That I must get my facts right before I say something which damages the careers and Popularity of Politicians is something that happens because people know they have been attacking me along the lines of having a problem with me just for becoming an adult. Now I have been turned into the jell belly that their racisms can have a social effect when they practice it on as it were and so they have moved from teasing to wrecking making sure I don’t have a job because it will be even funnier when that happens and so at a certain age I would be yielding certain results for them whenever they do it at the Political scene and now they have a big excuse for it as well which has to do with giving Monarchy a bloody nose too and it is the excuse we are all familiar with that they always seek to have in a workable way in order to move right and they are not moving into mine. I need to check my facts they need to watch their mouth; I have warned them enough times and am not giving back that stupid left, let them go get the far right and stop talking rubbish at me. I mean I have not yet forgotten anyway that white Princes in this country are racist and I being a black one made deals with racist to rise above everybody on account they are the most insolent scum in the world.

The business ones like to complain all the time and think I am the guy who cries all over the place whenever they have problems because it is easy then to warn me of what will happen because they have problems and attack me when I least expect. These are a group of idiots that see community and society scum get around identifying with me until they ruin my finances and setout to be the ones that have it while I am the one that does not, then make a habit of collecting my stuff for them because it is important I work for money then share with them and everybody buys their wares so they can continue to top up their wealth like that, just top up all the time looking for trouble. I have done nothing to them yet only go around doing their stuff for them next time it will be all out war all together. Theirs is not that much of a problem to me as we do understand ourselves perfectly as it were. I have been clear enough times about how they know I have an email account and to them is attached a paypal account and they can wire me the financial proceeds of using my securities or just bloody stay away from them and not spend them like I have warned people not to anyway, they know I have yardsticks for sending me my money all over the place and are not rather deaf. How do I sell my books when somebody else is busy using the derivates for whatever they like? And of course it is always said all I say and do are empty threats but if they are threats then does anybody seem to be getting any scared? I wonder what is so funny about the threat anybody who spends my securities and equities needs to wire me my money not spend my money on themselves or spend the perks of my job on themselves as if I am their mate? They know how to make use of Authors and move into their right without buying their books don’t they and after which they have their own evil authors that fratenise with them as well for it? The fact about it is that they are a collection of very evil people who belong in secrete societies and want to own all my money and are playing a dangerous game with me as well, so I do not see anything empty about my threats. Where they feel that whenever they want something they just need to bully me and they will have it, then secure themselves lucrative connections with evil cultures where people have the same skin colour as me and so once the part they belong is not good anymore they will still have the same position of being more powerful than I am in the one I have cleared out for them to march into. If they feel they must get through life teasing and bullying me that is their stuff, what they do not have is the right to touch me or touch my property. So they can tell me I am scared of their kids but think I can do anything to them especially when they have the support of their insidious black idiots from Africa who have promised them the necessary spiritual power to bring about success. I am not scared of their stupid kids I am rather scared their stupid kids will push me over the edge while I am still trying to make things happen in reality where they belong as much as possible. They cannot stop doing that their thing to me where they must attack me all the time with the boldness their insolent parents have helped them with each time they want anything from me, which will result in a condition where they have it and of course once they grow older then it becomes a case of controlling my life and having records of things I have said which insults those that matters and so when I know they will tell and I will get into trouble I will give them whatever they want and if they loose I will become a plaything for media cowards, turned into a fight all the time animal, until I kill them or something then it gets better. I think the threats I have issued them over the perks of my job and my equities and securities and the derivatives of my books is good enough, their insolent kids on the other hand are simply setting out a future that they had taught them to plan for themselves as it were; so Politicians can become more important than I am and use me like a kid for saying this with a big mouth.

The Politicians can just get off and go to Africa to find some witchdoctor that will give them power to win elections which they can use on me, such nonsense of which is really difficult to deal with at the diplomatic Office, then they return to tell me to back down for which anybody can read their lips as it were; back down yap yap yap. And they have dispatched tax payer funds on that rubbish already and those that did not belong in the party that did support it through and through.

Royalty has always been scared of media around here, Royalty has always been scared of Pop star around here and then they turn up before it gets serious it is a case of wrecking my finances and giving me lots of scandals so that when they do their racism on me I might look the part and so encourage more and more people to follow suit as well, which I do not mind as it were hence I also make sure no matter what they have or who they are they never get any respect over my dead body. The only thing that causes me to hurt them of which is still the fact that they have no right to touch me or my property whether or not they are planning later lies that will make it theirs and hence me the person touching their property. In their minds these things are what going out to work hard to earn a living is, until they feel it as well then it becomes a bad thing. Now their Politicians are talking rubbish on a platform where hooligans were unable to do anything about me and gangs were unable to do anything about me so I am now the plaything of media who ensure they create perceptions everyday which makes sure people are moving into my personal life. It is their way of causing trouble and staying out of the consequences of doing so apparently and their Politicians support it together with those their stupid women that cannot not do that their thing of controlling my life and my property because maybe I will hurt them mortally before any of it gets any better. For now it stays as it is because when I tell them to go get the far right it is not just something I say but a result of the fact that since I am too inferior for any kind of respect they will get none no matter who they are or what they have acquired so they can do something to go down in history as great men and women.

