(Please excuse my language on some occasion – it would have been inconclusive and disingenuous that while my Books are so  rudimentary to speak in another form and term bearing in mind what Civil rights based, organised and petty criminalities become when their main support systems have been taken away from them.)

They do claim that in my heart I want to be a Communist and it is utter rubbish - Capitalism is unsustainable unless market is protected and those that have tried to protect market have found themselves doing so on the basis of a demand and supply trajectory associated with protecting the market which achieved nothing. So people had to do their best to ensure that market worked freely and naturally - I have helped them stop as best I can by making it clear it is my Book I write and sell here, they have no rights in this place that I had not sanctioned.

They do claim I have fallen out of favour at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense. Its like there was one country for everybody and another for narcissistic careers at the security services, created for the male population, its stupidities had always been supported by the King who is really the cause of all my finances problems from the first day, so we are now in a place where it would be dangerous to make my career available to HM whilst he wants to run the Country differently, these fools are now about to develop for themselves a disposition which meant that attacking them would prevent such a problem. They do speak of root causes naturally and in this case it was its need to make a mess of other peoples careers for its personality issues; so at some stage I got to decide that its engagement with organised crime businesses should not get to mean that others were unable to attend school and then it grew so big that entertainment was made for it, the entertainment caused it mental illness, it became afraid of ending up in prison, the mental illness and fear of it caused it to stay out of other peoples concerns, until the famous who were entitled to pass the insults at me, put itself in charge of my public concerns that its stupidities know nothing about because they were important, had another idea.

They do claim I am in league with Communists naturally, I could never tell anyway, as it is more a matter of some perverted need to control my finances and order my steps and I appear to be up for the insults whilst they were indefatigable for it - screwed in the head and the illness causes them to entertain a view of other people which made people less than animals where they were. It’s the lip flapping endlessly when it is not suggesting that people who get killed over discrimination matters in the USA was not directly linked to its spiritual wickedness and was more a matter of what I possessed and my political views, now it is not anymore, it had already progressed from suggesting I never do anything dangerous over civil rights whilst they bore all the risks, to a point where the trouble makers no longer think the mental illness and fear of prisons associated with being caught up with me, was enough of a deterrence, the famous stupidities have not yet figured out what they would like to do with the problem, they simply know their bottom hurts and they needed to find the location of my Books because it was something I cared about.

They do claim I talked and talked because there was nothing I could do about it; the list is that when a famous fool claims my career publicity was part of their agenda, so when they get paid I did not, it would be nice if an idiot who considered themselves a fan did not get off suggesting it meant collecting autographs by passing about a sense that my career had been stolen. It is not being paid to devise and run off short insolent videos that it claims was the way advertisement should be made and needed to shut it down if it was being forced to complain to politicians about its feelings every so often. Its famous fools needed to stop running off gimmicks that raised awareness of my career in a situation where they were getting paid for theirs, leaving me on Universal Credit, if they wish others to consider their stupidities as a sign that they were important persons and of course try to avoid getting their idiots who cannot keep imagination out of peoples panties, calling me names and putting the labels on, it suggest they themselves were incredibly important. These are very easy to resolve without consulting them and one has to think about ones conscience when it seems that getting redress operated in a situation where I could cause a lot of suffering with minimal effort be it or not that the purpose was to secure my needs and pay my way in the world. The backdrop is that I am never happy and it was a concern for others but I am, the problem as I have listed here is that these idiots enjoyed picking up my concerns for other purposes, which makes me miserable because there was a lot of violence and a lot of work but my whole life had stopped - hence it has gone from a version which ensured I never smelled good, to a version that involved my career publicity directly, it is not therefore so difficult for them to shut it all down, if they were complaining. Always suggesting that I loved to boast but people violate me all the time which is utter nonsense - it creates such nonsense when it needed to, besides which it was the idea invented by its famous fools to do something which ensured the public work did not mean anything no matter what I did with it around here, since we are human beings, the violation is meant to have been possible via the actions of some stupid individuals that were aware their unusual interest in my person made me feel burned out, such that because we are adults and have spent time achieving our aims by worrying about it, this was the way to make possible the manner in which people could see me without my clothes on - the famous always face this problem and always solve it by ripping other peoples careers to get people stuck with it, the point of this is that yet again it had something in mind that it wanted and I needed it to stop stifling my Royal Bookshop. The most potent sensibility behind most of these was clearly that there were stooges in Government buildings who thought they were in control – what we know is that they were complaining about the sense I always got what I wanted, over the assumption I will ever stop attacking them if I had done work to assist Politicians doing government work at Industrial red tape matters, because they never could get enough of seeing me work, as disrespectfully and stupidly as possible, even though I am aware just as much as I solve the problem to stir the excitement, that the idiots who attack others to get famous fools sharing fame with them, were the real problem. I also need these gits who attack people to get Celebrities sharing wealth, to become an agenda and it is been 6 years since Celebrities thought cutting them off access to my person and concerns for ripping my crime control publicity to cheapen organised crime products, required a need to ensure I was seen as a low life that people attacked and put the labels on, so this therefore was something I picked up for a reckoning too. It destroys lives everyday and although it attacks the Police work where people got to make deals with the system to solve greater crimes, for example, it has never beaten a gang member once in its stupid life, needs to stop drowning me in insults and show up here to read book if it has been marrying the wife I should have married at the Monarchy, claiming therefore that it was all a product of what my ex did instead of an understanding that it had a lot of problems to solve which its stupidities created, fought the communists on my behalf but cannot cover its backside.

