I wonder what exactly is funny about the media obsession with collecting prerogatives from me for others whenever they do it. I mean I am trying to work, I am trying to think I am trying to concentrate and whatever seems to be their problem with my office anyway. Let me explain; what they think is funny is a condition where each time I try to think or work somebody gets a prerogative from it for others and the result is collecting energy which contains an idea at embryonic stage to give to others to get rich with, which they don’t need so it becomes disruptive and builds up far right extremism. Then the is the other part of it which does not have to do with far right extremism i.e. collecting an idea at embryonic stage to get rich with which makes no sense except it makes people see the importance of Political pedophilia and the alternatives by which people can have such desires without hurting somebody, then it follows on from there to things being sold only when somebody is being hurt while it is which then becomes the end product that can never be reached unless it is absolutely destruction and selfishness by which to all the way. They think it is funny and so if my warnings at not heeded I will make their s look really funny as well. you can always tolerate all sorts of rubbish when it is a recession but when recovery starts some things move into the black and white scheme of things and I really like making the facts available to them and also finding them short cuts for all that power so they can answer the questions that they have no excuses for not doing so at the end.

Of course there is no such thing as getting involved when media people bicker among themselves. The truth about it is a collection of really insolent women that always think that because men bully people and make noise about what must be when men are heads of government women must have people they can bully and make noise about women being heads of government to bring about equality and yet for everything men do to bully people they have always been sacred cows behind it all, all of the time. They can never stay out of the lives of men, they must always know everything so they can know how people earn a living and spend their money. So this is just supposed to be an escalation. In my case their insults have begun to turn out to be fact, so that I am the boy that does things in the form of the cultural side of entertainment while the Queens business goes on for her and their boo boy on media are the same thing as me. The fact of the matter is that it is the reason they like to think men owe them favours and that they can do whatever they like with anybody and the reason that it makes sense to them as well despite the fact that because of me they have no such powers anymore is because those that help them think it makes Political sense. If I want to say something about it personally then judging from all the insults it applies that they really view me as sub human or have trained their minds into seeing me as sub human because they have secured access to my life and know how money gets into my wallet in order to take it out and spend it on themselves each time it does but the way I really see it is that one of these days their insults will lead to a condition where I get hold of them and beat them up mercilessly so they can go home to insult their husbands instead. Not think that after insulting me so much they will get back those stupid powers that mean they have certain sex with men and men do things for them which means they control the under belly of the city and can get people to kill me; they are not learning I find it difficult to put up with their insults, I am not sub human and it will go really badly wrong before it gets any better it seems.

Yes I speak of beating up other peoples wives mercilessly of course; their husbands should not tell them they can insult anybody and turn up here to wreck my life over a period of years then claim their wives are evil people trying to get them to kill somebody with a big mouth.

Those rubbish about successfully being in places where I can be controlled and made accountable have no bearing towards reality. The truth is that although I am an Arch Prince, it will always still be my personality and leadership that is valued by people and that means I must continue to be a writer. If they want a fight there is no point making up stories about controlling me to ensure they had moved into my right and no idiot comes from God knows where to join the establishment and Lord himself over them. I am certain they do know I am a Christian and do not like that their stupid modern rubbish anyway. So of course when I have said such things the usual process of teasing and bullying me which seems to be their profession when they want to make meaning to their jobs or add zing to it etc, has paid off and news especially and adverts can be reported and made respectively in a way which makes money and is interesting which of course savages my book sales. It does not mean any such things; the trouble is the inability to understand that I have no stomach for them as well and the things I have written and said should indicate that people like me have no right to exist and so do people like them know what is happening to the global economy because they are the ones doing all the damage. People like them and their kids who are always putting others who earn a living from real jobs through one errand after another based on betrayal and a fight they cannot get out of with social networking and rumours, their ageists and seniority celebrities who vandalise peoples property before they get famous and serve them by providing them money they can earn through offering services to them which is why they destroy peoples lives and protect these celebrities. So if I must be sacrificed so people can get rich, they know what is happening to the world because they are the ones responsible for the damage.

The big misconception is that I think their side of society has the right to exist, which I don’t. The question is exactly what “I should move into your right and be there is the place of power because I am bigger than you and can beat you up” is supposed to mean. They do not give me leverage to tolerate any of these things and I will be notorious for it as well. In case they are confused what I mean when I say they are responsible for the problems of the world, let me make it clear: 

  • If I am famous the facts behind it is that I have a job by which I am. For them the question always is what is supposed to have been the job by which they are famous?
  • They know nothing but North and east Africa and perpetually being the world hunger fanatics which means that they can never be wrong when they vandalise anything around here with their stupid evil envy that only allows things to exist of it ends up as their own.
  • If I get sacrificed so people can be rich and the economy of the world might recover, they will die too.


I do not say or do things I do to ensure I have the last say and it will continue endlessly if I do not. The truth is different from such rubbish indeed. Which is that when people are so convinced about the importance of names they can call me which are derogatory, then get together and from time to time when bored turn out in force to abuse their cultural figure of abuse and those who don’t join up want to be like that and will be punished etc, then I must accept that I can never hit them hard enough bearing in mind I already carry these things with me wherever I go and do something about them because they happen on account people really will not let me be until I do. So there is no such thing are wondering from time to time if I have gone too far because there is no such thing too.

