a socialist parliamentary party to extinction, so it is a game worth playing – all I can say for my part is that they need to bear in mind they will not find it amusing both ways; I mean these are things that are a prime danger to the right of a Nation to be successful – they need wealth but they destroy wealth when they see it and play a game of how amusing it is that it is sweeter when stolen especially so for their women and when you had enough of their deviance and will not tolerate any of it cannot stop getting on parliament and media to talk nonsense over you giving you image problems – I mean surely they can see it is impossible to be a criminal MP considering there is real possibility people that are harmed in this way might follow it up. I don’t have a problem with it, as far as I am concerned when they do it, knowing they have some criminal reputation, I always make them a deal and the most effective one is the bit where every single public appearance sees me get a pound of flesh out of them until my finances and possessions are back the way they found it, I am only looking to expose facts about this very destructive behaviour that we could really do without 7 years into the recession and they always say it is a matter of they and their friends putting small countries in their place whereas where we are now is a story about the one that gets used to fix problems which I am about to show them how it is done as it were using them to fix it properly – same old case of keeping their insults where it is better appreciated. They say my books are fundamentally provocative but they are supposed to be i.e. they get provoked get around to their usual intellectual property crimes and I make them a deal where every public appearance gives me a pound of flesh as well; they have never learned, first it was on writing the books and now it’s on selling the books, they are always getting involved and so cannot find it amusing as they suppose they do both ways. They do say they get the better of me; its utter nonsense – the reality is that we all have something we are passionate about, they are passionate about protecting their prospects for getting aid money and charity help by bullying those who are important and cannot protect themselves, this is what makes them feel they can stand on public and International media and feel as though they are better off than somebody somewhere, so that if you did think people will suppose you are insane for taking pre-emptive steps on their case, this will have relieved you of any worries so you can proceed with all the opportunities offered. I don’t need them to be customers of mine for any reason whatsoever. They do say I for my part refuse to address the main issues which is that I mess with their culture and those who do always get cursed and condemned and doomed but of course that is why they enjoy seeking out my personal life when they see my do my Church thing as well and that is why I am putting it to the test, I know those of them that have a sweet tooth for my public life claim to attend church as well but we all have our copies of the Bible and or the Quran and nobody has to tell us what is written in it. For me personally however it’s all revenge for what I have done to them and they need to stop following me around and then they can find it amusing and do their civil and criminal disobedience on my book sales and public life again. I mean I regularly scuttle my academic work and ensure the Politicians pay all the way to the next time I feel I can pick it up again and assumed such behaviour should serve a warning about how I feel concerning their involvement with anything I do; so they are all in the same family – black idiots, racism, terrorism, MPs complaining about their pay, people selling government secretes, media trouble makers, Industry corruption and so on – these are the fools that think everybody supposes what they are doing is called jobs or academic work or running a business and even at night that is how normal people sleep as it were. They in their defence do say I get involved with those who want nothing to do with me but of course the reality behind that is the simple case that I cannot function, I blank at interviews if I have all day long been detached from my Christian stuff by everybody who drives their cars by fingering my bum while their community croons are encouraged by Politicians to chase and bully me over sex and this is the primary barrier to finding jobs for me all the time and so it has become a question of what I do to them as well so they can find it amusing in their world and mine both ways at their expense. I understand they claim those I think of as allies are the ones fingering my bum and making me hysterical into giving up all I have but it has never been an amazing occurrence; the reality is that these idiots think that is their own attitude towards the mannerisms in which they earn their own cash and that they have always done it that way at the backyards of the industries, as long as it is not about confiscating my Christian personal life followed on from their Politicians imposing their own perspective in life on me with those stupid left and right here and there nonsense and of course when they issue the threats we really do have a problem; its property equity vandalism and I will rip up their own as well; it’s never an emotive issue, the whole process of making people disturbed persons is to open them up and select a different existence for them – so it’s all very well on media but when they issue the threats we have a problem and then they can find it amusing in my life and theirs alike with a big mouth, even their politicians cannot discuss a thing on a different body language, it’s always the life that I should  be living and then we hear them complain as if they don’t know why I do it and that they need to stop following me around. Naturally we all know they cannot stand the idea of Royal me but that simply leads to the old question mentioned above; is it criminal? As ever they speak of the powers of liberal people but this has always been the problem i.e. learning about violence means that Countries will burn in a while because they are so stupid and they think there will be no reaction from me if they are seen around my public work and more so all the time, so they are seen around it and then complain and issue threats and claim not to know why I do it – for some even their parents think their self expression is an abomination and I can understand what they meant too. Like they say what I have said here will affect the way things are happening in Ukraine but of course we all know they also think people are responsible for other peoples actions; hence why we can see they think there are many faces in the Ukraine war whereas there really aren’t that many faces in it i.e. it’s the old question of why people fight and the reason being that they both think they are right and the answer being that they are both right actually i.e. they have put their solutions to a problem and fixed that problem before they both decided to get in each other’s way having ideas, so it’s a matter of who stars first and a process of settling justice, hence the only other face of it being that the Russians must understand that the mistake of encroachment of territorial integrity will not do whether or not all these sectarian sentiments right across eastern Europe needs to have some leadership and direction – it is a problem that should be left to the various National Governments to deal with by themselves and so the Ukrainian Government handled this matter really badly i.e. they can see that dropping barrel bombs in Civilian areas is creating a genocide and whilst they have not yet settled a solution to the