They love their tales about challenges they undergo that I know nothing of and need to respect and I find it so annoying since it is amusing to them that I should labour under the fact the only challenges they are facing would involve doing their rounds at social and moral corruption and then when they think they are staring perdition in the face, dump it on me and seek a new lifestyle after building me a reputation as the person that has got empty morality that needs filling up with stuff that matters. Usually when they are not doing this we find them tell stories that the evils they practice is not an indicate they are truly evil human beings but something they do to get by in a tough world but turn your back on them one second and their whole lives will very quickly go from wickedness to financial corruption in order to find out how you are going to survive gangs and criminals in the neighbourhood because they have got that evil going for them and then soon after that they had forgotten how to pay their way in the world and have been facing challenges you need to respect too, otherwise naturally what you work get gets taken by civil rights idiots and politicians who know nothing and like to make out I am one of their great servants as insultingly as possible. We are here because every time I defend myself from this nonsense the Politicians will intervene on their behalf and somebody has dropped out of University and is in a situation where those community croons having access to him all the time which is by the way not accidental or co-incidental as well in its own right; such that the hatred that comes from the fact he shuts down access to a process of selling his public life instead of getting a job and shuts down the process where people get frustrated about begging him they have turned to violence, right up to the bit where they build problems and keep open secretes about him and even his sleep pattern can be sold to make money to help somebody out on poverty has now taken root – so it is important every fool that gets on media pay attention to the job in hand lest I have to make my own case out of forcing them to do that and stay off my case telling those stupid lies to have their evil fun about which they assume people do not realty know how their wickedness works all the time and then complaining it too; this is really where we are not a process where I have been forced to make those self-improvements on the left available with that big mouth – moreover which bearing in mind every body’s bottom is hurting these days important or not, rich or not because of them, I have got them where I want them, the Politicians have become supportive of my actions, they have got lose change at home t support consumerism whenever big businesses are about to crush smaller ones and if they blab about me ending up in their homes as a spirit temperament when the job in hand is still not their main concern as it were, the fun of that stupid wickedness will gave way to a process where I make my mark on this planet with wealth inequality as it were all together. For now I am content with supporting the Politicians when I am supported, supporting the businesses that support me and if it means keeping them away from money they have not worked for around my concerns then so be it, obviously of which will only add to the bit where getting on my public image to get rich does not mean they need move on and let me be if it can mean they stay and make out I am stalking them when I try to sell my Books as well; so it is still a process of devising my own wealth inequality but not as severe as what will become of one more derogatory insult to add to that open secret nonsense they use to make me make bad smells so I can never go anywhere important; the fucking challenges they face; I mean if I am socially corrupt, I sleep with all the girls in town and drop out of school and blame somebody else for my problems, if they are socially corrupt they blame somebody else for their problems, sleep with all the girls in town, rip up people’s lives to make fame and fortune and then others drop out of school instead; fair to say if I see that culture again, it will not be a case of tolerating stupid open secretes used to make me make bad smells so I cannot go anywhere important, amounting to the fucking challenges they face all together. The job in hand being paid attention to and people staying off my public image and Royal Estate in the process is  all I demand; they need to stay off me, leave me alone, keep away.

The Politicians that are not content with the fact they have not made their money as cleanly as I have made mine, especially from Europe, always say I have done nothing to deserve the accolade I have given myself and of course if it does go on enough times, so will I embark on another programme to ensure they understand the consequences of making such a show of themselves when the rules never appeal to them until the bad things are happening. Its an old tale where it wants to drive its stupid car into a garage in a neighbourhood where everybody would do anything for money in order to feel they are in the right place to get rich and important and the next they wants property and livelihood that belongs to a half priest and cannot stop abusing and calling him names to secure self improvement; when they meet the half priest, then there is a problem.

I understand the reference to me is that of a black man who dares to come to their Country without work in hand but we all know it is not as important as the part where Government is listening to people for a change of recent, which is utter rubbish; what has happened is that the government has become better positioned to punish their civil and criminal disobedience than ever before, what we have had is a series and series of cascades in this Country of a disposition where the entire government endlessly deals with last straws that breaks the Camel’s back because making the government listen to the people is not what their stupidities do for a living and this sort of blabbing will put some things into overdrive as well very quickly – I mean I am always seeing them around my Royal Estate because that is where the prospects of having a Country they run is seen to be greater but it is likely to lead to outcomes where they find out what I am capable of as well if they squander it. In the end we are very different people and they are not my main problem which is rather that Mr Obama was a genius who needed to have black community croons listened to, since the need to trap religious and moral people and force sex on them or the need to destroy anything that looks like self-made security or the need to tackle people finances over some publicly moral behaviour has had an effect that those who practice it are unaware of usually shows they are good people not that the finances of their criminal children gets depleted by our very need to live in a safer and more civilised world; so he had to spend 8 years ripping my Book sales and breeding more civil rights insolent girls that will have those stupid violent bits available to them for another generation while he carves out areas of Africa and the Middle East where he can be King and cannot stop screwing around with Australians and Canadians. Otherwise for the most part, these scum should know that the reason walking around the streets feels like living in Sodom is because of their stupid insulting three to five bedroom flat and mid-range saloon car connections and when it gets on my nerves one more time I will show them what listening to the people in real terms really looks like as well, especially with respect to those stupid insulting celebrities who look like they want a piece of mine all the time over my Books and Royal Estate Asset property – the connections of which they have got any by the way, the need to ensure people exist by connections all the time, on account nobody is paying attention to the stupid wickedness all together. We all know there is something about Islamic extremism that saves it self and those who are are wealthy as they are when they have their grievances to target and recruit poorer people but so am I aware most of their finances will likely come from gangs and criminals especially the American ones too, the Government is not listening to them more.