They do claim I have been proven to have failed the test of courage, which does not make any sense coming from a bunch of idiots who have only shown me in 15 years of hell, how I could be degraded to a point where I was able to put to words, the fact their lives were a moral sewer, never mind that it had since gained access to and handled hospitality that was reserved for public leadership and thereby eliminated its reputation as a loser. I mean it is not that difficult for people to shut down a publicity that raises awareness for my career whilst they got paid for their own which kills off the finances and finance sources at my Trust, instead we end up in a situation where my bottom hurts and my penis hurts, so it was all my fault, like morality was a person it took a dump and they were the result, so they believed they were better than others, had a big ego and loved to roll insults at me. I put it down to doxy society and then it gets its hand on my career publicity as well, its stupidity, considering which we are never more than yards away from instances where it was doing stupid things with peoples lives on account it was making its own money, was famous, not looking for trouble. I do not understand in the slightest, why they are so convinced that they were better than other people but I am done dealing with illness associated with it. Always better than everybody else but as far back as I can remember, always filthy and disgusting, about which with respect to my concerns we have now arrived at a stage where there had to be a way it was possible to profitably pick up their lives without their consent and use it as a tool for selling products, such that people got rich, famous and important doing so, the cowardice of it. Hence it is likely to cling to my finances until it learns its doxy society place all over again, painfully, since I am aware I have abandoned my personal and social life to spend most of my time on it because it distracts me from everything, now just determined to make the most of time spent on it as well. I am as such admonished to the fact people really wanted to see me suffer and die but I have always been aware of this, it is the other gits who stop me when the idiots built a reputation for mixing up personality and social mess for fun, fingering bums and pulling penises in public, so others could not attend daily concerns because they never smelled good, I get stopped because they had died, so I am stopped like so as if it was my responsibility to keep such a reputation a secret, so that the scumbags might stay alive to bang walls and doors on my Royal head, to create atmospheres that will help them get rich fast, stopped even when we arrived at a stage where it was no longer in the interest of the local authority for me to be stopped. They do claim none was stopping me but I never said any was, we are still reeling from the eternal entitled vengeance that was a product of me doing private security work on its insolent comfort zone for getting its imagination into my panties endlessly over a three year period, next time I stand up for myself again, it will be the finale as it were.


Welcome to my Office – mainly for Royal State Business but also Property deployed to facilitate the Estate Celebrity Court is Administrated here to facilitate necessary Royal Civil rights Admin. I have done it this was not just because there are some who enjoy taking property and job roles out of my Estate using Popularity Publicity which is really designed for profitable laziness. The newer versions of these behaviour have been born not only of evil and persecution of moral people but also of a process of setting out demonisation of those considered most worthy of work so as to ensure a means of escape regarding work place leadership quip is possible or as they put it, those who have the body type to withstand work place bullying which may also be handed in as tool for extremism when such a time had arrived.

(Please excuse my language on some occasion – it would have been inconclusive and disingenuous that while I am involved in controlling the abusive activities of the Famous and my Books are so rudimentary to speak in another form and term bearing in mind what Civil rights based, organised and petty criminalities become when their main support systems have been taken away from them.)

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.






