I know it is said I am an evil scum that opposes the rights of women that seek redress when they suffer assaults but of course the reality is that such things are largely raised by women who have figured out that a process of constantly targeting a Christian to attack his income and bar him from making a living so you might strip him of his faith with a man’s work and claim the decadence from it is supposed to be answered with Political talk. I can only be helpful therefore that I have mentioned before I am a sexist and yes it is true I get involved with women only when there is meaning to it and that I feel as though I am in a perverted relationship with a homosexual when I get involved with women i.e. in the same setting as getting involved with my father or my brothers or even my friends – they are not my wife and that is supposed to be an end to it but it is not. A society where there are clusters of men who abuse women does not just exist and I wouldn’t mind lending a hand provided these women cannot keep their violence between them and their Politicians and their insults along with it as well and stay off my books and their insolent media kept out of my life too; after all I am a Prince who does not know when he is being hurt by others if not a boy that thinks he is a Christian with views that women do not like and needs to be taught a lesson and that is a theory that I will really love to test as well. They always say they fight in the interest of society against evil men but of course the reality and truth is that they do what they do because they want to control my finances and give their foolish infantile male media idiots access to women affiliated to me i.e. the world is unfair to women and I am the man whose possessions they must spend to make that right, while their stupid little men have access to any women that may be associated with me in any way and so the world where men have advantage over women continues; just like stories they tell about how unfair the rise in pay for the Monarchy is when none of that really ends up as the Queens personal cash for the most part and we all know what it is used for and we all know that Political diplomacy do not just exist and are built over time with expense set out in the Monarchy budget for example, so they can travel around South American and pretend to be a menace to absolutely anybody they like refusing to be responsible citizens and thinking I will be made by the idiots they elect to work for them. In the end the way it works is that each time you ask them why they cannot be satisfied with the damage they have done and how much better off it has made them over the years or give me a break bearing in mind the level of message they have sent out so far about how unfair the world is toward women, you begin to see the violent side of them and that is where you flip as well and decide its time to teach them lessons they will never forget starting with a country where they cannot make out when they are being hurt unless they are raped or killed which will help to keep their insults and that of their foolish men where it belongs. They always like to say I will soon be made to join the dead with that big mouth and of course for my part what I think of it is that if they keep their insults to themselves and do not address me for any reason whatsoever with their wickedness and Satanism more so, none of that will ever have to happen, besides which I want nothing to do with black people and am only interested in the white people I get around with and that will never change, if they do not comply, I will again get off my own life and hump their own and then of course there will be little media to get them out again this time around before I had accomplished all my purposes. The reality of their lives is a case where you walk into an office and you see a man older than you and he automatically has seen something he wants on the left hand side or even the right and you wonder what the idiot sees there and make him understands it is distracting which takes a lot of work and energy and health but immediately after will walk in another who rather looks deformed, sleeps with relatives and has children by them and years of inbreeding has taken its toll and he thinks he can touch any part of your body he wants and knows a lot about popularity and fame and regularly leaves money for the women they share in bed in their families and know how my own family did my stuff for me and is here to help them prevail, stopping those never happens but you can push them aside but immediately after will walk in the younger man that is incredibly destructive and hence the reason the witch sitting next to you can do anything she likes – I am not obliged to say anything about any stupid sexual assault and if it comes to it may even want to explore exactly what the idiots are angry at. Its never about women seeking power and government office in anyway; it is the same old story about making people suffer what their stupidities inflicted on them like they always do after stupid ideologies like socialism and lots of communist wickedness blackmail. It is the same old story; fame and fortune required, society uses your property and abuses you for it and we can instigate that as much as we like and hold you down and talk nonsense about our violent nature that can take on some men for as much as we want, the doors of the Church are open and we can walk in and then the message and teachings of the priest will completely change from then on and go downhill and nobody cares, nobody is interested, Christianity is all made up, until that is you decide that Pop culture needs to be understood very well first of all and that the only factor you want in play when you step out of your house is the job you are attending to and that if it is not that way all will break loose and it will blow up and then we hear the complains and stories and insolent media domination and abuse of women, apparently of which that just happens out of the blue; in the end I have set out what my Company does and what the updates from this office mean and they are certainly not a prosperity Priest getting people rich which will certainly provided it continues develop its own problems since it seems attrition must be applied to make American work and not get others to do their jobs for them.