I wonder if what people want me to discuss with them now is the matter of the middle classes forcing themselves on me, spending my income and abusing me with media every day. The only thing they were good for was sex and you cannot have sex with them because they will scandalise it and bring in bad company, lots of it, into your property, completely ruin you and destroy any means to income that you had, then get up on public television to abuse you on a daily basis as well, looking for alternative means of dealing with the corruptions of their section of society that involves using you and yet the very process of getting involved with them means loosing friends from the upper class for good; It is so distracting for a job that involves serving the Church and the State. I am mentioning it to specify what has been happening because whenever I draw a line under it, tell people I want nothing to do with any lower classes, they erase my line and barge into my life again, spending my income on themselves and destroying everything else, then making stupid excuses out of it as well following me on with violent abuses and of course it is the yapping that creates me so much insecurity for my income.

They expect me to talk about it in terms of the dangers of media to people such as myself but that will never happen as we are beyond it, the way it is now, is that when they hit me, I hit them as well;-after which they can tell me they will detach me from important people and get connected in my place too and it will get much, much more serious before it actually stops. Especially so with their leaders and get rich quick freaks and their powers of abuse scandal and getting rich making up perceptions that are meant to order me around and send me on errands, for the purpose of the things they are trying to fix in their lives especially in terms of the money-which if they do have will want power to follow it in order to ensure those who do can do whatever they like with whomsoever they please based on how much money they will then ensure I have, right across to The United States of America-talking nonsense which encourages people to do it but do not wish to spend their own money on the needs of the people they so encourage because they have mine to spend and my importance to usurp. So happening because they can make out ideas I am the same thing as them or am working with them or for them or there is a need to determine who is in charge and so on.

Their leaders naturally think that their position bothers me a lot, especially political fools from the US talking rubbish on and over my income-inciting them to all sorts all the time because it is somebody else's income and the person is so inferior respect does not matter on the occasion. They always make out it is revenge on the British Royal family for years of oppression of freedom lovers but naturally the fact somebody else is richer than them has always been a function of the fact they are very Godless and very evil and of course very selfish and rude, which is something others never want to buy into:-thereafter if they are not destroying peoples lives so they can skin them of morals and use it to be rich depending on what is trendy, then when they have reached a certain age when it has all reached it peak, they want to use somebody else’s manners to get rich, by which they get violent on public places all the time with the expression of the spiritual perversions they have gone to build up in secrete-as power for money making, without care for how those they use it on feel because they have got media corruptions with which to change stories all the time, hence makes it even better. They also have inferiority complexes because they are always reaching for things that are bigger than them all the time and never do what they have to do properly because of the problems which are located in the same politics they work for oppression that is associated with that; now they think complains that somebody else is richer than them will trouble me,  which it doesn’t as it only gathers other people like themselves onto them and nothing more and clearly those always support that notion of revenge against the British Monarchy for years of oppression but are still doing it as we speak, until people start grabbing land again like they used to. It seems that it is the things I do to them and their stupid political fascism of conducting political conversations and debates into my equities and personal life after abusing my right to privacy to do it with public television perceptions, that is their biggest concern at the moment and yet it is those who claim the problem of the world to be that there aren’t a lot of their kind that are as rich as their white counterparts that actually provided the greatest amount of help to making these things happen i.e. black people; who also think their games is my problem. In the end presuming after all those games of Washington determining what I can be in life as a function of a lower point from what my boss tells me to be from home actually pays off and they have stopped hurting themselves with it, therefore I have been trapped and used by them to make up for years of oppression by the British Monarchy on freedom lovers, there is still the matter of their Godlessness, then laziness which breeds their envy because others always end up having something better than they do, which they don’t like to see happening, complimented with other wickedness which comes together to make their lives so obviously better as they grow older. Hence when they have finished with whatever this revenge might have been, I will  still have had my own revenge for it at the end as well, which is what I would mean if I told them  the only thing I can do to help them is that I don’t care what they think as I can only be what my boss says and not what they think from Washington.

Hence when it comes to the matter of the fact Americans hate people who talk to them from behind but they need to see as well I don’t like people who join secrete societies, move into my right and insult me to get rich all the time, then make out ideas they are important associates of my business and part owners of my empire, to spend my income and bounce back in the world of getting rich, done with the process of splitting themselves into two groups; where one sit in the stock markets and hope people will make money from their failed businesses while the other enjoys spending my income just to settle in on when to close the business, after which when finished the way to start economy again will be the process by which I create markets for my books and they grab it and sell something else to get rich. I mean do they suppose I don’t know Americans don’t like people who speak to them from behind like I do?

When I speak of the fact I will not be the first or only statesman in the world to travel to America because I have fans there, they always want to make it complicated because of powerful perversions that can be gained from my work and hence make things complicated, claiming it is my fault which it is, for then when it is, it makes it all so much better. They claim I speak of things which democrats consider to be important which they do for the purpose of insulting and goading me as they try to get rich, whereas I would never accept an ideology without first of all going along with the Principles by which that ideology is sustained and if this does not create enough differences between me and democrats, I have no clue what else will. Besides which I also believe freedom is a moral thing anyway and would never use other peoples things to do it my own way, which is what I would always do or have done whenever I am holding them in difficult financial conditions so that they don’t get to stop me by the process of doing it the way it should have been done which will then mean I have become irrelevant for spending all my time and effort trying to usurp the life of adult that is not a child, so that it might all become a matter of power for which I have pre-prepared for my victory, by living their own lives, which then means I am better than they are as a person (I mean cleansing people of a faith:-how evil do you have to be? You want them to stop doing their faith but when you get to the faith, your problem is their income; you want to pervade the faith but when you get to it, your problem is how to own their career etc). 

Americans have a National interest that works opposite to Morals in the UK, which when operated in the process of making a living is about bad-mouthing me and attacking me but when I sell my equities, it is the British that make things complicated because they see things the American way but will not move their interest there. Hence the working of insolent statements like "and he is allowed to do that" or "I cannot believe this guy"-not clear which part of it was any of their business and for the British, they will not do business in America because they will be crushed, hence rather try to get to know the most number of rich people at the expense of those that are more important than they are there. So as I mentioned before will get serious before it stops, for it is the which is how useful customers get confused about my work and they tend to be the only ones that understand its purpose and so get to use it without paying for it, then brag about their victory as well, which makes it difficult for me to concentrate on my work and my studies; which is very fair (obviously).

It is still a while yet before I reach the point where I write about their lives for a living:-the evils and all worth not, which will bring about some kind of peace and social cohesion but until then, while I am doing my own work, I have not been earning for the last decade and this is not nice or funny.