The most important conversation had since become the various ways of putting out information, that I am a troublemaker making a mess in Europe. Reality on the other hand was more a matter of white lies I tell on their behalf being what they were doing and not since they got me dropping out of University a 15-year daily business of picking up my career, especially at the breaking point, to put my feelings to social issues practical jokes, which I am now set to put a stop to very badly indeed. They do boast about having made money from it anyway, same as people are usually surprised that I am not beaten down by the gimmicks – they were always going to make money from it because there were industry idiots who knew how to blame others for the fact their stupidities never stopped paying for such nonsense at somebody else’s expense, never mind insolence and narcissism being directed towards my diet, from here however, I am unlikely to get beaten down by it as their behaviour was a given, to show up here little prick and ensure every direction I turned picked up from those insults that gathered up Client interests to build a version of me they would feel more comfortable with via my service processes and hang about making sure every direction I turned, every little thing I did with my career, produced outcomes where little prick helped some famous idiots make more money and shoot off their big mouth at me while clinging to my public image as though they were my parents, crashing my Bookshop in the process. Usually the Police puts a stop to it, the mystery of Police brutality thing, where it loved to play about with secret services work and builds up to a point where a criminal was so dangerous that a Police Officer’s life would be put at risk for trying to bring him in, so they got off on the job putting their lives at risk for industry gimmicks as well, ending up either with Police brutality or Police officers pushing them into a corner where the racists got to do the beating instead. The stress and life expectancy issues then going beyond the financial damage and the community and society insults, into something of their stupid Politicians with a need to fool around a narcissism, with the career secrets kept by those they targeted to improve matters on their publicly displayed failures. The change is that the gits who continued to buy anything that was displayed for sale on the premise of these gimmicks have been paying them to get them off our hands, so we can spend the time on more important matters, having therefore ended up also with th kinds of customers, clients and investors that they literarily have always dreamed of.


They have recently observed a claim they had begun plan to progress the running me down everyday business into actual violence that will ensure people can take what they want from me and to blame me for personal problems. I wouldn’t know anyway, I know it is prepared alright but at the same time it is likely their stupidities were bluffing and I am not, as I seem to have developed a need to tidy up the streets and use their personal lives to get it done, lest it developed into an abusive process of reading my star signs, saying I am weakest and kindest and building communities to finger my bum and gang up on me which then become very violent indeed. The business of tidying up the streets and using their personal lives to do it, will allow me to explore the way that idiots get imagination up my bum and open their own all over the place to gather up quasi criminals that will do their bidding, leading up to the big mouth being shot off at me in such a manner. The Politicians have raised the questions about the reasons they end up like this and it is nothing unusual, still the same process where the immoral society is always seen doing something to ensure only they were entitled to public security, it will then get off to involve itself with a degree of trouble that even the Police cannot get it out of and show up making trouble for everybody including the government of the day, now targeting me all the time and reaching a point where it cannot stop lip flapping when it had not gone badly wrong. They do claim I exceed myself at Monarchic matters naturally which is utter rubbish – what happens is that when I am working on something insignificant I get little attention but when it becomes something useful which it should if it were successful, all hell broke lose, so I needed to manage my time and they were now full of it; the big one is the way I ran my finances on a low key to sort out a crucial issue with my career which they played up with to get me dropping out of University and they spent the time from the beginning of the project to the end of it, building me a reputation as a low life and a bum on the streets, now I cannot move on to something else having completed it and the very process of seeing me pursue any part of my career with a sense of urgency, was a prerequisite for more career destruction and more abusive history that their stupid communities can be a part of to make money, all brushed under the carpet when it complains, to arrive at the point of shooting off its big mouth because it believed it had become a threat, hence the cease handing me warning bits is the one that never worked and it may show up here to find out what I will do with its stupidities as well, like we know we have never seen an instance where it is not the stupidities that were mainly responsible for the shooting and the stabbing that we had to endlessly feel sorry for. This is really the result of the gold digging gimmicks from the Harry and Meghan side, meeting up with the Beatrice and Mozzi side, their new and more abusive interest in me, especially the corrupt security bits where it watches me all the time and claims I am a bum with a community that will make me one, then to continue watching me, had to live with it and cannot therefore keep its imagination off my anus and my chest, was the big one. The threats are all good and it loves to blab about the way I did not have a chance naturally, from here I had all the chances in the world, since we know it is either an activity that picked up my concerns to make more money than I could have, therefore in the circumstances, such activities were prioritised because they paid the government more taxes than I could have with my resources or it picks up my concerns as a tool to navigate public matters when trying to seek out investments in emerging markets, both which we know the fucking idiots are not engaged with as they were more interested in picking up work I did to support the Armed services, to sell to Americans. Then it will say that I would gladly live in a any condition because I am a coward, looking like it would soon conduct a coup and the size of bullet used to take it out would be impressive, considering it had to be done quickly and we will all feel a sense of trauma for it – otherwise it was clearly not starving, it was rather so wealthy that it loved to abuse an Arch Prince in sexual context, like it could pay for it at the popularity, talking nonsense about star signs and it was not running for its life either, so it was in a position to say that if the people running the Country were not doing a good job, its stupidities could get the job done instead. They do boast that I talked and had no way to handle them whilst we were in this position because they enjoyed exploring my civic duties to share the way I stood up for myself with their society twats that they thought deserved to feel important, when I do get my hands on their own, if their daily concerns were not conducted as if they were women because anything manly will be spent on me, then will be find out if their big mouths were blabbing facts.