problem of sectarianism or indeed applied a solution to one successfully if at all they have had any recently, they are still happy to proceed with creating a genocide anyway – so it makes people wonder how many are professional Politicians these days. As for what happens here in the UK, the great old story is about me being hacked by Tories but I have not been; it’s just that George Osborne and David Cameron are not handing over where they were born and how they grew up and where they are heading to Industries to deploy the bit of the UK that is their own to get rich recently, what they are doing is demanding mine and they need to leave me alone and stop following me around; as a word of advice, maybe the fools can look into their attitude to improve the prospects of their mature businesses, not that I care anyway but each time it happens I will clip them as well and put the results of it on twitter; the primary prognosis like it is with the US President that has a regular need to spend American tax payer funds on fame and fortune idiots because it wants to confiscate something from the Royal Estate and the Company is to prevent the profits from happening but I can always arm it whenever their market equities and more so on a global scale appears as negative as their character has made it and in a simple enough way that every little thing can understand, on social networking media like I do every time they are at it currently, in the case of Mr Osborne and Mr Cameron I am sure I will not need to as frequently as I do Mr Obama. I mean when you know that being a British citizen allows you to take advantage of the facilities to make yourself comfortable, you also know it has to be paid for, so if you make millions, the taxes you pay which runs into millions does not cross your mind at all but how does anybody explain that to a business man with whom they have a business relationship while they think the British cabinet holds a job that has mentioned their names? They always think they can get away by finding some racist to tell them that what drove them to racism is my work and possessions and that they need to get it back but that works for as long as those to whom they do it are not as insane as I am and so the Royal Estate is there and there is public life and public work attached to it and I don’t know if the story of whom it belongs to is really a question around here anyway, worth bearing in mind in case I do their own as well. I mean nobody will ever buy books written by somebody of noble position if others are deploying his space of identity in the Country to make themselves rich no matter how poor they are – so it does not make sense for these goons to think their businesses are the bees knees while they seek to; it’s all in the same family as racism and terrorism and people selling government secretes and MPs complaining about their pay, this is stock market trouble makers and Industry goons and they say the profits of any who allies themselves with me is in trouble and yet I would never know what point exactly they decided they will go off and buy shares in companies so as to gain access to and take advantage of me anyway but I do know they really do think I am stupid and it is not hurting as badly as needed to keep them busy with something else yet – like allies losing things; it’s all the Political system showing its hand in the market system and it has always been the main problem before and after the economic crisis – I am not asking them a question and am really fed up with their involvement with what happens to be effects of me and the lies they tell so they can keep doing it anyway and I understand it is said I am being manipulated so people can get anything they want off me, which is not true because I can always make people leave me alone regardless of integration enforced from highest levels of government without any of the ground work being done by getting into the zones it creates to locate various celebrities at various classes to mop up the fame that their scandals create and then they will end up with real problems too and get to leave me alone but by which time they will be doing so my way and not their own. So that it really reaches a crucible in terms of Russian UK relations, whereby the Americans know they are not a safe place for me as a person and they are not a safe place for my work and they are not a safe place for my possessions but are seen around those things all the time and hence we have a bit of a problem.

It’s usually claimed I have a problem with American power and the good they are doing in the world but in actual fact I don’t; what is true and real is that these fools enjoy causing me pain, it softens me up because they desire my possessions and want to own it and it is an impudence that is immeasurable and has only one response. I don’t think it unusual, it has always been the way industry goons operate i.e. they need to check you out and find out how much money you have and how much time you have, what academic qualifications and therefore mobility at jobs market and what health status and then all of these irrelevant things will be what the manipulate all the time to ensure they soften you and grab your possessions and I am simply out to avenge everything they damage around here to ensure they are spending my time doing that in the first place and now it seems I will be avenging my health as well as we go along. If Americans and their idiots stopped causing me pain and discomfort there is no reason I should be making them uncomfortable as well. They do say I actually don’t know what I am angry at but for instance if I am angry about the insults of stupid black women on media every time talking nonsense about love and how they have some money and a bad day with it and in need of consolation from certain men they can handle with a big mouth of which nobody knows why I am always their prime candidate for their bullying and so on, clearly of which I don’t know what I am angry at and hence they are able to explain what they are complaining about too: here in the UK at the heart of the matter are the Politicians considering the BBC License fee and saying it is becoming more injustifiable - I would not know about it being so anyway, all I know is that the BBC has not been living up to the license fee but having said that, this matter cannot be properly decided by speaking to benefit claiming Television watching hooligans who feel they are hard done by when they pay for watching their television and yes I might be said to pretend I am not one of their victims when I have suffered at their destructive hands on a daily basis for 15 years creating an image for me of global proportions but then again it is a matter of getting the media to prioritse my books over anything else that I might have existed to do about the way society and culture is currently going to make them feel comfortable concerning which they know where my anus and penis is and so on and its not just them, there are the celebrities that need to do things in public addressing and talking through to me and commercialising my public work which the Politicians have funded too and since these things are a function of plans they have to get rich without doing any work we can see why the civil and criminal disobedience around it is to intense and increasingly violent with that big mouth, The Politicians can help me by behaving their Political selves too if they are interested and then we can find out what it is exactly the trouble makers on the media can do when they are done complaining, not least when they complain about it each time they are done with these: it is not done by getting rid of License fees nor is anything I have thus said about it magical or on from the blue.

