In terms of the businesses there is nothing there for me or anybody else to worry about. I will continue to give out the warnings until it all goes badly, badly, badly wrong for them. It is clear they don’t know anything about anything about what they are doing and that their best bet of course is to continue to serve the customers and do things which keep them naïve from the things they do not need to know but what they prefer to do is stifle my finances and get on media to complain about what they want which is preferred to my leadership.

I mean the entire economy is picking up the cost of the recession for them from my property and Office while they put their feet up which they will obviously find in other countries as it were, so all these must be really convenient for them.

They tell me I lure people into my world and then attack them which makes absolutely no sense for what their vandalisms are worth; I mean the Christian (Christian soft arse shit) that white fascists and black racists have been trying to kill is selling Equities and Securities, what kind of people is he selling it to-the not your leadership but what we want businesses? It is no wonder I cannot sell my books and they on the other hand have no reason to fear me when respect is impossible, as this blog itself is not enough circumstantial fact of evidence to successfully sue some of the wealthiest of them to earn a living, obviously since I cannot get the books sold because of them. They always think they are unfathomably clever and when it comes to their stupidities being applied on other peoples income can think outside the box.

I personally wonder who is playing with them anyway. Power of scandals my backside, it is not enough to legalise theft anyway.

Some obviously do nothing but scout my private life to find new things I do to earn a living that can be scandalised on media to force me to share to get friends then force me to serve the devil before I am allowed to earn a living and then never earn enough from my own work, all the while of which I have nothing and while the rest should hang off somewhere being completely unaware of what is going on, they will turn up, barge into it know all about it and then get off telling me what to do not to take it lying down and so on, when they should never be telling me what to do-especially those of them that are not black but go off to find things about black societies that affect them which they can tell me to do something about with their fascisms which is basically a factor of the things they do to mess with what belongs to God which drives them mad on one hand and the things the devil sends them to do all the time on the other.

Do I know what is happening to me is racism? Of course I do; black people invented it because they think that when every thing I own is dragged into some kind of fight with racists they will grab every single one of it with every single fight they have conducted with racists, the white ones just talk rubbish all the time about the powers of their cultural oppression with a big mouth, so I constantly have to set out and patch things up to show my business is not up for grabs, so then they get on media to reciprocate with pricing it open and making sure it is up for grabs and the only way I can make sure they feel me, is to invent consequences for that every single time that it happens none of which they have been able to do anything about in the last decade.

Of course they complain I don’t let people think what I think as well. Which is an old story. For when I should be enjoying myself with what I have worked so hard for, they are busy borrowing it, one after the other, after the other, to do their own as well and attack me before I have the same attitude towards it which causes further damage. To it I say I am a writer in case people need reminding and people need to buy the books or go of to cause trouble somewhere else. As I gather they are busy extracting power from me, of course; as it were it has not stopped-that stupid culture.

For me personally the question is still the old one; bearing in mind I sell securities, what exactly is it I have done for people? So the result here where I issue these White Papers on this site and other Papers on my other sites because it would have been simple for people to get up and get to work on the day but they have rather preferred to hunt me around with sex violently and hunt me around savaging my life with violent sex, then when they realise I have become street light for businesses start Punishing me for doing something so useless with my life because they figure it is the only way they can ensure they are getting a job and having more money than the so called kids. Same of story of the Christian and an evil world as it were but now they will have to decide how much they really want to punish the Christian and of course how much they want to punish businesses along with him as well. 

The idea my temper is what is responsible for all my problems has no bearing towards fact; I have no such damaging tempers. the issue is of course that there are people for whom the idea of me making a living, earning money by doing something does not sit well with especially those of them that come from specific corners of superior members of the black race and of course since I sell securities for a living we can clearly see where the securities for this will be acquired. Like their MPs do things to detach us from the juicy things that are going on in Europe for example-"tell the kids to do Politics" is the rhetoric but when the kids do the Politics it does not sit well either.