We hear them claim I am a character who never stopped running down people after I appear to have been one to find the best sections of the civil rights other people fought for, to situate my own existence – it is utter nonsense naturally as none knows if the point is raised though untrue, because they want to discuss the way other peoples career come to dead stop over claims of cowardice, whilst Celebrities made a career from going around looking for trouble and then getting somebody else to do the fighting for them. I have given them the exit on the matter, it needs to stop running it off on me during working Hours, keep its imagination off my private parts and keep its popularity insults away from the atmosphere that facilitated my Book writing job. I am informed my Books would solve the extremism issue to a large extent and I am aware that it will, hence the Celebrity interest, which has already built a National Media presence to spend it on themselves, for which reasons I am living on unemployment support and they have come to believe short insulting videos supported by world powers, was the way that advertisement should be made. The other fear they claim existed being one in which my Books caused more extremism to occur which is utter nonsense as the reality of it was more not a matter of celebrities fussing around my public work until criminals ran my life as disobediently as they could make it happen, then issue the stupid threats later on but more a matter of the idea that it was either a matter of what the extremists said to themselves in their group or personal conversations or it was a matter of the sense that when I am provoked none noticed, if I responded people would be happy to gang up on me, so it is going to have to stop handling me if I got a whiff that my Books encouraged more of it. The idiots who are responsible for my entire career stagnating would be the fools that have now come on to say their civil rights included a process of exploring my civic duties to find out I stood up for myself and then get into a position where they got to decide who would stand up for themselves in that manner and how I would go about standing up for myself another way, implying what we are doing on the ground had gone beyond the stupid insults churning my tummy everyday while the fools who were complicit with it and suggested they would attack me for the smell have not done it yet, at the same time which their interest in me whilst they complained had not yet arrived at an understanding my time as limited and I needed to move on.  So what we are doing on the ground would be a matter of deciding how others stood up for themselves because the most powerful wanted to spend the best ways of standing up for ourselves, so it must mean from their point of view that it was a test to see if they or I would be the one to lead a life like a woman because I was not allowed to be my own gender, showing up here with a big mouth to express the way it had a personal and social life that got to decide where I should be situated socially because their stupidities had built some community lasciviousness over it, my history being that when I dropped out of University over this stupid interest in me the authorities never thought it was a red flag until they started complaining about it themselves. They do say that we could try to live in a better world which we already are – as none knows why the characters that continued to claim with gimmicks that will sway people, all the way to violent activities, that these immoral society big wigs were more important than top employees and Government figures, no body knows why they continued doing it whilst the only thing that prevents them complaining about it more than anybody else was the way it relied on others – for my part, the question still stands on the reasons I had to exist in that manner where I ran my concerns in terms of the fact that with respect to what I am doing, they were unbearably stupid and needed to show the same amount of curtesy people show to help them keep the careers that get to their heads, when they show up on mine. I mean a Celebrity and some tin can feminist backed by stupid men had an interest in my Books and the only part which concerned them was the way I wrote it when I was much younger, so I thought about the concerns of older persons in the work place during the course of extricating an intellectual property administration service from my creation, worked the part where people wrecked other peoples careers to employ local criminals in a bid to keep it as their own and ended up creating the Book in a way that helped to manage Heart disease – the part where it also builds and sets the stage for creative equity and business image does not concern them, I am cash strapped because they plan to pass it off as prove their famous and popular stupidities were brave enough to deserve their careers and if I responded I would end up in a difficult scenario with a big mouth, hence it needs to end on that war on the famous will inevitably kick off here.


