It is usually claimed that  certain idea about me has formed in the public perception – it really does not bother me in any way since I am a Christian and nothing like what their community croons do to watch over me and stifle anything I think about or changes in my mood which may have progressed towards in the positive in their view whereas they are simply preventing me from being me on account they were there to see when somebody provoked me and these are the kinds of devilish nonsense we never hear them complain about when they speak of civil rights bearing in mind it is so successful and thus testament to how much effort they put into such activities, claiming it is the process of gaining from love, something they do to nurse the chance they might have sex with me as well: I mean how can you suffer so much for being good looking on account a group of idiots are half Political persons and half sociopaths going on psychopaths and why is it that every single time the world revolves around them apparently and the political person comes first it has to do with my personal life and my finances and any other possessions I have? My perceptions in the public mind about them will pay off just as well too – I do not see why people think it is okay for them to foster racism at me and now complain about how much they are exposed to it and how I therefore see that condition as an advantage that will ensure my finances are back the way they should be before their stupid selves can move on. I do not know why people make these exceptions for them and then claim the problem to be that in my Christian views the devil stirs the war and the violence but those who carry them out are not evil, when we all know they are exactly the same thing as the extremists, but that the extremists will like to kill you for what you own but they have made a deal to let you live and nobody knows who made them any such stupid deal either.

I mean they are a group of fools that know they cannot take me at Popular culture and at civil rights and at Politics and at culture and at society, so the media is their only way and they use it as defence mechanism but continue to pretend they want to bully me with it all the time. It is an old curse in the west of being Politically successful – there is always an evil idiot out there who knows your name and has problems and why should he have those problems when another person not only has an office like a Royal One for example that ca solve that problem by expenses or indeed he is known to have an ability to solve that problem and so to create publicity for that problem there needs to be enough of it to affect as many people as possible and then his hearts desires will be met by your office which can meet those desires when he either makes you deploy it to meet those desires with his stupid media or starts another game of taking it away from you so that he can use it to meet his heart’s desire. I have not opened up an office to them to invite their behaviour around here, so it isn’t clear what brings it on and I really want to kill off this nonsense about a perception of me that has stuck in the minds of the public, when they know they will serve themselves better if they stay away from me and keep their insults where it might be better appreciated: that civil rights is mine because they think they want to reorganise their entire thought pattern and that of their children with my Royal order and that will only succeed in hell too – it is the Politicians that like to think they have much to offer of course and are paying as much as they can currently too. I mean it is not the devil that wants to see a war in a Country because society has not been nice to him, it is not the devil that thinks this war will help him gain revenge on those who have expressed offended him when they are dead and he was not responsible and does not have to pay any price either way, I mean what can I say? I have never opened up my office to their corruptions of involvement, I am quite fed up now with the stupidities of public perceptions affecting my work and finances all the time. It is of course never true that I am able to talk about anything and everything which then means that I am able to afford myself a good temperament: what is true is that they are the job in question and not me, the crimes will happen to peoples, it is of course as a factor of living in a tolerant society not something I chase with gusto all the time but never the less it is true that in my mind, they without the trouble they make means having a life and a job somewhere and staying away from my position and from the abating and fostering of cocoons by which crime can grow and develop, they with the trouble they make are things which a combination with money is a threat to my personal safety and well being and I can see they do not understand that and hence the reasons especially the black ones, they are seen turning up around my affairs all the time, it applies to them that if they can make this powerless they will have everything they could desire but so should they take note them without money means the Nations right to be successful is what I really think, especially the blacks and those at Popular culture as well.