I am not being manipulated by the media; those games of hurting me and then telling me to my face they are not the real problem as well is something about that saying that he who dumps you in shit may not necessarily be as bad for you as he who takes you out of it. From where I am it is not a pleasant experience and I don’t want to know. This is what I say with respect to being manipulated by them.

The fact about them is that they are really evil people who will never rest until anything that protects you and your family usually of which you are not aware of because they are part of your nature until they make you, which of course you do not do for the entre nation and therefore does not stand in the way of their civil rights is completely destroyed and when it is just take a look at the size of their mouths over victories they claim to have won.

For my part they know that when they go on about these things forever somebody will get their hands on my earnings and sit somewhere to challenge me to a fight and the longer I take to get there the more the likelihood I will never see it again and this is why they do it. I have given them a decade of my time and now bearing in mind I write books and publish them so people can preview them and tell me how I should write them and if I don’t like that use my books to save the world while I am kept from earning from it which is fun and zing like they have never had before, the size of that their celebrity culture mouth does not ever seem to get any less and this is the real threat to my earnings. So we must now all do it too, since it does seem that people must deserve what they say before they say it just because idiots who need civil rights more than all else exist.

That the Queen spoke of forgiveness and they have sensed their time to make away with their actions does not really have anything to do with anything. The truth of it is that you cannot let them get away with it besides which it is the old mockery of peoples religion and they are getting paid in the millions from their income and their access to capital and it is completely unacceptable. It is not about forgiveness or unforgiveness, what it is about is the fact that my friends and alliances that came with being given my Royal Estate started waiting for me to catch up with them since the early half of 2004 and 7 years on regardless of not being incompetent or untalented it has been impossible because first they think home boy status is an excuse for have such things being done to me recognised permanently with a big mouth and also because they need it to get rich it and so it is that Celebrity culture I now will take away from them and their media based sociopath nonsense will help to keep me on the path because they are sick idiots and cannot resist, especially because they think it is funny too and it is not funny in any way.

I took steps to ensure the process of getting the attention at top levels of government which then meant I could do anything and rise very quickly because they were talking rubbish all the time never led to extremisms, the purpose of it was never to serve them, I am Britain born British like they are. My reasons for taking steps which ensure the fact I rise very quickly and very high is entirely personal and does not get to mean you can become anything you want once you set foot on UK soil.

Besides which with respect to the need to have me punished for travelling to the UK to be a real man instead of take what I can get or find will get them into trouble again, bearing in mind as it stands, when it comes to negotiating between two people who are fighting each other I am top dog.