My dignity is not something I think people should be concerned about, except for those that are involved with matters of securing a process where people are respectful of the institution of State – otherwise it is an over kill. I mean at this point I hardly see anybody that has hurt society idiots as much as I have and so I do feel if people asked me to sit back and tolerate for the rest of my life the things they do to me as well including American spy system and what their friends who have found jobs in the British security industry get up to etc, I would not think it a complicated choice to make either: all we know is that this happens to be the point where black filthy idiots are feminists which creates an abusive way by which I will become a bum so they might be important while expecting me to look decent without clearing off their sexual violence around my company that has already created a result where fools are telling me I sleep with peoples wives and have a company that does not exist – both of which happen to be a matter of how I must run my life and my world to suit them – never mind the ones that have race problems as though that happened to have constituted useful information. The Americans always say I am stuck between democrats and republicans and the problems will crush me sooner or later so they can have a scapegoat on which to take safe revenge for what the British did to them etc but I don’t see anything wrong with where the republicans have ended up today because they have seen a Prince try to earn a living from writing books they have access to before it gets to the market either; after all the reality is that you may have gold and diamonds lying around without getting into trouble until you craft it into prized jewellery which makes it where a republican wants to have a shit – as for the democrats, we have reached a stage where what their women get up to is my possession and the men can turn up here and take it if they have the fucking guts, so they are getting closer and closer to getting some of mine as well anyway. I don’t believe it is a complicated issue nor do I have an inability to stay off violent matters; these are not violent matters – violent matters would have been a lot more practical a process of having something with which to hit viciously society idiots despite the fact that a process where they factorise you by your penis and anus every single second on account they are ugly to a fault has led to certain fame based power with which you cover them in shit and urine colloquially as well – now they have Obama at the white house in the US who has failed in everything imaginable, lost Ukraine in Eastern Europe and every little Island that is the responsibility of the US full of culture idiots that can handle a British Prince are fighting for their lives as we speak, while he gets around settling trade deals by which his fellow idiots can make money – the fact he is very interested in my influences at the Commonwealth or the EU does not imply I want his problems to in anyway have anything to do with me and or my people – I do what I do by noticing them to ensure that I do not end up being the one that draws lines and allows divisions to exist. There is therefore no truth to other claims that by saying what I have said, I have given away vital information about my work that Americans can manipulate for self improvement; it’s just that their abuses in my direction as far as they are concerned does not constitute an act of war and it does not really play out that way with what is happening in South America and with the Russians, to speak of a few, never mind China and Asia; it was supposed to have been a simple diplomacy for their stupid selves and I may be a Christian doing my best to control the situation but I have to admit it does grow really big at some stage. So in the end it is a matter of all those stupid women and how we get to pay for it as a Nation here in the UK about which getting into league with Tory women will mean taking more rubbish from them which has already created bad boys like UKIP who want us out of the EU all together. I don’t think them to be a serious problem in anyway; it’s just something that the Politicians have supported in the last couple of years which is largely concerned with getting into positions of power by which to decide where to stand and get used to what you want to like and I want to put it to the test over my book sales and millions of income being washed away alongside their stupidities, measured by that abusive nonsense by which they are ugly to fault and think they are really tough and I can be factorised every second by my anus and penis as much as they wish in order for Politicians to make use of my personality – such leadership are clearly priceless and I have no idea what they are complaining about either. It is never true therefore I hold grudges against people but such claims are just an example of how much rapping, flash cloths black idiots think of themselves as Gods gift to the world, so that what really happened was a condition where I had set out most of my work and some ill fated goons had completely laid waste my finances while I was at it because of certain social issues I dealt with which can create a stereotype - in the end of which I wrote and published my books some 8 months into the presidential campaign of my big brother who brings his girls into my home and spends my pocket-money which he finds by vandalising my room on their tampons in the White House after having sex with them and he has since decided he does not want the books sold because he wants to deploy the results of my work for a higher cause to the benefit of the black race all over the world which will measure compared to me how much people actually like him - it is something I wake up to everyday, wake up to their vandalism and it is simply annoying and makes me want to make it stop and makes me want to get rid of him. They do speak of violence of course but I do not see them do much about a process where what their women get up to is mine and they can come around and get it back if they wanted, I do not see them get it back in a violent way either, so that is another story entirely; what we know is that we never hear the race issues while they are at it when they are on a roll like they currently are. All those stupid women and how we get to pay for it - one moment saying something to do and the next endorsing cultural violence involving a back stage media idiot that made them who they are and knowing how destructive they can be, want to be seen around industry and at some specific persons expense all the time too: I am simply rallying people to the fact I would have gotten in league with Tory Women over the issue but the financial vandalism they wrought has created UKIP already and I do not want to stir any further trouble - however people need understand that they will always spend other peoples money and that people need to keep from them and their foolish men and secure funds to spend on themselves as well: I deal with it like I do because they handle my possessions and my person and want a piece of me specifically - hence their men speak of what happens due to my general lack of respect for older men who clearly have none for me either which is why we are here in the first place because it does not matter if I find anything insulting I am just not old enough to be respected in their view and that starts a stereotype - it has ended badly in terms of society where they do not seem to have had so much of that stupid lives of their figured out since they met me but media offers them false confidence and a means of provoking me all the time - they cannot get off it and I have to wake up to it daily hence I do not hold grudges, these things are annoying and it is that simple: what we do not hear is the race problems because they have found somebody who interferes with their revenge to have a safer vengeance on, somebody who needs to deal with the surprise of their vengeance anywhere he goes anywhere in the world, what we hear is that I am susceptible to having what I am used to altered if the correct level of pressure is placed on me: like the UK ones claim I have reached a stage where what would have passed from Her Majesty to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh eludes him or now passes to me because I generally have no respect for men that are older than I am but they have not yet explained why I need to  be factorised like that every second with their links to the security Industry and access to CCTV and Connections with American spy intelligence, why I need to be popularly factorised by my anus and my penis every blessed second.