With respect to my assumptions rich people are talking about me when they do anything and I think that I will escape hard work by making out that is the case and then trying to make a living from that as a useless man (yap yap yap obviously).

Yes it might be said what I have said is very clever. It is not, it is the real normal me. The real reason they do these things they do is their wickedness and how they want to apply it on my personal life and now it has become something important because of their Politicians. The whites like the white and the blacks like the blacks and buy something from them then pay depending on what you use it for with your earnings and estate, and of course the Christian is in trouble with a big mouth.

The way it works is that there are these people who do unskilled Labour and somewhere among them are stupid girls that always want a man who knows stuff to do fundamentalisms so that they can build a small business that is not going anywhere at the most convenient parts of his social responsibilities, while those that are fatter and uglier hold him down in places where he cannot go anywhere and those that are unfathomably insulting pit him and ask people to let him go.

Since they have people who report news for them and do TV in their interest, I have not got a clue how they got into my life anyway and now they want to marry into the Royal family and earning my income as well as having my privacy seems to be the means to doing so.

In the end other Royal goons that will end up like them love to make out it has something to do with the Queen and yes it does; the bit where she is the boss and my earnings are always required for her job which is not her fault and not my fault but the fault of those who make it that way.

I do the things I have done from my own office and from my own royal estate and do them with intent on being famous by them, only these trouble makers have not been able to work that put yet so far, hence they claim it has something to do with government and calls up their attention which then makes it to them any less of the intentions I do them. Yap yap yap.

I sit in my home I get homosexual feeling tossed into my tummy by people and before you know it they have stolen my life and called on the rest of society to stand with them over the fight which actually works for them. They fuck me over absolutely everything I do including getting to work and studying and now sexual revolution cannot cut it for them anymore and they want Political domination. Their Politicians clearly now want to become Politicians seeing the way things have worked out after what they have done to me and all these years they have continued to hold out on it without reason, let them marry into the Royal family share my job and earn my income for it, I encourage it.

Naturally like they do with everything else they now tell me I am doing Politics and Parliament hence doing the right thing. I on the other hand do not get it at all; since it is so easy to say such things and do so on public media, I will cleanse them ethnically as well as it were.

I have mentioned it is less harmful ways that with respect to applying laws in ways which benefit both sides of society since they want to make laws which rule people faith, we are going backwards and not forwards and the end product will be that the Politicians will apply Christian Laws on Christians and unbeliever Laws on unbelievers and then realise the Christian laws are beneficial and unbeliever laws are bad then set about making the Christian laws applicable to all which will start a fresh fight because they are given no right to do so.

There is always a load of noise making on the matter in any case for most of the time but it does not necessarily apply that I don’t want to become part of their unbeliever society it is just that I don’t want to be part of it in the painful means which is the only way to be part of it. So they need to make it more painful and more inclusive.

I get to Church every Sunday and do Church activities during the week, long before the plan to kill the Christian “soft arse shit”, it must be seen that it is my entire life for me to sandwich that with work and my studies and that getting involved with somebody that binges every day for example is extremely disruptive and if they barge into my life forcefully it is catastrophically destructive. So are the stupid girls that barge in expect me to keep a secrete and love to tell people everybody including me want to have sex with them and they are hurrying the entire process up, later on of which is prove of power to oppress and when they are older drive to revolution with a big mouth. So why do they love to do it?

Their plans for new defamation laws does not take into any account that I will win the case and they will pay compensations while I will sue and counter sue them to smithereens. They are the ones barging into my life and I am the one drawing a line under it on my own property which also reflects on my books, which they have followed on with gathering facts about my work and making sure it is about criticizing and provoking them while I write the books with consideration that writing it about them is a vehement expression of a lack of talent. So the most likely result of all the things I have placed at the point that will piss them off seriously with regards to those their insolent egos and the effect it has on my earnings which has put me on Housing and unemployment benefit so far is that they will file cases in Court I will win them they will pay compensations and I will get money to market my books and whack them further.

I have a right to sit in a place where I can wish away things people do to make me do a bad thing and it is called my home while they have reasons to respect my earnings and my job or I will create some. How are they going to get terrified out of those insolent saloon cars of theirs, then turn out to confiscate my property like they make so much noise about planning to do anyway. They do need to get out of my life and stay out though.

First they want to kill Christian soft arse shit thereafter they have gone around owning stupid cars they attack me for not being impressed with, which they expect me to be when I sell intellectual property for a living and they stole my work to get rich with to buy the cars, meaning the only purpose they have served is enjoying life and creating jobs in the middle; they will not do with that obviously-they want power as well. In the end they make out when I have talked about jobs that is what it is about; rubbish-what it is about is the corruptions that those who claim to have the superior faith dish out-they believe their faith was here first they believe their faith is superior and it is the reason it is always all about moving people out of their right and onto their own left, they also believe they are closest to God too and any who is close to God stole it from them.

They know I am one of those that cannot move on if people don’t do what I want. They see themselves as people who create the deaths of others through racism if they don’t give them what they demand. So they set out to ruin my finances and make themselves my parents. Their Politicians should always get involved and decide it as it were while their media idiots when they are white should turn up on Public television to abuse people because they want them to do something about the fact they had been abused by a black person. Clearly they are black as it were if my life is not their personal business or plaything which is then really scary.