The media threats have never been an emotive issue as such; they always say it’s a matter of what will go horribly wrong for me if I crossed their path without reason or purpose, if we were to eliminate the stupidities they wish to exhibit to secure more attention and ratings that is. So it goes without saying that their one is constantly being kept in a fantasy situation by me which facilitates talking lest we start drawing blood from each other for various reasons and those big mouth need watch the insults as it is becoming more of a matter of what they suppose they can use my time for.

I cannot make out why anybody would think that they want to make every occasion in which I got into a fine clothes and travelled off to see somebody important to visit some place important or just attend a job interview their main concern like this anyway – I cannot understand why anybody would get off and establish a connection between making me unhappy and a process of securing their own narcissistic happiness by which products are sold and riches at made at Industry anyway, since there is no empirical connection between the two and we all know it’s a matter of relying on me to do nothing about vandalism performed here instead and it does seem that when I talk about it in such ways the fun is over already – it goes without saying I do not live in their lives and do not write my Books, this nonsense needs to stop as none wants to go anywhere smelling like their loo while others get to determine where he might show up because they want to be him as it were, threatening me will secure them a response without a shadow of a doubt as it were.

The industry ones will be the ones that cannot keep the hands off my body all of the time so to speak and not long after, it’s the world of men coming up with ideas about what I ought to abandon a career and spend time doing while it secures more ways to make its stupid selves look important and tell me if I described its idiocy as stupid it would get me into a difficult situation, giving money to every twerp that wants to sell products by performing an act of narcissism on me and now they are telling me that its my fault that they are broke all together, while these idiots have gotten from bad to worse which is good but if I got the whiff they want to grab markets here and own every money in the world to keep this nonsense going, I am going to teach them a lesson they will never forget too – goes without saying we are not very far away from a fight with the Media now.

They do claim it’s the responsibilities I have which by the way they do not recognise and their stupidities is set to get rid of me or secure themselves something better affects them – what really happens being that the trouble makers at culture and society with their criminal behaviour are supposed to show up here and play around with the sweet parts of my Office, then when told to deal with difficult parts get involved with Military and security services to do my courage and valour, meant to return if they return and spend time being famous where their local councils are located since Politicians do like that sort of thing but what we now have is that half the people who want to do these behaviour now work on Media while the other half that does not want to do it are the ones who want to bully me into doing something about them; so it should be the pinnacle of Media power first of all and has shown they have eventually outdone themselves in the business of never keeping their stupid selves out of other people’s concerns – threatening me as well will certainly get a response and we are progressing towards the type that none will be available to distract me from as well – goes without saying that thing they chase with Publicity everyday no permission given as it were, is not their Public image and I cannot stress enough that they do need keep their media jobs out of the Publicity I have built for my Books as well.

They speak of being able to manipulate me but its an old story of never minding their business and it will run off this nonsense over a sustained period of time of how I am close to a job or an interview or a Book sale contract and then later run off another about how I had lost it because of my most recent unconnected behaviour until it becomes something they can wreck my finances with a self-fulfilling civil rights practical joke on my career – then we find them complain about the reasons they deserve to put up these behaviour while we know the reasons are such things as when I had decided to allow them run it off to a stage where they had run out of lies or somebody is a House Wife and has to deal with how hurting her makes people happy and that happiness sells products which is incredibly stupid, so invents own stupidities and sets out she does it because she is right all the time. I have tried to put these across in terms of the technical facts but the fun processes of insulting and threatening me have not taken it on board as stupidly as possible i.e. they take clothes off on my Public image which helps make stupid people rich selling products and it adds up to something I don’t like but want anyway for the profitable vandalism – likewise they hate my Books but want it anyway, except they are convinced of their right to handle it, why they think they should be threatening me or determine what is to happen whenever I step outside of my door, none will ever explain. What I do know is that it is possible I am bluffing when that nonsense about managers and CEOs are Industrial canopies of narcissism who spend money of villainous self-harming twerps with a need for Publicity, show up here to grab market and income margins, which will take the fight with media to a level where all will be done here to show them something they have never seen before. They do say they can predict everything I think about or get up to and it’s a typical example of what I am talking about; since this is a matter of culture and society idiots who need to know what I know lest I pay the price for their stupidities on account of freedom and democracy all of the time, setting out my whole life is now in the hands of media and celebrity by which their stupidities may claim none knows who I am, get to predict and upstage and find out their insolence is unable to keep its stupid hands to itself – does need to stop threatening me, a measure of how completely pointless and unnecessary it all is.