The biggest crisis they say, is that I am unable to look after myself which is never the case as I only need run a Bookshop and raise funds to finish my University studies – but on the other hand is the Politicians who facilitate the gold digger gimmicks making a mess of my University studies and returning after the mess to tell lies over a 14 year period, then suggest the abusive activities that are now targeting me for instance, because I made my schedule less accommodating of them and their celebrities was a mess, which is then my turn to say it is more of an amusement. So the Politicians will make this mistake a million times and then some, that somebody else was in charge and they had to express something about a country that exists in their heads about which I dropped out of school and they were partial to movements that did not support the Monarchy, the Celebrities believe they were entitled to have me overlook the extreme wickedness of the part they played, claiming that there was hope considering what was in their bank accounts.

Their grievance at this stage as we are made aware, being that their entertainment Industry big wigs got off fighting wars for an unlikely low life such as me, which I cannot have enough of in the circumstances as well, considering the process of property equity administration that involved getting trouble makers all over my Public image, which forces them to chase their lives, even if they got to punish me for it endlessly, not hang about somewhere to take advantage of me when I am successful, claiming their civil rights took such a form, fighting my wars because it never stopped interfering.

The biggest crisis they say, is that I am unable to look after myself which is never the case as I only need run a Bookshop and raise funds to finish my University studies – but on the other hand is the Politicians who facilitate the gold digger gimmicks making a mess of my University studies and returning after the mess to tell lies over a 14 year period, then suggest the abusive activities that are now targeting me for instance, because I made my schedule less accommodating of them and their celebrities was a mess, which is then my turn to say it is more of an amusement. So the Politicians will make this mistake a million times and then some, a mistake about a country that exists in their heads and whether they were partial to movements that did not support the Monarchy, the Celebrities believe they were entitled to have me overlook the extreme wickedness of the part they played, claiming that there was hope considering what was in their bank accounts.

I am said to have placed m of my strengths in the wrong places naturally but I have not, as it is supposed to be a two part story of one side trashing my finances while the other enjoyed fooling around with the way I pursued the difficulties caused – the latter tends to lose out of anything I did as a matter of service and public leadership, then blame others for its problems, the former loved to shoot off the big mouth that I would end up in a difficult situation if I were to take action, both can do whatever they like especially the Celebrities who enjoyed investigating my income prospects and income margins, to share half of it half of the time and make trouble for me the rest of the time, respect the way I need my personal and social life to be as quiet as I have designated it, personally, it is a bunch o self-harming twats hard at what they were good at. It is a simple matter of a question whereby it is to be determined whether if Celebrities had gone off to communist territories to burn my assets and get me doing their bidding, it would mean that we had arrived at a stage where the Celebrities were running the Government etc. They do claim my pain grievance to do with a need I had to involve myself with people beyond my league, it beats me all the time as my view of these characters especially their Celebrities, is that they had only two sides to their personality – one side was nasty and loved to run down completely innocent people as if it was certain who had the right to exist, assuming extremists would not want to take part as well, the other was nice and loved attention because it is fundamentally nice to improve its social standing and will not lift a finger to do a thing if somebody was trying to kill. It beats me because it is not clear exactly what they do expect me to do when I am experiencing the former version of their behaviour, even if I had made a choice to ignore it, so it’s the questions, questions and stupid questions maintained with practical jokes that affect my bread winner clients on Media, to say as stupidly as possible that they had some form of power and hold on me like something that is talking from being possessed with a dirty demon, they only have the power that comes from maintaining this nonsense while keeping their careers because I do not get to damage it as well, it should not be a problem if I do not have a millstone on my legs preventing me from getting into some clothes to meet people over my career but we know I have done that and they have taken up my career and product publicity as a tool for new practical jokes that will boost their profile, now having conversations about my need to get involved with their insanity if I knew their stupidities were out of my league, some will likely tell me they see human beings this stupid on a regular basis I suppose.