They are always getting up on their insulting media to issue subliminal messages that are informing me I need to depart the Royal Estate they think they have got their stupid hands on and I just know that when Media and Celebrities are no longer able to play with me, all will run at this Office the normal way especially in financial terms, as the only thing that provides peoples incentive to make a mess whenever I have performed Public duties is the media ripping my finances to confiscate a Royal Estate they are not making fame and fortune from with that big mouth.


I am now said to be a character that is forced to do things by other Members of the Royal Family who wish to exert their Privilege and I could never make out why people think indulging such things or such conversation has a purpose or that there are benefits attached anyway – I have no idea what it is exactly they believe that Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice can force me to do all together anyway. What we know is that Royals who get along with Modernism and those who are Modern to get along with Royals who get along with Modernism never keep their hands off other people and have a real problem doing so – it goes without saying when I pick up their own on what they should be forced to do since this sorts of nonsense is worth their time, they will look very good for it in the eyes of the Public as well. The work that I do here with the Royal Family is never really important to these gits, only the business of conveniences and a question of whether I have a vulnerability that can be taken advantage of as painfully an violently as possible with a big mouth and those threats are always good the last time we checked, except they hate the fact that either way I walked away or I stood my ground I would always win never the less. What then happens have nothing to do with me being forced to do anything, its been a decade in which I have now found out there is no means by which I will likely make progress with my work unless I got the University bits finished – so the case is largely a matter of them being able to play around with the structures which support finance systems as insultingly as possible and will likely interpret what I have said here as some way of acknowledging they have the right to decide what I did with my academic pursuits: we have therefore been in this situation before, where they showed up to bully me at University until I dropped out, then followed it on with practical jokes of the most insulting and abusive and base kind for years after, with outcomes such as a process where I wring their own into such a difficult position they had to enrol in the Army and do some fighting – usually this would blow over at the society and culture trouble makers getting famous where their local councils are located which allows the Politicians to assume they have now got people to bully and set up Warehouses that they have no time to work on because others will be handled into making them rich but now it is also showing up on National Media which creates a condition that means half of the people who work there want to bully me into doing something about them and the other half want to be them all together as stupidly as possible – so I am lost as per how these clowns for whom these gimmicks had since gotten serious imagined they could force me into doing anything on this Planet. So we see that the blow out is that their stupid Popular culture and Celebrity gimmicks is now all about their foolish women and equally stupid children adopting public disposition around a Public image that is mine, passing their very stupid insults at me about what I am supposed to do – I have no idea when they hope to stop it and why indeed they continue to assume that Public image space will ever belong to their stupid selves. Now the question of what work I do with the Royal Family is outstanding naturally and we all know that was my concern only but if people want information, they can take from the fact HRH Prince of Wales when King will have his Face on National Currency; I am most skilled at Handling Private equity intellectual property administration and have enough Assets to provide for this, which is what I am doing; it goes without saying these scum need read the Books and the blogs whenever they want to get involved with my concerns, get informed, stay away from my Public image, keep off my Books and stop following me around, especially as there is really nothing that they can do about me and they are aware of it.

It is meant to be this way i.e. once enrolled and done some Fighting at National security services, it will show up to try and ensure I cannot have a livelihood or get into a relationship with anybody - so far I have detached the stupid popularity culture and Celebrity culture from mainstream living and should I get the slightest whiff of their stupidities showing up to grab markets in order to own everything, I shall do what I can too, to ensure I did teach them a lesson they will never forget.

It is common to hear I cannot vouch for any things I have said but its always very rich coming from goons I am going to hurt first if I faced any threats – even this business of Royals who want to exert their privilege on me is built on their need to rip up anything that looks like personal sense of security because they want to make a gladiator character that was bullied out of University and gets into a fight to make their stupid selves comfortable using the great mind he has got, as stupidly as possible and I do not think that enough of them fools have suffered and died on this yet as it were. Their American counterparts make statements about war all the time but the reality is still that it seems impossible to work hard enough to put myself and my concerns above civil rights practical jokes that get me preaching morals on the streets while people chose self-improvement due to their undying love of obscurity, where the story of Royals exerting privilege on me is supposed to be an indication these Royals behave in a way that ensures they can hurt me to get a response every time they want one even though they do not fancy what the response will be all together, as stupidly as possible – and I am going to rip up their finances to ensure those insulting and incredibly stupid questions clinging to my livelihood kept a healthy distance from me. 