They claim I am a small man who talks big as annoyingly as possible and likewise are they criminals who wee on my doorstep everyday and paint a picture of characters I really have incredible difficulty keeping my hands away from. The other story we hear is that I appear to be the one running the Country these days and it’s easier to put up such nonsense than to stop running off their media career on Publicity I have built for the Books on seeing how angry it has made me tolerating it for five years while I deal with financial complications and allow them sensations of privilege that make me feel uncomfortable to a stage where they think I might just as well give it up with a big mouth – I mean the three Arms of Government being the Legislature and the Executive and the Judiciary of which HM leads the executive and therefore the entire Government does not appeal at all, which is exactly how they show up at University with popularity idiots alongside fools they picked up from overseas because they are very important to chase my bum and churn my tummy until I dropped out of University – goes without saying the next time they see me attend one and follow me around like they did before again, I shall do all I can to ensure they found the trouble they sought too. Apparently saying it this way only means they find another route to continue by and its all in good time as it were – their inability to stop running off the media jobs on my Books issuing those stupid threats while we know they cannot do a day’s job without makeup and are complaining about the same consequences for the same behaviour all of the time while they are at it, we are making progress on the matter. I mean its important to mention their many views of me have never really been able to change the fact this was all about the years they have spent around my concerns, telling tales of religion being the cause of the problems of the world and how I make up what I believe, now they think its all in a disposition where people can do whatever they liked with my person and whatever I was thinking, while for me, in the same way they will chose my friends because they are male colleagues who cannot keep the mouth shut about women who are financially comfortable being the next best thing to Priests, except their case is better because you can have sex with them, which encourages domestic violence, it is still the Children of Perdition, showing up here to get me losing everything associated with what I have achieved by deploying it to attack those that have offended them and will destroy everything here on such an excuse while their master the devil laughs his head off in Hell so to speak. They make mention of Celebrities I get along with but those were just peers cheers thing that some people did about which they placed us in an environment to find out what we will do with the world – having seen what inactivity on my part can leave them with I had decided to just provide for that aspects of my life, it does not mean we are friends as such since Celebrity culture would mean I end up in obscurity and when enough of a mess was made of my life, the disposition by which show business is created will have emerged for their livelihood to exist. This is about these fools getting me to take out their trash and this is my trash as well that they need to take out but since its not the main thing for me, I must put out these questions first. They do claim I want to tag along with the crowd to which I do not belong but at the end of the day this is incredibly annoying because it does not make any sense if they were the ones that pillaged the academic work in the first place; we know they think Crime and Punishment is a matter of acceptance and that only those who have not accepted them will be willing to carry out the Punishment, so its never really clear a group of goons who told us all they knew there were culture and society evils and had decided to behave differently think I will find so accepting and acceptable about their daily wickedness. They do claim that my Books affect them of course but they were the patent breach champions the last time we checked; the ones that can show up on peoples livelihoods and spend time making a mess of it until their minds were infused with the good parts, then walk away with what they had found – its another measure of how completely unnecessary their targeting me actually is, since putting up with this nonsense and the fact each time they stop, the means to say I provided a service and did it to a point where some people read my Books and I could decide what the service was on the basis of their needs is what disappears with them, as stupidly as possible.

The other part of their excuse being that this is an indication of my inability to get along with Europeans but I have no idea while we know some Brexit twerps are also spending time with that nonsense they had created about me not selling any Books until I got into a fight with culture and society trouble makers which if I don’t they will do it and grab all I own thing. The reality is largely how much of their stupidities and interference I have had to tolerate, besides which I never wanted Brexit since the worlds most insolent Politicians who live in Europe likely talk too much and their junkies getting rich at Industry and churning peoples tummy because they want to trap and marry Celebrities as a means to getting rich can allow me get on with Royal work if the tools and measures are right as well, especially for the Fashion goons whose activities are based on getting people to wear the sorts of clothes that help them foster a business of seeking adulation from random Crowds – so after Brexit we have ended up with a case of them spending all or most of their money on Celebrities which is largely my fault – feeds into that story I present myself as a great Royal with a renaissance to play with while reality is that I am only looking after those who are interested in me while they spend their time chasing my finances as stupidly as possible and yet for those who like to put up the threatening behaviour, it was always clear how somebody will likely shoot them one day over the business of making a mess of the self-provided security an Arch Prince brokers with people from his Royal Office and each time they are given a slightest lea way look like we have ended up with AL Capone Characters. They do claim it means I want to do security work which is utter nonsense as the test will be a matter of how they get to decide that I am not entitled to a livelihood and to get into a relationship with somebody else, of which the crucible will be an outcome in which it gets more and more real about how they will stop running off that foolish Media career on Publicity I have built for my concerns – like a show of how stupid human beings can be or a suggestion that human beings are actually this stupid; as for the security work itself, that would be an old story about having run down their own until they picked up the security work and now that they hate my guts for doing so, will deploy it to attack me, then do my bidding until the mess made of my academic work and state provided security was resolved.

