Their claims I am always making people settle for less is fabricated along the lines of finding ways of tying off my finances and then sitting beside me to stir violence that will affect them but ensure they have power over me, before they get to do so on media. They are just journalists but in their eyes I am already really an idiot who should be bullied for a living but fell on top of a Royal Estate instead and does not wish to use it to serve them and this will end really badly before there is any kind of visible improvements yet, bearing in mind it always happens on the global stage.

It is not possible for me explain why I am able to live among thick and thin without any real effects on me, its just me, I cannot say why it is that way and there is nothing I or anybody can do about it nor is there a reason I should suffer because of that. Each time I try to explain the reasons for it, the outcome is always that I end up thinking about them in the real and reality versions of them i.e. they are head of student Union for example but the Laws of student Union is not enough to apply on students anymore because they want to invent their own on account there is a teacher’s pet in first year.

The part where I always do what I am not asked to do is just the one that will see an issue that I will not be detached from in hell which exists in the form of me and stupid girls that are always doing the criminals are the best men thing at me and all I own. Then Politicians will have to turn up to frustrate me and I will have to take my problems out on those. Currently as it stands since the first one happened it has been impossible for those whose jobs are based on being beautiful to beautiful around here.

Of course the question comes up all the time on Media about how I make percentage calculations on the impact of undeveloped social interest demands on business and the economy. The point being that no matter how educated they are, it is always still completely difficult to work out that a Business in its infancy always gets its assets and liabilities split equally. So whatever resources there are will always produce a 50% split on both sides. When these fools go after the money which is always the assets, then when they destroy that the purpose of which is to have power over you, then it is clear you must dip into liabilities to survive otherwise, you must settle for being mocked and abused and made sub human before you are allowed to exist. The result is that when all that exists within liabilities have been gathered, that will be regarded as a new 100% but in actual fact from origin the betrayal of democracy while being democratic at the same time as it were is actually only 50% and so what we have is not a 50% to 50% split between assets and liabilities but 25% to 25% split and then when you have to fight for anything bearing in mind the Politicians are the public example of the fact it is never enough, even when they have the latest Iphones and laptops and designer cloths, then that will take up another 10% which is 5% from either side. Result is that of running a business with 20% on assets and 20% on liabilities, which means you have lots of money and property put away for private enjoyment while you put out scraps for business, which in actual fact do not exist at all, hence means you have become half-half the one that comes up with things for others to take because they fight for interests-which in any case by the way have no basis or even meaning. 


The big idea what really terrifies me is stupid girls and women that have gangs they can call upon to defend them whenever they want somebody to be beaten up. This is utter nonsense; first of all, it seems the economy in these parts of the world will never recover until such women can do what they like with the income of chosen inferior races whenever they want and the problem they fail to see is that I would have been happy to return to Africa but if I do that then they would say the purpose of travelling to the UK, is to get ideas from the UK to make Africa rich and important. No body will ever want to talk about the fact racists do not want me in this country. So I am caught between a rock and a hard case and I have some dynamite in my hands to make a way with so one has got to go. If the economy in Africa was doing well, then that would have been those who claim I travel to the UK to make Africa rich but it is the UK economy that offers the most prospects so the girls with racist gangs will have to go. So it’s the same old stupidity and I will end up telling people to shut it and let me do what I like. Then again I am a Christian and it is clearly not Gods work to go around making sure these fools have no gangs to call upon which will come to their aid-so that I might at least live until I am a pensioner whether or not they are incredibly insolent, bearing in mind they are dispatched by idiots who control the affairs of the Prince of Wales and set me out for antagonism because they want to own my property and everything in it with a big mouth. HRH will have to work out the issue of his marriage to a divorcee with the people, that is his problem not mine but for them I have to spell out it will end badly before the situation improves. All I am trying to do here is making sure trouble makers in the common wealth and the US do not continue to plague me like they do at the moment and from my prognosis the way it works is destruction all the way to certain areas of Hollywood in the US. So status report as it stands, is that they want a piece of me all the time and have these designers create cloths with my intellectual property for them, their homes are full of items built with my equities but it is not enough and so I will have to make it so with my own hands to make my life pleasant as well. It means I will get into trouble with the entertainment industry of course but it is not clear thus what they suppose I am currently doing (bearing in mind there have been warnings for years and years now).