That under intellectual property rules significant sections of a persons work can be copied without permission as thrown around by vandal ministers of Parliament in the UK is not one of those issues that bother me. I am a Christian for example and know that if I wrote a 500 page work about the Bible I can quite for free a certain size of the Bible for my work without a problem and will have to reference everything else after I exceed my limit. That has never been an issue in the Industry, the fact of the matter is that when people know or a copyright has been attached to a persons job, you do not have the right to do it as well, even if you have read their work entirety of it without permission, you must respect the fact there are other people paying for it as well lest you abuse their rights and if you abuse their rights and they are angry and more powerful than you are there is no point complaining.

I for my part have come to the deduction there is no need to continue to shy away from putting the process of having become the Prince who writes books for a living knows so much about government that when he criticises Politicians they have no where to go and have no means of movement into overdrive, because it is the only way to ensure that an idiot does not get off in the Houses of Government in this Country or anywhere else in the world to talk all kind of rubbish with reference to my earnings and the part his or her hoodlums in society can play on it and flap their stupid suits, puff up all over the place making me breathless making out they have said and done something really powerful and relevant.

I mean the prognosis is that I have followers too and how many times exactly do I deploy on Mr Obama, President of the US an act by somebody on his campaign specifically on the prognosis that if I did something will happen to the size of his earnings and I will look as though I am the boss of the world? How many times do I pitch a tent on somebody else's earnings and then deployed my insolent wife to make all kinds of stupid excuses over his earnings on the media slashing it to pieces and taking over what is left because I am a diplomat? How many times do I pitch my tent on other people's earnings and then attack them when they try to get to work because I am a Business man and feel I have money which makes me a person that media loves? Naturally I feel I have taken enough from them and the only way to protect my living and quality of life, so they can never have any of those debates any more. 

As for those of them that want their culture and society and community relations back from me, they will have to come and get it with their insolence especially those of them that are perpetual republicans and like to make a public concept that everybody else can copy as well out of my personal life and then not only talk rubbish such as following me everywhere I go to do things by which it is possible to tell me no body knows who the hell I am as they grab my earnings but also talk so much rubbish about their celebrities doing better than me when they cannot stop living off my earnings and also such nonsense about beating me up for my lack of respect, which I would easily kill them for since they clearly do discipline their stupid children not deploy them on other peoples income then congratulate them for doing better than a Prince.