In the end I am also told of how much my activities make it difficult to control Crime and even Criminals in the Law enforcement system i.e. Criminal in Prison – I couldn’t understand why the idea my activity made it worse was more plausible than psychopaths who cannot take it themselves on Media going off to befriend criminals in prison and showing up to threaten, abuse, grab fame and income margins all day long with their stupid media perceived to be doing less anyway. The reality of the matter is that due to my activities, it has now become obvious to people that racism is not the right thing to do i.e. racism is what I did with my past but there are things which have happened in society since which show that it is not the right thing to do – while these goons were the ones that told us they understood the gravity of these social and cultural evils and were intelligent enough to behave differently. They have always suggested that its me passing up a history of slavery and slave trade while reality is more a matter of the fact that people are usually punished by the State for racism and while they are spending time inventing all that nonsense that will help them get away with it, wasn’t it time that the ethnic minorities stopped picking on a white people as well? Besides I appear to have done a lot to show I have passed up slavery and slave trade like it never happened by making sure they could build those stupid popular culture industry pipelines and run it from the US to Japan across this Hermitage without problems. The other side of the story being stupid women having a go at me all the time due to my size not being compatible with the kinds of trouble I seek, as stupidly as possible but its an old story about what will drive them up to make out I am a Child which is usually due to what I have been told is a selective memory I have, after being dragged out of University to sit about reacting to their stupidities due to the fact I have not had sexual experience and then will I get off on an angle over their case and that of those men they threaten me with and want to see them get right to the bottom of those activities as well. I could never understand why women think the business of surrounding themselves with men that are bigger than I am is a license for passing profitable insults at me all together anyway but we all know I have a history of being hated at this stage, since the point at which Government spent tax payer funds on them to help them out with their financial problems was not the stage at which they were in need of money and self confidence tackling me for it like that all the time and in like manner am I good at finding them back breaking work that will pay them nothing too – it’s the same way Hollywood says that criminals buy more films than I do whenever they think that I am about to give up a Royal Commission Literary Empire to their insanity as well and then the lies about who is responsible along with the power of money gimmick will run uncontrollably thereafter, such that I am asked why it targets me all the time of which the reasons are that they have now taken up roles at the security services and hate my guts because they have, yet the behaviour continues of making stupid people rich on the Royal Public image they could afford, making sure nothing works as nature intended and that we all smelled. Whereby I do get told it would be nice if I got a break from it, which I do not need, as I can get in and out of it any time I wish; these guys are so stupid that somebody will go off to Africa to trade for instance and will have an unsavoury experience with some Africans, what they then do is return to the UK and this experience must have occurred some 30 years ago but have they been waiting all that time for a black person that understands, whose life they will wreck and show up at the other end of the Tunnel suckled and renewed – I mean they have never once given an explanation for their actions while claiming I am responsible, reality of which is that my frustration is that they have suggested they acknowledge the existence of social and cultural evils that should not exist but we are having to deal with the evils they have invented, lies told on media to decide what perception conditions the Public into believing their version of the story as well, such that if they wish to ensure these frustrations of mine as not taken into account by making the fact I am an Arch Prince and they are not important less relevant, the results we have is that they do this to ensure everybody else has more problems than usual while they have more convenience than they need, looking like business men that the USA supports too but these are the results, what is now most important is the business of securing an explanation from them for the behaviour, in much the same way those who get involved with me but not for my Books need to provide one, no idea what these are always complaining about when they are so good at needlessly contributing to problems like we see them do anyway and let’s not forget those who disturb with the whole working of the incredible Dog play that all the rest operate by, they are in control of my last straw situations so to speak with a big mouth.

I like to say I am looking forward to a time when this place will be quiet enough for people to simply read Books. The mockery here will be that I have not yet found a way out of the mess I got myself into which is utter nonsense – nobody knows why their grandparents want to play stupid hurtful practical jokes on me all day long anyway, especially on State provided security being given me and how they think important people do not look like me, at the same time which the children run around making a mess of my writing career to attack me for getting it fixed as it annoys them due to how writers do not look like me, I am just an attention seeker who wants people to affirm that I am important, as stupidly as possible and they have been doing this the last 12 years, wrecked the academic work and finances and have not stopped, so this was before they started picking up jobs at the security services – the other side being the Celebrities, where nobody knows why although ethnic minority women make popular culture music as well, the ones white girls make is about blaming me and getting on my Public image to get their stupid heads around the business of telling me what to do. So, I am stuck with these matters as they have put it because I have Books to get off the shelves and the Books are tied to Royal work. I do get told I push too hard sometimes and it can be a problem but I don’t; we all know how Celebrity works, we know its about people getting large populations of people to be happy people and we know a case of putting up some huge apparatus by which to manufacture people into fame for the lifestyle does not work in terms of Celebrity activity itself but that said, we need the money that such individuals have, never the less we need it in the right places and I need my space.