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The truth which facts actually acknowledge, not that it is in any way important to set it out except vandalisms idiots perform with plans to ensure their children grow up to have a future like theirs, which is only a function of who tolerates it, is that it is not so much as the fact that the older generation has made a habit over the years of making sure younger people do not get an education, after the process of detaching people from the morals of religious belief has paid off and Political paedophilia has been presented before the world as a means of social government and control, all of which is what they have made of it after spending so much of everybody's time indoctrinating them in the importance of formal education, in order to detach them from their talents and proficiency by which filth can be worked and then leave them with nothing when they need an income and a very large National debt because of those that resisted expecting to get away with it as a matter of right and might; which is something I also say they completely deserve too because of their ability to make injustice look generous, their ability to hate religious people and their ability to attack people who have faith until they can create problems which can be used for transferred aggression in the sense that justice can give or share things that make no sense in life to give or share and of course they think they will sell me out to make a living which I don't mind anyway, so they can give that future they boast about to these fools like they always love to promise. 

It is only when I do something about them that the chances of security for people within their age range in their generation seems to exist and enough normalcy for me to be free from alternative arguments as to why I should be having a job and this security is the only chance of having a normal life. 

It is no use when people get off on public media to talk all kind of rubbish at me because they are rich and know they can fight people if they want to with their money. The issue here is that whenever they start the fights, they think that they should be attacking my books and my income while I should go ideological on their property, which actually has no bearing to the way things work. I am an Arch Prince and except they are Royalty I cannot make out what they feel is a kind of fight they can win here. I have tried in other ways to express to the the fact they might be rich but are nothing but some of the worlds most popular staff, only that unlike everybody else they have something and lots of it, with which to serve lots of people and get rich doing so. They are not my class nor am I theirs, hence no use starting a fight and getting off to think that the fight will happen on their own terms. if I must spell it out in other ways the meaning of their insults and snap judgements, especially with those stupid media where they millionaire incite rubbish on my work are stupid men on my right who want all I own, stupid men on my life doing strange things with my fame and those stupid girls that always have access to people's secrete societies, so they can find things there or in peoples personal lives with which they can make people fight people and kill people for them that they cannot deal with but think they will deploy to savage my income because I break their record doing things they once did in a process of selling books to earn a living, yes, those have access to my life all the time because they address me when I am not their Class thinking they are rich and when I push them off, start a fight thinking they are rich men which is then operated along the lines of making their stupid money talk against me all over the world because they know how to attack my book sales and thereby savage my finances.

No body is smiling at the outcomes of people pervading the importance of their position, especially those that exist in the Law, with the process of using my disposition to climb the social ladder, such social ladders can only be climbed in their imaginations and such time wasted belong to me and not them. Now it is not clear why people do not buy my Books so they can spend what they have bought not get off threatening me as well with a big mouth.


 Now it’s the trouble I will get into one day for the rubbish I speak with respect to Unions that gets into the spotlight. I suppose the purpose of it is to find out what my opinions about changes to their pensions really are and I do not actually think my opinions will matter in any case for any reason whatsoever. So here it is: they have been supporting their much loved evil Labour government that was wrecking working practices in the Country right down to working mentality and will go with them to whatever end but the outcome on the ground was that such things as Royal Mail Christmas vacancies had been disappearing, the highest ranking Royal Mail Boss paying himself a Million pounds a year in Salary and the Royal mail falling into a financial problem all at the same time. Such things as every little job in this country requiring papers to be signed by employees for a pension plan. While all these things were happening, they did nothing as Unions and now that the economic crisis has taken hold and their very secure flash pensions contributions for teaching job and very secure flash pension contributions for train drivers jobs and very secure flash pension contributions for top civil service jobs have been affected something is going to go badly wrong for everybody. I have no idea what on earth they expect the government to do now when they can see clearly that the money just isn’t there. I have no idea what they expect me to say for my part or in my defence against them; let them go on strike not ask me what my opinion is, besides which if I did say this years ago before their flash jobs which purpose is to ensure others are stuck in ones that are not rewarding were affected I would not be having any fun.

With respect to my own actions against being threatened by Unions; they know that they have no power to pervade my faith or conduct corruptions of involvement with me or on my property, so they know this is their worst nightmare-one of those individuals that can ensure the purpose of his job is to make sure others repent and give up clear Political wickedness before they are allowed to get employment, so I have no idea what they threaten me looking for anyway.

