The low down on what is going on in the UK so far us simple. Things like the fact I mentioned that there is no such thing as Police corruption because the Police sold information to Reporters. I also mentioned that the reason for this can easily be because the information was not consequential while the actions of the person to whom it concerned was a matter of public interest and they would give it free of charge but there is nothing wrong if those who want it have mentioned paying for them. Now whether or not the Police are actually corrupt it is not in my interest when an entire society is made up of people who want to get ahead of me using my own property and the means to making a fortune with my Intellectual property is finding media and an authority that is higher than mine, for people to say the Police is corrupt. So if they don't I am unlikely to cause them any trouble; yes this disposition is not a legitimate interest and so what? Do they get to say what a legitimate interest is or do they need to get off my income leave alone the Royal family and marry their own mates. And we are not discussing yet their lies and snap judgements as they use my fame and property to get rich while people work out exactly what the dispute is all about and what is going on yet, with respect to which happens as though I am their equal just because they feel like having power with the media and it is therefore possible to extract earnings from other peoples fame then back track and deny them the simple respect for using their fame to do such things.

As for the matter of defamation Laws being drafted in Parliament with respect to me, I have no idea where they suppose they will go with it since I have been clear with all those democratically inconvenient things people do to me then get off demanding new democracies off of me as well, that they can insult me as much as they like and say whatever they wish about me in public places to my face but if they stifle my faith in order to spread these insults around the world then it is blasphemy and there is no use assuming they are not in a fight with me, if I have to deal with a power then it seems that I do not go to Court for it while they can over defamations using new legislations, which means they have also planned how they will win the fight in Court obviously. So of course If such legislations come into force I will basically grab and cut them to pieces with another defamation, so we can go to Court again and they can draft another. Just like I have always warned them about the fact I too must find a place where I can sit down and wish no body pushes me into a bad thing; over that rubbish they get up to which sees a process where I am 18 at some point and take years to build security for myself and my property, only to loose the security and find it impossible to get a job because people are trying to make me loose my faith, on account they want to share my property with their gangs and hoodlums so that when they had done so they will have privileges of injustice against me that I can never undo and be able to dominate me and have power-This stupid plan has wasted ten years of my time, my life and health because they had time to get jobs before I became an adult on account they were born into the world before I was. Born into the world for the purpose of attacking me, moving into my right and jumping on the apparatus of Government in this country like it was their personal and private property, to make defamation laws when they are the ones that follow me around everywhere I go with the fight so I might never wish it away and move on, hoping to get into Court for a fight they think they will win. I do not defame anybody, that rather is what is happening to me; it is just something I am sure those that do it will complain about when I take advantge of the fact the distance between their level in society and mine from which they travel to do these things creates a story.

We have not reached the point where I think this fight will get their attention yet because they were born into the world first and had time to get a job before I was 18 and when men reach that point especially bearing in mind I am a Christian they are always unfathomably stubborn and incredibly insulting without reason. So if this fight stops this very moment the way it is, is that for no reason they started a fight, they still have their salaries and I have found it difficult to get employment for a decade and it will never do; so they can tell me when I talk about the Gospel that kids always comes round in the end, of which no body knows what they hope to prove of accomplish by turning up in Church when they know they have their own secrete societies. As I said its all about things my privacy protects from them and how they want it as though we are equals.

I have not gone to Court yet because I have to deal with a power over their Media and Political abuses; they are the ones planning defamation Laws to win a fight with me in Court over it-its completely amazing.I think it is rather stupid to assume that I am able to deal with the Rich and Poor business version of them in this Country and Overseas because I am always being bullied by anything that moves, while I cannot deal with Public sector workers. People need to marry their own mates and stay the hell out of my earnings and leave alone the Royal Family and we will all be fine (those that are worthy to marry into the Royal family are rather apparently more concerned with the welfare of those they care about, this is not a vague threat, my income my books and my market place will most certainly get these idiots into trouble).