As for the story of people threatening me; besides the matter of Politicians always making out I don’t know what I am doing while they will want to discuss other peoples license fees when they are asked about their own jobs instead – their own jobs that involve how for instance legislation might be made to outlaw IVF for example because most communities of people don’t know what it is and it makes them uncomfortable, not because it is correct but because it is what the people want, gets to affect another persons license fee when they report news about it. In terms of threatening me, these idiots need to know I have never actually liked them or their stupid girl friends and that need they claim they have to touch me violently all the time – they put the worst of them out for everybody and make us go along with it by distant violence and when I a Christian does not want anything to do with the evils of their culture and society they make media into a monster and pretend others are not aware of how their wickedness works right down to the homosexuals and it all ends up operating around my personal life right up to sleep time because they are using me to make fame and fortune – so there really isn’t anything they can do and when they speak of capability it is always largely a matter of being able to talk demagogues about doing stuff and how your stuff was done and how you can measure doing other peoples stuff the way your own was done which is a form of communication I am unable to carry through but I am sure this process of putting them up to violence and doing it right when they have failed to have communicated my point very clearly to them even though media lets them set out an alternative state of affairs for me; so I have never liked them and there will be a serious problem if they are unable to prioritise my book sales over things I am supposed to do to make them comfortable about how society is progressing: its never really an issue - only twerps seeking easy life and soon they will likely sell that on to any who is interested in their trappings of power to secure their needs by any means (the Politicians do say they have trapped me with them of course which is utter nonsense - I have my own life and what they do with these fools is build up a reputation for me concerning every deviant goon the land looking for easy life and the only to get me involved in that is one as criminal and destructive and ripping up my book sales and company with the use of crowds at government office and then getting me onto benefits so they can sit somewhere to threaten to take it away all the time and so I have made them a deal too and it means each time they appear in public I get to have my share as well and it means they cannot just throw public funds at popular culture fame and fortune idiots and rip up my life and career every single time they want to - so it works and I have no clue what they are talking about: they can involve the industries if they want but those will have to create publicity, will have to set up an operation and will turn up in public to sell products too, otherwise the system works and whether or not they are handling my possessions, it is up to the markets and not to me or them and when they had gained what it is they are looking for they get to go their way and leave me to go mine and hence keep their insults and big mouths to themselves, I understand they say I am in the end worse off anyway but I still wonder how I am able to rummage through their industries and recover property they have taken if those property were not mine in the first place as it were, it should be observed they are quite a collection of self harming bastards anyway who think they want market equities that belong to a company that already exists, it did not hurt badly enough when their problems were a function of the fact it belonged to a company that existed in the head of somebody that was stronger than they were in the first place - these are the problems people create by spending money on pop stars and playing cards right to pile high and sell cheap with other peoples possessions and I am just in a place where I have had enough of bumping into things they have set up around my business concerns and it has never been much more than preventing those profits from happening at a global level and making sure every penny spent on pop stars creates a hole in their pockets they will have to fill but not at my expense and it still comes down to the same old issue i.e.I am asking them to prioritise my book sales over things I am supposed to do to make them feel comfortable about the society they live in otherwise to avoid problems they can cease being seen anywhere near the Books). They do inquire what the benefit will be when I get away with selling these Books that cause untold damage to them and their Politics and way of life but of course the benefit to them is the damage to their culture and society which is a worthy result for creating the Christian that has sex in his head 24/7 by financial bullying that has created a literary empire in which the market sales has ended up somewhere else which they first found amusing but now find serious enough to protect with violence because there is money involved and its the same with the Christian that is never allowed to have his mind to him self and so on because he is according to them being bullied - after all their pop stars have made millions from that and One needs to make those millions as well so that we might be even, lest Christians fail to prevent things that happen to them from happening to others and so become just another number in a cruel and evil world of idiots and men.