Today the story is about Europe and how I and others like me basically prioritise personal gain over National sovereignty and yet I have made my position quite clear i.e. that it is always better for more than one Country to speak up in support for the fact that exploitation has its own Natural limit and that such a limit should be protected by Law, so that human beings can exist in the correct way – otherwise a celebrity who takes advantage of people will reach a stage where they spend 6 out of 7 days in a week seeing the world to get rich and yet on the 7th make out their break is not worth having if they are not abusing their victims in the process which is how concentration camps begin.

In my case they always say that I speak a lot but have no money which is where they trump and silence me but it is utter nonsense as what happens is the kind of leadership the media wants to provide in local communities meaning when you get out of home to attend a small job by the way side, the need to secure success that is respectful to the men leads to leadership that squanders your property at home and any fool who thinks he befits your public life better can walk by you on the street and do it and then the entire day will be like that and you will feel as though you are paying for the air you breathe all together. So it’s a matter of time before they realise I am far more prepared than they think I am, to handle their insulting money and extricate a condition where they tend to practice it where peoples appreciate it more.

So that it all comes down to the Media where people take pictures of models on my public life and the phenomenon that is my Books daily and splash all over the shops through magazines, killing off my business for the day without reason or purpose and showing thereof they are so stupid, they think a consequence for their behaviour could not possibly have existed in the real world and it is the same as burglars; do nothing and you will be robbed daily, a little effort and they all run away. We are not talking about radio and television ones yet, those usually determine how much your bottom hurts over the fact every scum with a car on the streets wants to make you look after Women the way he likes it while he spend your income and public life on his stupid self and as usual they are all convinced there is no known consequence for it too.

Then we hear them claim I make out that people steal from me when such a claim is far from the truth; which is actually not true – what they do is set up celebrity culture and a need to get rich with it beside everything I do and for each time that pays off financially they set off to rip up my income and my literary work and any other property because they cannot exist if they made money at my expense and it did not involve a history that suggested the money came when they took advantage of me and whilst I must stop it and put an end to it, I must also acknowledge that it is all developing towards a stage where that ending will come through in an ugly way. In their defence they speak of my selfishness and it is the same talk of selfishness by these cultural fathers that meant they had to solicit Politicians to help them rip up my finances and academic work until my spirit Christian was dominated first and they are still doing it to this day, checking me up on a regular basis to find out if I am vulnerable to career piracy which will make my success respectful of them.

The selfishness in context therefore is one about ripping up my academic work and finances in order to show up in Public and call crowds on me to demand my body when they are cracked. On and on and on it goes laced with a need to stalk me and follow me around to pervert every job I do into something which means I am not vulnerable to what they are vulnerable to because of my body type which I must share and the Books I write are insulting but they are still doing it and checking me up for career vulnerability to ensure my successes are respectful of them because they think they and not I should be in charge and here is all that sense they display public with it, of another sterling performance from me which Politicians are poised to gain from the most but of course the reality whereas is that it is all Tony Blair’s Legacy; the number of times it is said to be a bad thing to do if you handle them as well and the number of time a body type as they call it, is something they want to do horrible things do as a fantasy that gets more and more real with a big mouth leading to outcomes whereby you want to fight for them, that feeds into stupid evil Jezebel characters feeling when they don’t get what they want off you then its crime and prison or gangs and death for you, those with a big mouthed freedom as well - clinging to it all day long like I am hinged to them or something like that with respect to being the moral and religious person that will never do violence or water-down his faith to please their democracy and stupid freedom until the violence overtakes him.