The reason I am never bothered about it which has resulted in this condition where they have become really confident is because I already have my way of getting by with them; it has to do with take sex for example, the fact that sex is something I do with my wife if I am married, so if a set of idiots are always hounding me for sex it means that is no sex just one of those things people do to get me to do something with the use of the sex thing that they hound me with and so once I had begun to take with me everywhere I go the sex thing I am supposed to do something about that comes from them, then when I study they suffer and when I am happy they suffer and when I go to work they suffer and it goes on like that endlessly so they can claim people like me have no right to exist while the noise they make together with their silly black children does not get any better especially when they have the backing of their lying white friends as well. if I really want to be nasty then I am supposed to do this on the basis of my job so that when I sleep they get jobs and when I study they do job, when I eat they do job and so on, so they can feel like owning the Civil service and murdering me, by which time because I am doing it on a job I must have had enough money to get out of their way so they can never kill a thing.

What I am doing which has resulted in ignoring them thus far is the economic crisis. There is no point we the government saying this and saying that about cutting taxes and creating jobs when we are not actively providing leadership for people to solve their economic problems and then think the figures will just show up at the treasury. So we are done with people who get famous without the job by which they are. I for example am a trainee legal practitioner and an Arch Prince, so I write books which make me famous; there is the job, there is the acquired qualification to help me do it and there is the earnings. Not a process where I set off to set up bully celebrities and extract a professional living by offering them services in a way which is making use of other peoples jobs as if they gave consent for it, then make noise all over the place as well to cause even more damage and think no body is likely to be offended by it, especially during these hard times. Bearing in mind millions are never enough for such people. I am no longer interested in tolerating their millions; they know people who must be sacrificed for there to be money and lifestyle I know people who must be put in order for there to be economic recovery and quality of life. We are both armed with our lethal games and blame cultures and ‘scapegoatism’.

I in particular because I am an Arch Prince have the duty to ensure there is normalcy in the world like every other leader is striving to in their own office and make their own contributions in their own little way and mine is to confiscate everything that makes those Pop star and north Eastern and Southern African food aid crisis vandalisms the money making machine with other peoples jobs and incomes that it has though it vandalisms become and I think that without doing so people will not be able to solve their economic problem too. These games are not funny however they are played I am famous for working in a government department.


Sex for me is something I do with my Court. I have no physical contact with them for this and the reason I work the way I do is because I do not feel that I ought to get rid of them when I am married. Those who copy these kinds of things of course have no respect for anything in their lives and it will simply compel me to react to those their “posh soft arse prince” v lower class bullying that they love so much.

Those of them on the media love to stumble quite so very often on what comes from either my life or my office and make out it should belong to them, hence the challenge is to stop me from making it so, which is another display of those their insolent capabilities. I am famous for working in a Government office and a Government department, the normal risks are the wrong kind of women stupid kids and bully men, it is not clear why they think I cannot look after myself. No normal person would want to plug themselves into my life and keep tabs on me via daily updated public media perceptions that helps him or her to be successfully astute at me for the purpose, in order to decide what latest stuff will become his or hers. I for my part have no idea especially those insolent idiots that do security for Politicians spy on me and use every opportunity they show up on media to make it clear to me what they have seen belongs to them with a big mouth, barged into my life to find out I write books for a living. Now they want to tell me what I can write, what I can publish and what I can sell and it will not do.

The history of my career so far is that I tried to study Law and Economics and dropped out of it. Now my Law and economics had become the job and I am trying to put together pieces of vocational courses in business and Law to do the job. This is how it works even in the fame industry and I am fed up with people screaming rubbish over my head or offering services to celebrities in a way whereby they use my property in a manner I have neither authorised nor permitted to be rich; it is my job not theirs.

Many a Homosexuals, "Many fishes in the sea"

Of course I have on an occasion said something about rented accommodation security operatives and ought to be really scared of what they can get up to. Rubbish: some of them do get off to work for example in the UK security services and it is not clear why they do so at all, not even clear why those of them that are now a problem used to work there in the first place so they can do my stuff for me all the time and talk even more rubbish every time. I mean do they not think that they are being provocative and looking for trouble, even making themselves a target when they go off to work for security services that enforce laws and rules made by a Parliament in the name of the Crown, in a country where parents are always likely to leave an inheritance for their children so that more and more of the future generation can rise above evil and get closer to God? I mean I mention it so they don’t tell me I never told them anyway. There are Police forces in Somalia for example where they could work with their wickedness and culture and hatred, so they can do their genocide as much as they want.

Its much like that thing they claim I do about keeping people from meeting or getting close to the Royal family. Whereas in actual fact I don’t care if they get close to the royal family or even the Queen or not, save it were a matter of my duties. The issue as they can clearly see is that it has taken a lot of time and effort to in this country develop our leaders to the point where they think of the good deed first before making considerations for evil and so although they come round here to find those who collect things from the UK for them and whatever wickedness damaged economies they have come from, so that I might also collect their stupid powers for our own leaders, it does not mean that when they get involved with and corrupt anybody or anything around here they are not going to get into trouble. I exist on the left for goodness sake and am a Christian, so I am aware with respect to Politics and power and society I have not got a chance, while they have got all the cultures in the world.