As for the trouble I will get into; I might want to mention the next time they think about talking rubbish especially when they are the worlds most insolent females, they ought to remember somebody here is furious over the fact that having made arrangements between big and small businesses, prevented a fight between the two sides over their business and economic needs, brokered equities with them, it has become impossible for him to sell the books that were created from this just because they exist. They would never want to tempt me, they think they are evil, I know they are not, I know I am. They need to go on strike not ask me along with their Union corrupt private life rummaging, violently distracting older idiots business friends.



 It is usually said I have no way of defending myself from them which is not the whole truth of course since I had made it clear I am whole sale into the selling of my books as I had finished most of preparation last year but they are still doing that routine where they have seen 200 pages of a 300 page book on a web preview and when I ask what they will do now they have seen good stuff they decide they will keep it and make out the reason to be that they have so much money I wouldn’t mind and it can only continue until I own their own as well and then what I have done so far will start to look like a picnic all together

 There is no truth to that claim I am a victim of internet abuse; what happens most of the time is that they wait for me to build up a history and then set off to deploy it to their own ends and so I have to deal with market damage and property damage but because every one of their actions are followed up with violence that will make me see why I should allow them do whatever they like I suffer the health effects – it does not actually mean they are taking advantage of me as such and of course the one that will take a stand one day is the one I will make an example of as well so we can find out how much the social networking site owners will protect them from me instead. I have never thought it an issue – they will say they know all about me right down to my personal life but then again there are socialist idiots buying shares in other peoples company who want their community croons all over my anus and penis and so on because that is how their narcissistic happiness that makes advertisement and popular culture fame and fortune works, so they have these idiots they have started to describe as socialites, the history I have with those as well, so seem to have an issue about being successful by making sure others had failed and regularly cannot leave people alone if they appear on tabloids and glossy magazines to talk nonsense instead about how the fact they are famous and rich is other peoples fault for paying attention to or talking about them but then again I suppose the warnings here are very clear as it were: so that when they are done telling fortunes of celebrities and abusing them with that great intensely intimate sense of insult that answers all their problems in life, they set me out and make their own publicity for me, get rejected by celebrities and now have their new celebrities for the future; people like Kim Kardashian, people like Taylor Swift and my personal favourite Justin Bieber but generally the new name for these kinds of individuals, the history I have with them as well is 'socialite' who clearly cannot keep their stupid hands and their curators their stupid pens and cameras off other peoples public work, royal estate and possessions, now my personal life is in trouble all the together they say with a big mouth; so do I think they are vulnerable? Of course not; these individuals want my personal life and like to take pictures of themselves on my property equity and extract millions from the perks of my office for two reasons and one of those is that if they are women they are having their orgies with rackety middle range fat cats to assume when you issue a warning you are referring to back stage media which is why they seem to have this need to show up naked in public all the time seeking other peoples personal lives that can give anything and the other is that there is nothing I can do about them yet - so it is possible that I could be bluffing. I mean we do hear they are breaking down a British Empire of course and it will never be clear how that means when people are prevented from peddling other people religiously sacred positions and Royal Renaissance they can involve their stupidities and damage finances and get married on the fact they are single and yet that part was always started either by their need especially the Americans to be taught sex by a preacher boy which I am notorious already for the things I do when people provoke me in that way especially around finding girlfriends and wives at my expense, never mind the fact I have women Loyal to me who regularly ask their husbands to fuck them like I would, so it is still impossible to work out what it is exactly they want from me as well although I am stuck on finding out too - after all we all know it cannot be any more than that old issue of girls enjoying the kind of feeling they should not be denied before their time in the world is spent and that it is never a new prognosis: we hear them speak of their Neo-Liberalists achievements and powers which is supposed to have gone beyond the celebration of pushing others into corners from where they can no longer recover, for the fun of what they claim is an association with culture and society and we all know they have achieved no such thing and that it would take me only a few second to build myself up to a point of pushing them into a brick wall as well, especially if I chose popular culture celebrity awards and the shows and meetings they do that fosters those as the tool I need on the matter - speaking of which they are still hard it, hard at the old question of how much money is enough money to become more important than a Royal Prince and put him in a place where he is complaining others are deploying his possessions to get rich with when that is not actually true - so it is a fair advice to remind that we all try to live in a world that is tolerable for everybody as it were and for their need to turn up in public to destroy my personality to a point where they are damaging career and public life does mean I have had enough of them around here and will not tolerate any neo-liberalist powers and achievements as well.



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