 There is understandably the claim that I am of the opinion I should be able to do whatever I like with culture and society to whatever extent I please no matter how exploitative on account I think others are good to take it. The reality of course is that this story has five sides and they have only told one of them; the other four are first that they take a look at their physical endowments and my finances and decide certain vanities are due to them to that effect and hence the reasons that all I own is part of culture and society where they know they have an advantage and such nonsense should take up my entire lifetime. The second part is more about an uneven relationship between me and them that comes into play once they had mentioned the first side of the story that they do rather love to i.e. when they do take a look at their physical endowments, they had better not faced anything about me that they have to tolerate, so that it comes to a point where I am misunderstood until it becomes a barrier to employment that I am and they are therefore powerful but it gets better because it is the crushing and ever crushing insults that actually determine the state of my finances and their own using my own property. The third part of this story is that this whole process of holding people down with the highest possible government office there is, handling their property and person and telling tales until they are able to do whatever they want with it largely of which what they want to do with it is to make it and the very concept of its existence as aspect of culture and society that the owner is taking from without consideration for others, while culture and integration allows them to either which way or both is supposed to have been one of the greatest advantages there are to wickedness as a means to an end and that is why it is being done; for how else do criminals make money and plan to make their exist from the world of the living in a hail of Police bullets which will be glorious? The fourth is that they cannot get through anything without stealing and like to make out everybody is thankful that they are not hurting other people while they are at it but then once they are certain they are clear of the way, then it propels into an uncontrollable public activity that results in the death of others through wars or gang wars etc. The final one is that Politicians claim I am as much a threat to them with my Christianity as they are a threat to people with their violence and therefore need to be controlled and kept from harming them as much as anybody else but of course that uneven relationship they build up with Publicity about me I have not approved lingers and I must tolerate them while they do not tolerate me and the violence gets worse and worse and statements of insolent intent of it becomes the answer to everything in their stupid lives – so justify the culture and society then.

Of course if these accusations and tales told leads to inadequacy of security for my work and property on the internet these matter will definitely have been moved to the next level as well. We rather hear from their Politicians of a matter of exploring how I get punished - of which it never appears to them to be a very less worthy fun to engage themselves in considering they speak of things I used to when I was about 16 years old and I do not boss them around nor was I elected by the Public but it appears they will not face their business about the manifesto from which they are supposed to lead as it were. We rather hear the Politicians speak of how they want to keep me out of my finances until they grow like me and become me on a global stage and ensure thereof I do not matter but from those who run the parliament itself what we hear is that I am going up against them; the realities being they are the idiots who stifle my finances and turn up to abuse me in a sexual context every single second stalking me all over the UK and my work all over the world, issuing statements regularly that help the mob to run with what they can do to pillage my finances to get rich and showing that when they are angry it matters and when I am it does not, so I am sure that whether or not it eventually boils down to stealing government funds, they have always been aware human beings have feelings.


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There is talk as I am aware, talk never ending of failures of mine which I am always meant to suffer the touch of penalty for - the last time I spoke of such a thing it was about informing politicians of a point at which I will draw up and ultimatum for a behaviour of getting out of bed to build me an atmosphere of oppression that people can run with telling me what to do with the use of what I in my heart know I should be doing which I have in their cultural wickedness been detached from so that it can be used for such purposes and for violence and then it will be the last day on which it will be tolerated from them, so this occasion simply takes a new turn and a new thing and a new way of course. The only failures there are of which are short comings related to damages done to my finances and academic work by them of which if you do have tax payer funds and a civil service to spend on yourself at Government office it is therefore something that you can make happen after you have taken three years of your time like others always have that much to spend each time you have a vanity, thereafter turn out to flatter yourself too. The point is that the Public never ask these parliamentary idiots the right questions because they do not know what those questions are - this means these fools can then feel they are predisposed to do whatever they like and raise a story of somebody handling their culture as a means of feeling that they are the oppressed and therefore in the right, until you handle that stupid culture and history as well and everybody knows what the truth is in dramatic fashion: the result is that the question to be answered of the fact if a collection of people are sure to damage academic work and finances every single time they are seen about it, surely it must mean that they are incredibly stupid and should have nothing to do with public office: settling up at the story of how a process where they handle my possessions at the highest possible levels of government could lead to an outcome whereby it is destroyed and thereby what exactly it is they want or are here for a second time: the answer eventually means they are here because they seek re-election and yes they would seek it from me because they want to find out what I am like and think thereof it is all a joke.