So why do people like to get off and set off perceptions on TV that encourages people to move into my privacy all the time? Who says their Politicians who now seem to say they want to have their own lives and do their jobs after they send them out to do such things with my Office, got famous for it and planned perversions they secretely think they have not been prevented from having without having thought about that first. They are not seriously hurt by it yet as it were. Yes I get told I mess around with women on the media and news readers and that is why they do it but in actual fact the arrangement I have with my Court is that the News readers have no fame while it is the weather presenters that get all the fame and if any of them does the whor thing for anybody I will literarily kill them. These fools can send their own to do the whor thing for them as it were; like the attack of the mentors which begins with something inconsequential like sharing your pain and suffering and hate with those who have much love in their lives, now they control everything they say with a big mouth. The business men of course claim this is what they wanted to make sure I was fighting as it were rubbish; they scandalized my personal life with the help of my own Mother ruined my business which I then took apart and set off to sell the securities and of course the basis for the trouble they get into is largely that they did those things because I was going for success that was too big for me, now writing books is too big for me as well-looking for trouble; next I will be taking apart and selling their business instead and then it will get a bit serious.

We can do this forever; media Politicians business commercials industry media again and so on. The attack of the mentors. They love to make out they are the ones that come up better off and I am just making noise which is not true. The truth is that they love to become peoples mentor so that one day you will be working on your property and that story they tell on media will pay off and a large propotion of people will believe it is theirs so they can tell you to get out of it after they had tried to tell you to hand it over earlier. So as we continue to progress I will grab and sell their business instead before any of it gets any better but for now those businesses are not making any more profit and they need to shut them down.

Its all they do with their time before they make out it has lots of things to do with the wickedness of conservative parties whereas in actual fact since it is the UK and when they hate people who have white friends the Monarchy is not interested and the Conservative party couldn’t care less they are not as popular as they would like to be when they show their true colours. So they get up there everyday pop stars wrecking the finances of a Royal Prince and soliciting that people rape him at the local communities, then pretend they have something in common with him they own his property and these deeds are a good thing especially because they did good for themselves in life for it. Clearly of which it is conservatives and republicans that do these kinds of things. I mean soliciting rape on Public TV daily against a Royal Prince as it were before they want a different life from the ones they have created for themselves with the use of his earnings. I am not moving away from the communities myself either, those will rape with their big mouth anyway-it is these powerful mentors that want a different life from the ones they have created for themselves with all own. So they can tell me to back down and it might sound like down down, until I kick them and it gets a bit better. For now things will stand as they do.

Of course they claim it happens because I offend people which is utter rubbish; since I offend them for they are so important of which it is not clear by the way why they are always complaining. As for my mother and helping people to my life and so on she has always had a way of making you do things that would better suit the needs of stupid men who are much less tha you are because you know too much about women and that is their stuff anyway. I do not think it is something conservatives do anyway. As for the men that force me to do something about it, those are always the most stupid goons that I have ever come across; you can never stop wondering how they will be the ones that control me when they are the ones that the women are always beating up without respect for the fact that because of such gimmicks by men like them I am currently unemployed. Until they wreck your life and finances from no where to make that real and you have to measure how badly what the women did to them hurt and so set about taking away all they had done to adapt bearing in mind they had already hurt themselves really badly messing up your empire while you have been more successful and gotten more out of the world than they have. This is where they start the violence over the fact they marry wives that can do and undo and do not now have those games they play to control her, while it is my turn to have fun.  

Naturally they make those noise about the kids that complains when he is finished talking rubbish. I am not the one that makes out alternative names for the things those bully girls that take what others work for and have ways of ruining peoples lives to get up to as it were am I and it is not something conservatives do is it? The idea I cling onto a fight and fight and fight on is a myth too; the Christian does but the atheists and homosexuals do not-I mean if he does its over his property if they do its over somebody elses property so it is the Christian that does. It is not their human rights to grab my property and run off to somewhere really public to claim it is it? If I let anybody get away with it by the way of which my well being will be jeopardised not to mention my safety so I always chase them down whatever happens and get it back as it were, hence I have structures here to ensure I have revenge if I loose anything or everything not that I am at the moment. There is something seriously wrong with them and this is not their own lives contrary to the fact we see them all the time in public saying something about how something they see belongs to another actually is theirs which believe should believe and join them to take off the person. On the contrary I do put myself in their shoes sometimes; the part where I imagine myself telling some stupid evil girl to do what they like with peoples property because I will back her up and when I do it claim it is revolution and so when these idiots come to me when they have done it to somebody to get privileges of injustice and the person gives me his own side of the story I simply claim I don’t like being told what to do because people are moral and know everything about what ideals are so they can tell those that are more important, support them over a decade and suddenly realise after that period when their habit on the person must have become sub culture I want to go along with what he said. I am not the one that complains enough to bring about the conversations in any case then am I. The homosexuals just think they have arrived as it were and don’t have to worry about civil right anymore, so I created alternative arguments about how people are born to be homosexuals and made it into sub culture because they are responsible for those insults that stupid girls spread to the point where they wreck my finances to show people they own me. and now homosexual sex in this country is really painful and converting people to homosexuality is impossible and if they want a piece of me they know how to get it.

I am not the one that complains to bring about the conversations otherwise people would have rather been hearing more about those stupid girls that see me on the street and abate people to do things with my personal life and thinks she is really tough and really fascist and how media idiots always get on Public TV to give people the perception of moving into my personal life when they know such things happen in their cultures complete with claims I sleep with their wives. Or people would be hearing more about how I am not the evil child because I am rather having a problem with a set of very evil idiots whose entire existence is operated around making sure they have all the money in the world and all the leaders were on their side while Politicians get on Public media to tell media to do things about my personal life to get me to react to them as well while they boost their career.