So there is this talk that I am not an emotional person and am completely unable to feel a sense of care for others, reality of which is more a case of a collection of people whose involvement with anything means that others cannot be paid attention to, their involvement with me means I am unable to care about other people – time wasters you see and we are now at a season for getting rid of them. We see every time that the blacks want to get involved with me and factorise me by my anus all the time because it is likely to make me pay attention to their needs but the insulting comments they make after especially when they want to feel like real girls was never in their view the reasons they are seen complaining about me as the process of addressing me in the first place is usually called for all together. We are heading towards a point now where they will lose the jobs for addressing me and I think that making this happen will be the beginning of an end to the problem, since it is obvious its about abusive and violent practical jokes that are safe for them to practice and because it is channelled at Royalty brings about such great benefits for wickedness and must not be stopped at all cost, when we try to explain and understand the nature of evil all together, garnished with boys from the neighbourhoods beating me up if their plans for how I should be used is disrupted. So I dropped out of University in 2008, writing this blog in 2018 and they have not gotten the gist with strange cultures where they do not have trouble with strangers fingering their bums because they have a culture where they wallow in the mud and have sex at random as a community and here in the UK all black people are the same thus their abuses are well hidden; comments like to me they say thank you but no thank you for example and what will happen before it stops will need to go beyond barging into their alternative lifestyle pleasures, to say the same thing or check up on my Books and ensure they feel me as well if there has been any damage. The fall out is of course that I am having to push forward my agenda, the agenda where after 15 years of Reality Television shows involving their Keeping up with the Kardashians here and housewives of rich neighbourhoods there, have left what happens with Fashion Models who appear on Television advertisement over equity brokered with this Estate lies almost ruined and I have been left only with the bottom hurting bits of the work I do here to settle hospitality and so especially for the Americans and Eastern Europeans, I am now ready to start using their own until people can hear them complain as well, with all those terrorists they have got running around City centres. So we have this story of the Customs Union with the EU to run by and its never clear why it has become such a difficult matter for the Politicians anyway, I have to settle what I need to when European Companies have Brokered Equities with my Estate and its serious enough to develop into vault assets for the firms and their Political leaders expect to keep the relationship going and are not certain that Brexit would mean that they can which is why I keep all my operations on the Internet anyway, while the Conservatives had decided the fat Cats and City Centre trouble makers should decide the terms of Brexit because they are the ones that get into the envoy that goes overseas to sign trade deals and the Labour Party have the type that has business it is not working on to look over the shoulders of poor people and keep weapons at the backyard awaiting the day of revolution, so you can say the Labour party stupidities goes right to the top end of leadership while the Conservative one can be blamed on something specific but at the end of the day it seems we are getting punished by the plans they have devised for the customs Union because they are the ones coming off worse off in the matter. They were in a cultural Union with the European Community but it is impossible for them to simply decide that they want to get out of the customs Union and to take advantage of the fact that if the EU wanted to deny them trade access, it would look bad in the eyes of the world, besides which they had a lot of work to do to settle new trade deals with the EU Countries they were allied to and since having an arrangement with the customs Union would have allowed them to kill it all with one bullet so to speak, it has not since become something too important for city centre goons and fat cats to decide for the Prime Minister. Then they get off telling me of things I would not say where it really mattered, while the reality is as I have mentioned, what I would not say where it really mattered when they are insultingly yapping off thanks I will take it from here and that is more like it over everything I do to sell my Books, so that my equities work anyway but I loose all the money for their stupidities, in order to ensure they are making the government settle up on public policy that is not going to cost them money; all low lives with sales armies that makes them some millions who later compare themselves to my Royal self as annoying as possible, blabbing which ones I would not say where it mattered – the recession for instance took hold of the entire world over 10 years ago and the government has not been able to decide on an economic policy that means no matter which Political party people belonged to, the state of their business and financial matters was never exposed when they did not want it to be, an economic Policy we can say defines our position as a Country on account it will costs some city centre goons and fat cats some millions – for their part it is more of an issue of the fact that the recession was a statement from the global economy on their incompetence but even after that we still find them set out all these stupid parameters that lure people out of a condition where not everybody in the boardrooms will be friends of theirs and so they have to accept some of them will be friends of mine and those friends will be involved with politics and fundamental issues as well, to a business where people sign contracts and find years later that others have something to black mail them with and make more money doing so – I really, really, really hate it and they can see it does not let me breathe and so we are aware they have not been able to do anything about the bad smell as far back as we remember so far; I can say what I want to wherever I want and such nonsense can only continue until the point at which I said it cost them the jobs that got to their heads in the first place – I mean another example is their hate for women anyway, when mostly they know nothing about women all together and therefore know nothing of what they hate as such but that is usually an example of where they get it i.e. everything I say and do is quickly followed by a more like it insults that if I resist is then continued with media setting me up for feeding frenzy while people get involved with my concerns to give me pain. No economic Policy hurts anybody that is not building parameters for hurting people and claiming it is a business and if they were running proper businesses, they would not need to show up in committees of Brexit and the Cabinet to look after their stupid interests in the first place but then again I suppose we consistently have to deal with Prime Minister that invite them and dig a hole for the government then tell us decisions were out of their hands and suppose we are to accept their explanations will suffice every time, Prime Ministers who love to be controlled by nonentities who have sale army and have made money that lets them compare themselves to royalty to make more of it like we see them jump on my public image for all the time and as for the Media, the fun bit was when they built up my public image so they might ascribe it to others, the not so fun bit is that they can continued to levy excuses and insults at me when I tell me them and the media divorce will now give me a share of the publicity stake in their Industry thereby paying the bills. They do say I am very wasteful and it makes me wonder like that case of the Politicians talking about people who go with them to sign trade deals and are always pushing up a more like it insults at me on Media along with a sickening blame culture that churns my tummy, wonder if it gets people buying Books when the writer keeps his information secret, wonder whether the use of my property without payment is something they want to do or something that happens because I do not keep information to myself. Their Politicians have the excuses but we know they get by past my backyard as I equally get by past their own as well and that the excuses for those government Office incompetence built up to hurt people with is equally as stupid. They always say I am broke and do not have any real power and I suppose it does not matter anyway since we are now talking about my Books and not a different subject matter over it, even when we are talking about their involvement and vandalism that means a Christian deals with enough financial complications to set off the sense he thinks their cars are more important than God, hence the start of their problems too. I mean what happens most of the time looks like a process where somebody has put up a massive billboard in the city and wants to know I can do his intellectual property administration for him and they show up in suits to stifle my income claiming I would have been successful if I kept secret what I knew – it is a practical joke linked to personality cultures and its competitions, especially the one about whether or not I am the best man aesthetically and so on, so we have reached the stage where they take a look at their salaries and incomes and savings and therefore decide that perhaps I will have them get off my Books and take a look at it the day I solved all of their life's problems i.e. whatever we are talking about now means that we are talking about my Book instead of other distractions and that should have explained something to them about their behaviour; they always say its my friends and allies that want me keeping secrets but its nothing unusual to hear Celebrities say its better to take what you know to the grave than to let others have it especially if it is in their interest to decide how you behave on certain occasions.